(Clearwisdom.net) My dad was the first in my family to start cultivating Falun Dafa. I began when I was eight years old. My dad taught me the verses for each exercise, and I went to the group practice site with the adults. I was practicing without any notions, and I took it very seriously.

I had to quit school when I was 16, and I started working at a factory. I gradually lost the Fa in my life, and I competed with others for money. I loved music, and I could sing almost any song after listening to it twice. One day I found an MP3 player at home. I asked Dad who it belonged to, and he told me it was for cultivators to listen to Master teaching the Fa or Falun Dafa music and that it cost 100 yuan. I was so happy. I told my dad that I wanted one, and he bought one for me right away.

I love to listen to Dafa music, but I also downloaded more than 20 ordinary people's songs. My dad found out and told me to delete them. I didn't want to. But one night I dreamed I was listening to the ordinary people's songs and suddenly bugs started crawling all over my hands and arms. I was scared and tried to pinch the bugs off, but they burrowed into my flesh, and there was blood everywhere. I enlightened in my dream that Master was giving me a hint to not listen to ordinary people's songs. I then recited the Fa-rectification verses, and the bugs all vanished.

After I woke up the next morning, I deleted all those ordinary people's songs and I no longer listen to them. I hope all young Falun Dafa practitioners that are still attached to listening to ordinary people's songs can wake up quickly.