(Clearwisdom.net) I have thought of writing about this precious memory for a long time. With the New Year approaching, I finally decided to write it down and share the memory with fellow practitioners.

In 1994, I was 30 years old and about to die. I had serious heart disease, brain illness, and cranial nerve disease, stomach illness, and back problems. I was thin and weak and could barely walk. Both Western and Chinese medical doctors gave up on me. I didn't want to die, but the heart disease was about to take my life.

When I was young I dreamed of cultivating. As I got older, my wish to cultivate became stronger and stronger. I traveled to Changchun on business in 1993, and someone told me there were several well-known temples and monks and nuns. I became a Buddhist and worshiped an 80-year-old nun as my master. My sister and I often respectfully visited the nun and asked her to teach us to cultivate. She, though, always let us know how many gifts and money her disciples gave her. According to her, whoever gave her more money was a person at a higher cultivation level. She also tried to teach us how to curse others. I realized this was not the kind of cultivation I had dreamed of. I could not cultivate with this nun, so I left her.

I was still a Buddhist and followed Buddhist rules. I didn't know how to cultivate, but hoped that Buddha would help me. I got weaker and weaker, so I started practicing a certain qigong, which didn't heal me, but made me weaker.

One night I had a dream in which a mythical figure told me to remember a number--72. I didn't know what this number meant, but thought I would perhaps be saved.

In September 1994 my sister came to visit me and told me she was practicing Falun Gong. She demonstrated the sitting meditation. I was struck by the beautiful movements. All of sudden I saw hope. I told myself that Falun Gong is not merely simple qigong; It is cultivation! My sister lent me a copy of the introductory book, China Falun Gong. I read the whole book and realized that it was the cultivation I had been looking for. The solutions that I was looking for but that had failed me in Buddhism were all in Falun Gong.

The first day I read the book I had a high fever and felt hot. But I was so happy--Master was taking care of me. I became a real cultivator. I envied Sakyamuni's disciples, because they were so lucky to be the disciples of Buddha. I wished I would have the same good fortune. My dream had now come true. It had been 72 days since I had that strange dream. I expressed my gratitude to Master for saving me. Miracles happened to me within three days. A few days later my sister had to leave and took the book with her.

I then followed her to Changchun where she sold apples. We discovered that the type of apples she tried to sell in Changchun were not as popular as the Fuji variety. We didn't sell one single apple in 40 days. But during those 40 days we studied the Fa intensely and assimilated into the Fa. This cultivation experience gave us a solid foundation for disseminating the Fa in my hometown.

One day after practicing the exercises, my brother brought us a piece of good news: Master was going to give the last lecture in Guangzhou, and my brother got tickets for us. We were so happy, but we didn't know how to deal with our apples. We decided to try again to sell as many as we could before leaving for Guangzhou. We went to the wholesale market. As soon as we got there, an older woman and a young man came up to us. They wanted just the type of apple we had and wanted the quantity we had, and were willing to pay the price we asked. They wanted to open the boxes to check the quality of the apples. We were worried, because we had put the apples in a warm storage place for 40 days. When they opened the boxed we were shocked--all the apples were in good condition! We looked at each other, knowing that benevolent Master had arranged everything for us.

Fellow practitioners told us that everything in Guangzhou was expensive, so we needed to bring 2,000 or 3,000 yuan in cash with us. It was a large sum for my sister and me. I had been sick, which cost my family a lot. My husband and I were in deep debt. But I made up my mind that I would go to Guangzhou, no matter how hard it was. I told my sister that I just needed enough money to get to Guangzhou. I didn't care how I would manage to get back. Maybe I would walk back, or perhaps would work on the way back. I asked my neighbor if I could borrow money from him. My neighbor, who didn't have much money, gave me all he had--600 yuan. Master once again showed his support for me.

