(Clearwisdom.net) I am a 610 Office agent (working on the Falun Gong issue) at the Shengli Oil Field in Heilongjiang Province. Through my contact with Falun Gong practitioners who persist in their belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance", as well as my experience in attempting to "transform" practitioners, I have made the decision to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and all of its affiliated associations.

When the persecution of Falun Gong began in 1999, I listened to and believed the propaganda of the media that said that Falun Gong was bad and that the CCP was trying to eliminate it for the improvement of the stability of society and the peacefulness of people's lives. However, after I got in touch with more and more Falun Gong practitioners, and seeing what they have experienced and their actions, I gradually changed my view about Falun Gong. I realized that I was deceived by the media which is controlled by CCP. Actually, before the persecution started, the former head of the National People's Congress Committee Qiao Shi presented a report on Falun Gong. It stated that Falun Gong has many benefits to the country and to the people, but no adverse effects. At the time, despite disagreement from the other six Executive Commissioners of the Political Consultation Committee, Jiang Zemin still insisted on persecuting Falun Gong. Jiang has publicly admitted this in his Selected Articles by Jiang Zemin; he said that repressing Falun Gong was his own decision that he has tried to carry out by using his position of power.

When I was participating in "transforming" Falun Gong practitioners, I saw many things. I saw the rooms in the brainwashing centers where Falun Gong practitioners were confined for long periods of time. I saw that they were only allowed to eat dry, stale rolls and pickled vegetables and that they were not allowed to go to the bathroom, but had to relieve themselves in the room. I saw that in the "group transforming sessions" Falun Gong practitioners who resisted the persecution by hunger strikes were force-fed. I saw that Falun Gong practitioners were not allowed to go home even if they were injured. I saw that there was no heating system in the winter and that the detention rooms were freezing cold (Heilongjiang Province is the northern-most province in China). I saw that Falun Gong practitioners were treated like prisoners, though they are good people wherever they go. Moreover, the police department has spent enormous amounts of money and purchased special equipment that could monitor several home phone lines at the same time. When Falun Gong practitioners were away from their homes, the police and state security personnel would go to their homes secretly and illegally search their homes and install monitoring systems. The police and state security personnel and guards spent lots of money on employing secret agents. They also extorted money from people by threatening them with forced labor and and sentencing; it was called the "Construction of the People's Line of Defense."

Very often they wasted this money by going to eat and drink in restaurants. Recently they started the so called "Project of Returning to the Society" and they are doing complete and detailed investigations of all Falun Gong practitioners they know. They group Falun Gong practitioners into different categories such as "common target," "target for strengthening," "target for transformation," "target for monitoring," and "target for attacking." For the people who do not "rebound" (become practitioners again) after being "transformed" for two years, if they can prove that they have "disentangled" themselves, their kids will then not have any problems attending kindergartens and schools, and they can also join the CCP and the Communist Youth League. Since the amount of funding has become less and less, the three brainwashing centers are turning into one.

All of these have thoroughly exposed the CCP's evil and deceptive nature. Though it tries appear tough and fierce, it is actually weak and cowardly inside. In November of 2004, the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party suddenly came out. I read it over and over in my free time. It was like a bolt of lightning to me and it woke me up from being ignorant and apathetic. It helped me see this immoral, corrupted evil party for what it is. Through browsing websites overseas I learned that heaven will destroy the CCP and the great tide of quitting the CCP. This tide is extremely fast and unstoppable. Today almost 26 million people have quit the CCP. The brave and hardworking Chinese people are peacefully and rationally disintegrating the Chinese Communist regime and speeding up the process of its collapse. The precious Chinese people are waking up across the nation.

In the over half a century that the Chinese Communist regime has taken power, from Land Reform, to the Three Anti-Campaigns, the Five Anti-Campaigns, Anti-counterrevolutionaries, the Four Clean-ups, the Cultural Revolution, to the Tiananmen Square Massacre and the persecution of Falun Gong, their ruthless and brutal repression and persecution has caused the unnatural deaths of 80 million Chinese people. Just three years after the "Great Leap Forward," 30 million people starved to death from famine. The reason that it is so reckless is because it thinks that it has the power. However, it forgot about the true law that governs the universe: "good will be rewarded and evil will receive karmic retribution." This is the will of heaven and one is basically destroying himself by participating in evil deeds!

The collapse of the evil party is really caused by itself and the retribution for its evildoings. These days the officials of the Communist regime frequently receive karmic retribution. Some are suddenly attacked by severe disease and die and some are put in jail due to corruption and sexual misconduct. One of the Executive Commissioners of the Political Consultation Committee said that recently there have been many high-ranking officials who have lost their positions and many of them were promoted by Jiang before the 16th National Conference. Right before Hu Jintao's visit to Australia, the minister of the Ministry of Finance Jin Renqing suddenly lost his position. Back then, as one of Jiang's people, Jin Renqing helped Jiang in persecuting Falun Gong. He was the one who illegally took out 100 billion from the national treasury. Around the same time, Xu Yongyue, who is one of Jiang Zemin and Zeng Qinghong's close advisors, suddenly announced his early retirement. Also, the Chinese Embassy in Australia just received from the Australia Ministry of Foreign Affairs a statement of a lawsuit against Jiang Zemin by Falun Gong practitioners.

The final judgment will come soon.

Jun Jie

September 5th, 2007