(Clearwisdom.net) Before I wrote my sharing, I was thinking I should write down my experiences and report to Master and fellow practitioners to fulfill my responsibilities. Then I realized I was trying, not to validate the Fa, but to validate myself. Sharing is a good opportunity for Dafa disciples to exchange ideas and improve together, but it is not a chance to show off. After realizing this, I stopped thinking about validating myself, and readjusted my thoughts so that I could write from the perspective of validating the Fa. I feel that I have already improved myself. There is a lot that I could write, so let me just use a few examples of recent cultivation experiences.

I am a young practitioner and work in night clubs. People that I have contact with every day are mostly those who chase after fashion and new experiences (I also had this attachment). About three months ago, I started working at a bar. It was like a huge dirty toilet, full of people filled with evil thoughts. Master has said that cultivation directly works on people's hearts. I thought maybe it was because I had these bad thoughts that Master wanted me to cultivate in such a complicated environment, so that my attachments could be exposed and removed quickly.

Many of my attachments were indeed exposed, such as lust, the attachment to happiness, the attachment to fighting, the attachment to personal interest. Even the heart of jealousy, that I didn't notice before, was strongly exposed. For example, I work as a DJ and am responsible for playing music and making the whole atmosphere come alive. Once, our bar hired a DJ who works for a radio station. His job was to play half an hour of warm-up music and tell some jokes to create the atmosphere, and his wage was 300 yuan per day. However, I work for two and a half hours every day, and my salary is only 7,000 yuan per month. I didn't feel right in my heart. When I talked to the chief music supervisor, I said I was wondering if paying this amount for such a short time was creating too much financial pressure on the bar. The supervisor had the same idea and said that the manager would talk to the DJ to tell him to reduce his fee; otherwise he would not be hired anymore. For several days afterwards, I kept asking if his fee had been reduced. Actually, I knew that I was in the wrong, but while it bothered me, I didn't stop. Superficially, I did it for reducing the cost to the company, but deep in my heart, it was jealousy. I was worried that I would be affected if the company didn't have enough money. All these were selfish thoughts. Later on the company didn't hire him any more, and let me take the job that he used to do. At that time, I felt even worse, and the thought surfaced: "You gave me more work without paying me more." But I realized that I should improve in this aspect, and let go of these thoughts.

Since I noticed the attachment of jealousy that was deeply hidden, Master gave me another opportunity to get rid of it. Later, another singer came, and agreed to be paid 300 yuan per day. At that time, I again had the thought of not wanting him to make more money than I did. But I realized it immediately this time, and corrected myself. Later, the company wanted to reduce his salary, but I hoped they would not and felt that it was not easy for him to work outside alone.

There are all types of people in this bar, and the atmosphere is filled with lust. You can see its manifestations as soon as you lift your head. There is also a lot of fighting. Before becoming a practitioner, I was also involved in all of these for some time; in fact, these were things that I needed to get rid of or tests that I needed to pass. My attachment to lust was completely exposed. Due to the nature of my job, I am very attractive to young women, and am always chased by them. Actually this was also my expectation. Since I knew I still had an attachment that needed to be removed, I was quite righteous and refused all the invitations. However, there were also moments when some unexpected dirty thoughts occurred to me. I enlightened that they were derived from bad things that I had seen before I cultivated. They should be expelled and removed, and Master used the superficial factors to help me get rid of them completely.

Gradually, in the process of getting rid of these attachments, many of my everyday friends, as well as the manager, supervisor, singers, dancers, waiters and waitresses, sound men and other colleagues came to understand Dafa to a certain extent and showed very positive attitudes. They also quit the CCP and its associated organizations without too much effort on my part. Recently I showed them truth-clarification materials about Dafa, about the staged self-immolation in Tiananmen Square, and the grand parades of quitting the CCP that occur overseas. My colleagues and friends who live in the performers' dorm learned many things that they didn't know before, and told their relatives the facts too. They helped clarify the truth and build the foundation of a bright future for themselves. Although they have been polluted by the deviated modern culture and notions, their inner heart is still pure.

Before I wrote this sharing I worried about my writing, afraid that I wouldn't be able to write well. However, I thought that this is a Dafa disciple's writing. As long as I can express truthfully and clearly what I want to say, it will be fine, simple and clear. It is not necessary to add beautiful words to decorate myself, which is another human attachment and notion, showing off, and something that I should get rid of. I could also see my human attachment in the process of writing, especially the heart of showing off. About my cultivation, I feel very embarrassed, since I haven't done that well. At the same time, I also cherish my opportunity, since I know that no matter how painful the process is, the end result will be wonderful, and I will never give up. I will cultivate till completion and fulfill my mission!