(Clearwisdom.net) I know two brothers in a family in my hometown. The elder brother is a 40-year-old middle school teacher, and the younger brother is chief of the village's armed forces. After the persecution of Falun Gong began, I went back to my hometown several times to clarify the truth about the persecution. Many people were indifferent to what I said, including my own family.

On January 1 a few years ago, my family and theirs spent New Year's together and I began clarifying the truth to them again. After I spoke, everyone had a different understanding of Falun Gong, except the elder brother who was very poisoned by the CCP lies. He asked me, "Is there something wrong with your brain?" Thinking about it now, that must have been evil factors controlling him. Nevertheless, his comment made me very angry.

After that unhappy incident, I went back to my hometown again and tried talking to the elder brother. While his wife listened in the bedroom, I chatted with him in the living room. No matter what I said, he remained indifferent. After more than an hour, I realized I wasn't getting anywhere and left.

A few months after I got home, I suddenly got a call from my fourth brother, telling me that the elder brother had been killed in a car accident. He told me that a few months before the elder brother died, two strange things had happened to him. Once, after having dinner with my fourth brother, on their way home the elder brother was suddenly attacked by a group of people for no reason.

Another time, as he walked alone on a road a car suddenly raced towards him. He quickly hid behind a tree and saved himself, but even then he didn't wake up. On a third occasion, he wasn't so lucky. While he was riding his motorcycle, a van that had been following him for miles suddenly decided to overtake him while he was making a turn and crashed into him.

In 2005, I realized that I had not talked to the younger brother for some time, and my fourth brother reminded me that it was time to talk to him--the head of the village's armed forces. In the past, my fourth brother was opposed to Falun Gong but lately had changed.

Later my mother said that between 2004 and 2005, many young adults like us suddenly died for no reason. This had deeply affected my younger brother. One night in 2005 my fourth brother and I visited this younger brother. His wife was the chief of the Village Women's Union, and they had a six-year-old son. I began telling them about how Falun Gong is practiced in many countries overseas and how the CCP has defamed Falun Gong and launched the persecution.

After I spoke about the fabricated self-immolation incident and the history of the CCP political movements, before I even finished, this brother totally changed and had great disdain for the CCP. His entire family chose nicknames and declared their withdrawals from the CCP. My fourth brother also withdrew from the Communist Youth League. Even their six-year-old, whom I neglected at first, shouted for me to help him withdraw from the league. He even picked a name for himself. From the perspective of the Fa, of course, even though he is just a little kid, he has come from very high levels and can also understand the truth. I told the younger brother, "If your elder brother had listened to my clarifying the truth, the gods would have protected him and he would not have passed away."

Soon after the younger brother withdrew from the party, he became the deputy village chief. Within a few years, he became the town mayor of a nearby town. Today, his entire family is living in happiness, thanks to their faith in Dafa.

The above is my personal experience. This pair of blood brothers turned out very differently because one of them believed in Dafa and learned the truth, thereby obtaining blessings. The other however, who believed in the CCP's lies, was not so fortunate.