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6. Hurry up and tell people the truth about Falun Gong

I had had an obstacle when I wanted to tell people the truth about Falun Gong, that is, I was always afraid that the listeners did not understand me and didn't want to listen to me. Recalling my dreams, I realized that all my classmates, from elementary, middle or high school, are all sentient beings in my world.

I often thought of clarifying the truth to my classmates, and helping them quit the CCP. However, fearing that they might refuse to listen to me, I withdrew. In this way, I let many opportunities slip by.

Later on, these people's knowing sides in other dimensions found me. They questioned me, "Why didn't you clarify the truth to us?" I replied with regret, "I was afraid that you might refuse to listen to me." They said, "But you don't even give us an opportunity!" They begged me, "Hurry up and talk to us. This is your oath. If you still do not clarify the truth to us, we will be eliminated." I said, "Ok, I will certainly let you know the truth. I will certainly offer you salvation." They said happily, "Thank you. We will try our best to let our human sides listen to your words."

I have had many such experiences. Many sentient beings that have predestined relationships with me have come to me and asked me to save them. So, no matter how these individuals' human sides respond, their knowing sides have been longing for their own salvation. Even if we fear their refusal, we shouldn't refuse to provide them with a chance to hear the truth.

7. Fa implements

One day I fought with an evil being in another dimension. I felt a little tired. I suddenly remembered that Dafa practitioners should use their Fa implements. Then what were mine? I always used a MP3 player, so it should be my Fa implement. Just with this thought, a huge MP3 player appeared near the ears of that evil being, and the sound waves from the MP3 player made it cover its ears, unable to move. I thought I was doing the right thing, and that I would repeat it several times until it was so weak that it finally disappeared.

Just when I felt satisfied, it could suddenly move again. It picked up the MP3 player and threw it at me, which made me unable to move. It took advantage of this chance and escaped. So why did this happen? Why didn't my Fa implement work anymore? Later, I came to understand that this happened because, besides Dafa materials, I also had ordinary people's things on the MP3 player, thus my Fa implement was not pure, and the evil beings could take advantage of this loophole. Therefore, we Dafa practitioners should remember that we should not mix ordinary people's impure things with the tools that we use to validate the Fa; otherwise, the Fa implements' power will be affected.

8. Master's protection

In my dreams, I encountered several times that some beings wanted to take my life away. Once when I lay on a bed, the room was suddenly transformed into a hospital. The atmosphere was almost suffocating. Immediately a grim reaper appeared carrying a sickle in its hand. It approached me and wanted me to go with it. I said, "I am a Dafa disciple. I will not die." It said, "Your life should have been finished a long time ago. Only because you are a Dafa disciple are you still alive. But now you are not diligent, and you have to go." After it finished these words, it tied me up. I shouted loudly asking Master for help.

Master immediately appeared. The grim reaper saluted Master with great respect. Master said some words to it, and it set me free. Master then disappeared. I quickly ran out as I wanted to catch up with Master; however, I could not see Master. I felt much regret. I prayed silently in my mind: Master, it would be nice even if you just let me see you once. The air then suddenly became very fresh. People in the surrounding area started to exclaim while they all looked up. I quickly looked up and saw a huge Fashen sitting on a lotus flower and watching us compassionately. I immediately knelt down and tears of joy ran down my face.

(To be continued)

March 8, 2008