(Clearwisdom.net) On February 3, 2008, Ms. Mila Tretyakou together with her mother Alla Maruscmotha and her daughter Vika Tretyakou watched the Chinese New Year Splendor at the Radio City Music Hall. They were struck with admiration. They said, "The show is extremely good."

They were discussing the program during intermission. Miss Vika Tretyakou told a journalist that her mother and grandma had wanted to come for a while, and they are glad they finally bought the tickets.

Ms. Mila Tretyakou explained, "I had thought that I had to go to Manhattan to get tickets to the Splendor. However, I went to Costco couple weeks ago and I saw people promoting the Splendor. I was so happy to buy the tickets right then and there, and I am very glad I brought my mother and daughter today."

"We like this show very, very much. We love the dance, music, and stories," Mila added.

Miss Vika Tretyakou said, "We like how they introduce those historical stories before each program began, which helped us to understand."

Grandma Alla was speaking Russian on the side. Vika said, "Grandma loves this show very much. I was translating the English to her. She was very moved. She was speaking Russian just now. She said it is beyond imagination that this Splendor could be so colorful and beautiful. Not only are the dances wonderful, but the music is also very beautiful. She said she is very happy she is able to come today. She will remember this for the rest of her life."

Vika continued translating for her grandma, "She said that the stories told by the programs are too good to be true. The program is very well done, especially how the singers presented such pure songs. She can feel that they are extremely good and very creative."

"The Power of Awareness" is a dance drama that describes people doing all kinds of exercise in a park, including walking, playing with balls, Falun Gong, or reading. Suddenly it turns cloudy, several police break the harmonious atmosphere, brutally beating the mother and daughter who were doing Falun Gong exercises. At this moment, a young man stood up, stopping the officers from further brutality towards the innocent. Other people also joined together to stop the evil, and chased those officers out of the park. When they saw this scene, grandma, mother and daughter applauded with great enthusiasm.

When the show ended, the journalist met again with the three generations of Russian ladies. They said repeatedly, "The show is great! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you very much!"

February 4, 2008