(Clearwisdom.net) For quite a while, I have noticed that some practitioners' movements are incorrect when doing the exercises, especially when they did the hand gestures of the fifth exercise. When I shared this with them, they all expressed the same feeling: they suddenly felt that their mind was blank and they could not remember how to do the hand gestures. An elderly practitioner in his 80s even had continuous dizziness the next day. I carefully reflected on my own experiences, and I found the following possible reasons:

  1. If we don't attend group practice, fellow practitioners cannot point out our incorrect movements.

  1. If our minds wander while we are doing the exercises, our hand gestures can deviate.

  1. When we are practicing we are not paying attention to our hand gestures. The hand gestures are the language of enlightened beings. If we do it wrong, doesn't it become another language? If we do not control it, other factors in the universe will interfere. In the long run, this can create other movements. It certainly should not be allowed. We are also not being respectful to Teacher and Dafa!

The exercise movements are the supplemental method that Teacher left to us and all sentient beings to reach enlightenment and therefore can never be changed. It is too crucial to ignore. It is an important component of a complete Falun Dafa practice we leave for future generations. This is the responsibility of practitioners in the Fa-rectification period. Here I want to remind fellow practitioners that we should be strict with ourselves and other practitioners and correct our movements according to Master's teachings.