(Clearwisdom.net) Right after a Dafa practitioner was released from Weifang Prison, he was taken to a 610 Office brainwashing center, where he was continually pressured to give up his faith. Upon hearing about this, three members of the practitioner's family went straight to the brainwashing center.

At the center, they saw three iron chains in the courtyard, like those used to tie up a dog, which were used for practitioners. What they saw angered them, and aroused their righteous thoughts, as the facility was obviously a prison. One family member demanded that someone open the door, but the female guard who was drinking a cup of tea inside didn't move. The relative angrily shouted, "If you don't open the door, I'll kick it open." His righteous action overwhelmed her vicious nature and she opened the door.

After entering the room, what they saw stunned them. A female practitioner (in her fifties) was standing there holding her head and looking like she she had just been beaten. The practitioner's relative asked the guard, "What are you doing? Why are you doing what you have been told to do? Why did someone turn this government agency into an illegal prison?" Since what they were doing was illegal, the practitioners were not kept there for very long. The 610 Office agent asked, "Why are you here?" "We're here to take our loved one home." The guard said, "This is a 610 Office." The practitioner's relative asked, "What is a 610 office? Is it a spy agency? Our relative was released from prison, so why are you still detaining him? Isn't what you're doing against the law?" The 610 Office staff member didn't reply.

When some 610 Office personnel started to say something bad about Dafa, the three relatives scolded them and told them the true facts. Some other 610 Office people said that they were forced to do the job and that they couldn't sleep at night because they were thinking about the practitioners. One of the relatives said, "You'll be free if you notify their families to come for them." The 610 Office people then did just that.

Currently, this brainwashing center is still detaining quite a few practitioners. If all family members could be like these three, could the Chinese Communist regime's persecution be effective?