(Clearwisdom.net) I am a farmer who lives in a small mountain village in Wuxue City, Hubei Province. In 2003, I was diagnosed with nasopharynx cancer with cancer cells spreading throughout my body. I was supposed to have died, but I was miraculously cured because of the salvation of compassionate Teacher and His Falun Gong. The doctors, my family and neighbors were all amazed by my recovery.

In the later half of 2003, a hospital diagnosed me with late-term nasopharynx cancer and told me that I had but three to six months to live. Surgery would cost several tens of thousands of yuan, but the doctors weren't sure if it would cure me. For a farmer, this surgery expense was astronomical! I had no choice but to go home. I heard that a local hospital would operate for as little as 3,000 yuan, so I had an operation to remove the cancer cells. After the surgery, I had a biopsy only to find the cancer cells had spread. The doctor asked me to have radiation therapy for 49 days, and then chemotherapy. My condition only grew worse after five weeks of radiation therapy. The left side of my neck and my left ear were swollen. Even my tongue was swollen. I had difficulty talking. Before I finished the therapy, I was released from the hospital.

At first, I could only manage to eat diluted rice porridge. In the end, I was unable to have any rice porridge at all. I could only have cool water to quench my thirst. My throat was burning hot, and turning dark. My spouse and I were in tears all day long. When my relatives or neighbors called on me, they knew I was going to die by the look of me.

At this pivotal moment, I remembered I had once learned the Falun Gong exercises in 1997. Although I stopped because I had to leave the village to look for work, it felt very good while it lasted. I hurried my spouse to find me a copy of Zhuan Falun. Three days later on November 12, 2003, to be exact, a fellow practitioner brought me a copy of the book. I shall never forget that day for it was the most blessed day when I started to practice Falun Gong. Since then, I started a new life.

At first, I could only read Zhuan Falun for a few minutes at a time. After about five days, I had not even finished studying Lecture One. On the seventh day of studying Zhuan Falun, I started to feel better and could manage to eat diluted rice porridge. On the 10th day, I could get out of bed to eat rice porridge on my own. After meals, I studied the Fa. After a short while, I dozed off to sleep. I felt as if the meridians in my body were being cleared. I knew it must be Teacher cleansing my body.

Since that day, I started to study the Fa and practice the Falun Gong exercises regularly. Since I started to practice the Falun Gong exercises, Teacher continued to cleanse my body. On the 12th and 13th day, toxic substances came out of my nose. Each time Teacher cleansed my body, my head and face would swell, but the swelling would subside a week later. The tumor cells between the left side of my mouth and left ear still existed. On November 28, a fellow practitioner invited me to join a group Fa study. By then I was strong enough to walk a long distance. In fact, I could now run 50 times around my home clockwise and counterclockwise without feeling dizzy.

On January 1, 2004, Teacher cleansed my body again, and my head and face became swollen again. In the early morning, I left for a group Fa study. I walked with both hands cupping my jaw. After about five miles, I put my hands down before I knew it.

When fellow practitioners started to send forth righteous thoughts, I didn't know what to do, but I tried to imitate them. After a while, I felt something stirring inside my face between my mouth and left ear. My body shook and I felt very light. Meanwhile, I felt something rotating in the left side of my face. After sending forth righteous thoughts, fellow practitioners began to share their cultivation insights. I felt tired and began to cup my face with my hands. The moment I touched my face, I realized my face had stopped swelling. Falun Gong is truly miraculous! Modern medicine is unable to remove a malignant tumor developed by cancer cells, but the Teacher of Falun Gong miraculously removed it in a flash!

When I returned home from the group Fa study, my spouse was delighted to see the swelling had disappeared and marveled at the miracle created by Falun Gong. My spouse and I hugged each other in tears. We were thankful from the bottom of our hearts. No words can describe my immense gratitude towards Teacher for saving my life.

Since that day, I have become increasingly healthy and light. The bone spur caused by the nasopharynx cancer was gone. In the past I was unable to work because of the bone spur, and now I can carry heavy loads for miles. The doctors that attempted to treat my nasopharynx cancer, as well as my relatives and village neighbors, say it was a miracle on earth. They all witnessed me recover from late-stage nasopharynx cancer without medicine-- all because I practice Falun Gong.