(Clearwisdom.net) I have given birth to four children. The first two died at the age of six and seven. I now have a son and a daughter who both suffer from brain defects. After the daughter married and left home, the three of us, my husband, my son and I, lived together and we experienced many problems.

My son developed a skin ulcer and a festering eye, my husband had skin cancer and nephritis, and I had a shattered fracture in one of my legs and I was often incontinent. We had to sell most of whatever crops we could raise on our farm in order to buy medicine. Although I had a bad leg, I still had to work hard on the farm in order to even maintain a basic living.

Early in 1999, the moment of our predestined relationship arrived. Two relatives of mine, who lived in the same village, came to talk to me. They told me that Falun Dafa was really good and advised me to practice. I thought, "I don't even want to live any longer. How can I even think about doing any exercises?" So I rejected them twice.

The third time, they took me to a family's home where Master Li's lecture was being played. When we arrived, there were many people there, sitting on the beds and floor. I don't know why, but I suddenly began crying so hard, and I felt like a child who had been separated from his parents, and after suffering so much, finally found my parents again. I felt very comfortable after crying.

I returned to listen to the rest of the lectures on the following days. On the fourth day when I arrived, many people were already there and the room was pretty full. I spotted a space nearby, but I had to get around three or four people. I quickly walked over and sat down. My relative asked, "Aunt, how did you get here?" I answered, "I just hurried over." She asked, "But, didn't you have a problem with your leg before? Stand up and check, did it get cured?" I stood up and checked my leg. I felt the strength of it. I used to have to drag my bad leg, favoring the good leg while walking, and shifting the bad one along little by little. I was unable to stride at all. I realized that Master had started cleansing my body so quickly. I felt so light and relaxed, as I had never felt before.

Next, two relatives came to talk to my husband, "You see what changes have occurred in our aunt? As long as you are sincere, no matter how serious your diseases are, you can still practice Falun Dafa." My husband said, "I'll do it! And I won't complain, even if Falun Dafa doesn't heal me. It will just be my time to go. I have taken so many medicines in my life and some have even had bad side effects. But I never complained to anyone." He returned the medicines that he had just bought and threw away the ones that had been opened, and he started practicing Falun Dafa. I remember that on the eleventh day after he began practicing, he told me, "These last two days, I worked a double shift and I didn't get any sleep for two nights, but I don't feel tired or sleepy. I used to peddle a bike for 3 or 4 km (2-2.5 miles) to and from work and would have to take five or six breaks. Now it feels like something is pushing the bike from behind and I don't even feel tired when riding up-hill. Practicing Falun Dafa is really marvelous. I would not have believed it if I hadn't experienced it myself."

The two of us, plus my son practiced the exercises in the morning and evening at the practice site. The impetigo and the festering eye that my son had, disappeared. My daughter also started to practice. She used to be unable to take care of her own child, and now she was able to do some simple housework. My family and the other practitioners were all happy together.

The changes that occurred in my family had a big impact on everyone, and dozens of the villagers obtained the Fa after seeing this, including our doctor. Since more and more people began practicing, I set up a practice site at my home. Master had opened my third eye to a certain level, and some other fellow practitioners could see the words in Zhuan Falun glowing with a golden light, and some had experienced their spirits leaving their physical bodies. Day by day the changes progressed. Our cultivation environment was so wonderful during that period.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched a campaign of persecution in July 1999. The propaganda blasted on the TV and radio made me feel very oppressed. I felt that Dafa was being treated so unjustly that it could not be described in words. I realized that I had a responsibility to expose these lies. They had TV and radio, but I had my mouth.

I visited the homes in the village by going door to door, and I told them, "Dafa is good and righteous," and I talked about my own experiences. Most of the people understood and some said, "The CCP can do anything. They even killed the students in the peaceful appeal in Tiananmen Square, on June 4, 1989. You need to be aware of your own safety." I answered, "My life is given to me by Dafa. How can I give up just because Jiang Zemin started the persecution?"

My husband and I were later illegally taken to a detention center and subjected to brainwashing sessions several times. CCP officials tried to force us to give up the practice. I told them, "Your parents gave you your life and raised you. If someone ordered you to scold your parents, what would you do?" They said, "We are paid by the CCP. We do whatever it wants us to do." I asked, "If someone paid you money to kill somebody, would you do that too? Let me tell you, killing is a crime punishable by a death penalty, and this also applies to those who hire people to do such a thing." The officials were speechless in front of this old country woman. I knew that Master was helping me.

Author's comments:

This article is based on the old woman's oral account. Most of it was written before the persecution started on July 20, 1999 and it was prepared for a local experience sharing conference. However, when the persecution began, sharing it was not possible. I have told the story of this family to many people, which has encouraged many practitioners to advance on their cultivation paths.

Now, I'm pleased to be able to tell the readers of this family's current situation. Although the aunt is now over 60 years old, she looks young, with smooth skin and a glowing face. She is very energetic and even young people can't keep up with her. Her husband works in a construction company, and earns more than 2000 yuan per month. Their children are doing very well also.