(Clearwisdom.net) I am a retired director of an elementary school in China. I started to learn Falun Dafa in 1997. Before that, I had many illnesses, and lived amidst affliction and disappointment. Because I had been deceived by the Chinese Communist Party's principle of "atheism," I worshiped science, and did not believe in gods. A friend suggested to me many times that I should learn Dafa, and also gave me the invaluable book Zhuan Falun. My friend asked me to read the book first, then decide if I wanted to learn.

At the beginning, I read Zhuan Falun with a critical mind, and would read several paragraphs every night before sleeping. When I read the "Falun Emblem" section in the fifth chapter, a miracle happened: a large Falun appeared in my room, rotating and floating, flying around the room three
times. Suddenly, it was golden and shiny in the room; it was spectacular. I was shocked! It was our compassionate Master encouraging me to break the shell that was blocking me from understanding the Fa, and leading me to walk on the road of returning to my original, true self, to my wonderful heavenly world.

During that time, my mother was living with me in the same room because her thighbone was broken, and she had just had an operation. My 90-year-old mother stared at the big Falun rotating and floating; she could also clearly see the beautiful Falun. After that day, our compassionate Master purified her body and she started to sweat. She could not move her legs and feet before, but after the purification by Master, she could get up and walk around. Compassionate Master and wonderful Dafa moved her to tears. She repeated, "Thank you, Teacher Li! Thank you, Teacher Li."

After one week, when I was having lunch, a bright shining ball suddenly entered my room, hanging about one meter above my head, and illuminating the room, just like the light from an electric welder. After more than fifteen minutes, the shining ball disappeared. At that moment, all of the illnesses such as heart disease, cystitis, kidney problems and spinal trouble, which had caused me pain for many years, completely disappeared. I felt light all over my body.

I started to diligently practice Falun Dafa and have followed Master for the past ten years. When I relaxed or became slack, the fact that I was a Dafa practitioner was always brought to my mind. It made me feel that Master is always at my side safeguarding me and giving me hints, pushing me to strive forward.