(Clearwisdom.net) In recent years, some Falun Dafa practitioners from Beijing have been taken to the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region Women's Forced Labor Camp in Huhhot City, where they are being illegally imprisoned and brutally tortured.

When Ms. Wei Fengmin from Beijing was imprisoned in the Third Team, the guards did not allow her to sleep and tortured her for long periods of time. She would not give up her belief and was handed over to the First Team. Ms. Wei was locked up in a storage room and tortured. Drug addict inmates were allowed to bring her food until the persecution became more severe, and then they were no longer allowed to deliver food and water to her. Team chief Lu Junqing (female) did not allow practitioners to sit on their beds. She made them sit on the polished stone ground for long periods of time, threatened them with shocks from high voltage electric batons, and intimidated them to try to get them to "reform" and give up cultivation practice.

Some practitioners were tortured so severely that their menstruation would not stop. Guard Wu Jing (female) incited the criminals to poke a bundle of rough chopsticks into the mouth of practitioner Ms. Yu Haiyan. Ms. Yu's face and mouth were badly bruised, covered with blood, and appeared to be purple. Her swollen lips curled upwards. The guards continued to lock her in the storage room, hang her up in the air by handcuffs, and order the drug-addicts to pummel her. She was put down and then hung up again, causing her to faint many times. This kind of torture would be carried out once every few days and has become a routine.

Practitioner Ms. Lei Xiuhua was taken to the storage room many times. The guards incited the criminal inmates to pummel and kick her. Outside the room, the sounds of the beatings terrorized anyone who could hear. Like Ms. Yu Haiyan, Mr. Lei was beaten and hung up in the air by her handcuffs, causing her to faint many times. She would be taken down and, after regaining consciousness, be hung up again. The guards repeatedly tortured her like this in an attempt to achieve their goal of "reforming" her.

Ms. Zhang Xueqing was imprisoned and brutally treated inside the monitoring room for a long time. Because news leaving the camp is censored, the severity of her torture is unclear.

Huhhot City Women's Forced Labor Camp is located at the suburb of Huhhot. The entertainment and bathing facilities in the camp courtyard are not for inmates' use, but only for high ranking visitors. In fact, those in custody are only allowed to crowd into a rinsing room and take a shower with cold water. Even during the cold winter, they are only allowed to use cold water. The drill ground is used for the prison guards' physical training. Sometimes it is used to torture practitioners, such as forcing them to run around the drill ground dozens of times. The activity room is a place for forced labor, where the inmates have to work overtime in order to complete the extra-heavy work load the labor camp assigns. The labor camp inmates are only allowed five minutes to eat meals even though they were promised that they could eat until they were full. Because they are not given enough time to eat and are hungry, some try to conceal a steamed bun. If this is discovered, the person is punished by being forced to stand and having adding penalty points added, which means their term is lengthened.

Some of those responsible:
First Team Chief Lu Junqing (female)
Second Team Chief Liu Yan (female)
Third Team Chief Huang Xiuhong (female)
guard Wu Jing (female).