(Clearwisdom.net) The other day I went to an apartment complex to hand out truth clarification booklets. I took an elevator directly up to the top floor, the ninth floor, and left two booklets by the one door. I was considering taking the elevator back down to the eighth floor. However, when I pushed the button, the elevator didn't move. I tried different buttons for the other floors, but it still wouldn't move. When I trying to find the stairway, I realized that this floor is blocked by very thick glass, and the only door to the stairway was locked.

How could I be in this situation? I learnt later that the owner of the apartment complex lives on this floor and it was designed this way for security. People can come up to the floor without help from the owner, but they can't get out. What should I do? I thought about asking for Master's help. I started to do the heshi hand gesture (putting the two palms together in front of the chest, in a gesture of respect and greeting), and asked Master to help me get down, but the elevator still didn't move. But why not? Maybe I was supposed to ask for help from the people in the room and tell them why I was there? I tried to ring the doorbell, but nobody answered. Should I call for help from the front desk? I didn't have my cell phone with me. Shouting? Nobody can hear me up here. I wondered, "Am I really trapped up here with no way to get out?"

Then I thought about the many practitioners who are even able to break out of prison with just their righteous thoughts, so how could I be trapped up there with no way to get out? I went back to the elevator and made the heshi hand gesture and asked Master to help me. The elevator still didn't move. Suddenly I realized that I should send forth righteous thoughts toward the elevator. I immediately held my palm in front of my chest and eliminated the old force arrangements and evil that controlled the elevator. I told the elevator, "I am here to save sentient beings you shouldn't trap me here. You should take me down." After my words the elevator started to move down. I can't describe how wonderful I felt! I did heshi again and thanked Master! In no time, I arrived at the ground floor. I continued to place the booklets on all the other floors from the first floor to the top, and then I safely left the apartment complex.

I wanted to share this story because from this experience, I learned that when we are having a tribulation or difficulty, we shouldn't just immediately call for help from Master. My first thought was to ask Master for help, but why didn't Master help? I learned that Master wants me to use the wisdom and the divine power that He gave me to walk my own path and build my own mighty virtue. Master taught us,

"as soon as you meet with challenges you go to Master. But when that difficulty comes up, it is precisely time for you to improve yourselves, establish mighty virtue, and bring about glory." ("Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference")

Benevolent Master has once again given me a chance to build my own mighty virtue.