(Clearwisdom.net) I have wanted to write an article for a long time. Yesterday I successfully persuaded a comparably difficult person to withdraw from the evil CCP, which encouraged me, so I turned on my PC and finished this article.

First, I want to express my appreciation to fellow practitioners abroad. It is because of their efforts that our truth-clarification in China is easier.

After July 20, 1999, my environment completely changed. In the office, people's daily chatting was filled with hatred towards Falun Gong. I did not know how to respond. It became very hard for me to clarify the truth to my colleagues, relatives, and friends because they were completely deceived by the pervasive lies churned out by the media. It's a good thing that now people like to travel. My employer organized people to visit Hong Kong. My colleagues came back and told us about what they saw in Hong Kong. Some people especially came to see me and told me,"I know you did not go. I want to tell you that the Tiananmen Immolation Incident is fake. We learned about this in Hong Kong."

Another person told me that people can practice Falun Gong in Hong Kong and can distribute flyers. A person from another work unit but that went with the same tourist group told a Falun Gong practitioner over there, "You should not give us materials. We are all teachers." The practitioner replied, "Teachers should especially know the truth!" After hearing that, I felt that those nearly one thousand tourists (among them were over a dozen from my work unit) learned the truth of Falun Gong from different aspects. My environment, which had been like a thick shell covered with lies, gradually changed. It is now has broken and the sunshine has began to shine through.

I want to mention another thing about one of my elder sisters. There has been a big gap between us while growing up together. I think if I did not practice Falun Gong, the gap would have been very difficult to mend. I thought about how I would treat her well and that I wanted to save her. I visited her and gave her some truth-clarification materials. She fullly understood my kindness. She further told me, "We went to Japan, where Falun Gong practitioners also distributed materials. I will read the materials you give me, and then I will share them with others." We had not contacted each other for many years, but this time we got rid of the bad feelings between us. I should say that it was those fellow practitioners who distributed truth-clarification materials beforehand that made my contact with her much easier. This year when I saw her during the Spring Festival, three of her family members readily agreed to withdraw from the CCP-related organizations. In fact, the gap that existed between her and me was the biggest barrier for me to clarify the truth to her and she was the most difficult person of all my relatives. However, because of the truth-clarification efforts of practitioners abroad, she became the first and the easiest one among my relatives to convince to withdraw the CCP. This year she went to Hong Kong and she told us about the content of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party at our meal time. She talked about the CCP's dictatorship, corruption, and the Tiananmen massacre on June 4, 1989. She said, "Since many people wanted to to buy that book, I also bought one."

In China, information is blocked by the CCP. All media outlets are filled with CCP deceit. For those who travel abroad, they will be able to share what they encounter, see, and learn abroad with people around them after their travels. They will talk about the things abroad, and how the CCP has been exposed abroad, etc. People will listen to them out of curiosity.

One of my nephews went to visit five countries in Europe after 1999. He came back and told everyone, "People practice Falun Gong abroad. You can even buy Falun Gong books in bookstores." In fact, all this information really helped us in our truth-clarification efforts. In the office, I heard a dialog between two of my colleagues. Colleague A said, "I received a phone call from a Falun Gong practitioner yesterday. That person said a lot and even talked about withdrawing from the CCP." Colleague B said, "You got it yesterday. We already got that kind of phone call a long time ago." Some of my relatives and friends also received those phone calls.

When Dafa practitioners abroad and those in China are talking about the same thing, that human being for sure will reconsider his/her future. I noticed that no matter how much hatred that person has towards Falun Gong, or how fearful he/she might be, if we tell them the truth whenever we see them and we always take the time to clarify the truth to that person, we will move one step closer to success. Our efforts will not be wasted. Finally, one day he suddenly said, "I will withdraw from the CCP." Even I was surprised. In fact, this was the result of the combined efforts of fellow practitioners both abroad and in China, although I was the one who saw the results. Saving a person is the result of many practitioners' hard work. Even though we do not know each other and live thousand miles away from each other, our goal is the same, which is to save the sentient beings. From this we can see that Dafa practitioners abroad and in China are actually one single body!