(Clearwisdom.net) This morning when I got up to practice the exercises, I suddenly thought about what I memorized when I recited the Fa yesterday:

"Our exercise sites are better than any other qigong exercise sites. As long as you go to our exercise sites for practice, it is much better than your treating your own illness. My fashen sit in a circle, and above the exercise site is a shield on which there is a big Falun. A large fashen guards the site above the shield." (Lecture Three, Zhuan Falun)

Practicing the exercises at a specific time is Teacher's requirement for us in this special environment in China. Although we currently each practice the exercises at home, by practicing at a specific time, all Falun Dafa practitioners throughout different regions of the country are one whole body and form one big practice site. This is so sacred and solemn!

Falun Dafa practitioners' practice sites are pure and clean, and no evil things can exist in these fields. If all Falun Dafa practitioners participate in group exercises at the set time, this righteous field will be very large! Can the evil persecution exist in this field? Accordingly, I think our daily group exercise cleans our environment, accelerates the disintegration of the persecution, and saves sentient beings. We thus do not have any reason not to participate in the group exercise.

As far as I know, there are quite a few people in our area who do not participate in group exercises, and they have mentioned many excuses. Take six practitioners, including me, for example. Among the six, only an older practitioner always participates in the group practice every day. Two practitioners sometimes oversleep and cannot ensure their constant participation in group practice. The other three have not participated in group practice at all. Of course, there are individual reasons for not participating in group practice. However, I think no obstacle can stop our hearts for true cultivation. It is just that we have not come to understand it yet.

If all Falun Dafa practitioners understand the significance of group practice, not only will we be able to eliminate our own demonic nature, we will also be accelerating the disintegration of the evil persecution and saving sentient beings. Is there such a thing as not being able to do it? Obstacles are from the perspectives of human beings. As long as we have the heart for it, Teacher will arrange everything well for us.

Before July 20, 1999, one practitioner worked on a very tight schedule. Every morning after practicing the exercises and returning home, she would not have time to cook. Yet a miracle happened every day. The rice cooker cooked the rice well in five minutes. Now we have been through eight years of tempering and cultivation, and Falun Dafa practitioners have also matured. Dafa's miracles should manifest in us even more. Why do we always group ourselves with ordinary people? We should always remember that we are Falun Dafa practitioners, and there is nothing Dafa cannot do, and we will succeed. There is nothing we cannot do.

Fellow practitioners, please correct me if there is anything improper.