My sister and I went to Guangzhou with fellow practitioners. Once we got there, my brother looked for a place to stay. A young man approached my brother on the street and told him the dormitories at a local college only cost eight yuan a day. Eight yuan per day for a room in Guangzhou was unbelievably inexpensive. We didn't expect such a good deal.

Master healed my husband's sickness from thousands of miles away

On the third day of Master's lecture, Master purified practitioners' bodies. Master asked us to raise our right hand and think of the illnesses we had. Then Master waved his hand and said, "Done." Then, Master said he would purify our family members' bodies and asked us to think of our family members' illnesses. I was thinking of the big tumor on my husband's foot, which had tortured him for a long time. Master waved his hand and said, "Done" again. I forgot about this incident in the next few days. When I got home, it entered my mind again. I asked my husband about the tumor on his foot. He took off his shoe. We were shocked-- the tumor was gone. I told him about Master's healing, and he was amazed by the power of Dafa.

I saw a big Falun in the sky

One night during our stay in Guangzhou, as I shared my cultivation experiences with a fellow practitioner, we heard a noise outside. A few practitioners shouted, "There is a big Falun in the sky!" We rushed out and saw a big Falun rotating in the sky. I could not help crying. The only thought at that moment was for me to go home with Master. We kept applauding until our hands hurt. The local college students in the dorm also came out and applauded. We went up on the roof and saw the Falun rotating nine times clockwise and nine times counter-clockwise and repeat. There were some small Faluns rotating around the big Falun, rotating on their own axis. The sky was half red and half green. One practitioner took a lot of photos of the Falun. The miracle lasted for two or three hours. The next day, the largest local newspaper reported a big "silver pan" had rotated in the sky.

I saw our benevolent Master

During the lecture my sister and I sat far away from Master and could not see him clearly. We decided to go to see Master after the lecture. After the lecture, when everyone was learning the exercises, my sister and I left the lecture hall, waiting for Master. We were worried that Master would scold us, because we left when everyone else was doing the exercises. Master came out and walked to the gate. I ran to him but stopped at the gate, because I looked messy. I told myself then that it would be good enough if I could just see Master from a distance. We looked at Master. Master stopped, too, letting us look at him. After a long time several people asked Master to get into the car. Master got in, drove on but stopped in front of me. Master rolled down the window, turned to me, and let me look at him. I could not hold back my tears. Master was looking at me, a person with huge karma. I tried my best to clean my thoughts, because I felt that any human thoughts were too dirty before Master. I didn't want to have any human thoughts in front of Master. I had this wish, and Master helped me. My mind was very clean. After a long time I put my hands together and greeted Master. Master's car came to another practitioner, and He asked if she didn't have a ticket to enter the lecture hall. I remember this precious moment forever. That night I sat in meditation for 70 minutes and didn't feel pain at all when I had previously experienced frequent severe pain during the sitting meditation.

Master helped us to get a train ticket home

Master's fifth lecture series was between December 21 and 28. The trains were crowded. Train tickets were in high demand, and scalpers raised the price sky-high. We didn't have enough money for tickets. People told us to hurry up to buy the tickets. My sister and I decided to let everything happen naturally. Later, at the conclusion of the lectures, a fellow practitioner helped us get low-priced tickets, and all our problems were solved. Master arranged everything for us, so that I stayed in Guangzhou for more than ten days with only 600 yuan in my possession.

At the end of the lectures, practitioners surrounded Master and shook hands with him. Master satisfied practitioners. I stood far away from Master, thinking that I should not go near him now. I should purify my mind and then go to Master with the most pure body. I would give Master my pure heart/mind.

I cried as I wrote this precious memory. Master's compassionate salvation made me feel even more His concern for us during the present, severe circumstances. I appreciate Master's guidance in my cultivation during that peaceful period. I also appreciate Master's guidance and protection during the eight-year-long persecution. My appreciation for Master cannot be described in any human language.

The New Year is coming. I sincerely wish my great and benevolent Master a Happy New Year.

December 31, 2007