(Clearwisdom.net) A short time ago, I quite suddenly began to sense thoughts of lust in my mind toward my wife. I tried to suppress them but they just arose again. I felt that I just could not remove them at the root, which made me very sad. Several days before, while I was doing the meditation exercise, Teacher's Fa about our physical body came into my mind. I suddenly understood why people in ancient times always emphasized purifying one's heart and reducing one's desires. They advocated that a husband and wife should treat each other with the respect due to a guest. I also came to understand Teacher's Fa, "Consequently, they lead a low life, reproducing and raising their descendants by low means." ("Lecture in Sydney") and, "It was for Fa-rectification that Gods created human beings on Earth in their own image." ("Touring North America to Teach the Fa")

In the human world we are endowed with this physical body to reproduce descendants, but the true mission of our body is to bring us back to our true self and to accomplish our mission in Fa-rectification. We know that our body is capable of reproducing descendants, but we also know that our body is a simulation of the body of divine beings, so we should not indulge ourselves in lust. If this is the case, isn't our physical body--and lust itself--created for some intended purpose? Isn't it only an obligation and a task for a husband and wife to reproduce descendants?

When we are genuinely in a divine state we will no longer need these things. So, the more we become free from the attachment of lust, the more we will assimilate to the requirements of divine beings and we will be more clearheaded and wiser. That is why the ancient people had better inborn quality for cultivation. They knew that a person should purify the heart and reduce desires. A husband and wife should treat each other with the respect due to a guest. In fact, a husband and wife are best friends after they have fulfilled their obligations as a couple. We should cherish our relationship with our spouse and never stain this physical body that resembles that of divine beings. It is not easy to form the predestined relationship to be husband and wife.

Remembering Teacher's words on the state of the modern human race, I was quite scared and felt very fortunate. Thank you, my great Teacher.

The above are some personal understandings. Please kindly point out anything improper.