(Clearwisdom.net) It is currently the final period of the final stage of Fa-rectification, and the evil has become less and less. However, when I browsed several Clearwisdom articles recently, I found out that several dozen Falun Dafa practitioners had been illegally arrested at the same time in Changchun City, Jilin Province. I am so upset about this. This reminds me of the practitioners' cultivation state before several truth-clarification materials production sites were destroyed in our area a few years ago. Here, I would like to write down their experiences, in the hopes that other practitioners who have similar situations can learn from them.

1. There were three practitioners at a particular materials production site. Two to three months prior to the arrest, one of the practitioners could not calm down to study the Fa, but spent lots of time making truth-clarification materials. At the set time for sending righteous thoughts, he did not turn off the machine, and continued making materials as he sent righteous thoughts. He didn't sit in the double lotus position (recommended posture for sending forth righteous thoughts), but simply sat on a chair while maintaining the hand posture. Another practitioner had good technical skills. He was busy creating a new materials production site and purchasing consumable materials, and he also studied the Fa very little. The third practitioner took charge of cooking, doing odds and ends and delivering the materials, and was also so busy that he/she could not study the Fa much every day. Before they were arrested, Teacher gave them hints (to help them enlighten to their shortcomings). Unfortunately, they didn't realize it in time.

One time, for about two weeks, the practitioner who was primarily responsible for the site suffered a stomachache at 5:00 p.m. each day. It was so painful that he sweated profusely. Others sent forth righteous thoughts for him, but it didn't work. Several days later, the stomachache changed to 9 o'clock every day. They had no choice and asked other practitioners, whom they thought had strong righteous thoughts, to send righteous thoughts for him. Actually, the fundamental reasons for their problem were that these practitioners did not study the Fa well and they thought less of sending forth righteous thoughts. They had not looked inward and cultivated themselves, and thus could not catch up. As a result, the materials production site was destroyed. Those three practitioners were arrested and persecuted.

2. Another truth clarification materials production site had two people and produced the best quality materials among several sites in our area. At the beginning, those two practitioners took studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts as a priority. Everything went well. But later, since they created several other materials sites, they were busy in teaching others the techniques and purchasing supplies. Finally, they studied the Fa less, and rarely sent forth righteous thoughts. As a result, the evil took advantage of them. Before they were arrested, Teacher reminded them with such hints as when they got water from well, the water bucket dropped into the well. Or, when they went out to purchase supplies, the production site had thousands of yuan stolen, and they lost a computer. When other practitioners discussed this problem during group Fa study, they didn't take it seriously. Thus, not long after, the place was destroyed and those two were arrested together.

3. There was a family materials production site. When I met the practitioner who was in charge of the site, I felt that he cultivated very diligently. Every day, he did lots of Dafa work and had limited time for rest. Later, I found he did lots of things for Dafa but his Fa study was very limited. Normally, he could only study one chapter of Zhuan Falun, rarely read other lectures or Teacher's new articles and rarely sent forth righteous thoughts, either. Sometimes, he even fell asleep when sending forth righteous thoughts. But he was responsible for purchasing supplies, machines and making truth-clarification materials for several material production sites in the area. Every week, he went out to distribute materials in the evening.

Before he was arrested, Teacher gave him hints: For example, the computer might not work or he couldn't connect to the printer and had to ask other practitioners to repair it three times, but still it didn't work. The practitioner who repaired the computer said that he hadn't faced this kind of situation before and felt that there must be some weakness in the fellow practitioner's cultivation. Maybe Teacher reminds us that we should not do this work now, and that we should adjust ourselves as soon as possible. After sharing together, they decided to stop this practitioner from making truth-clarification materials but instead coordinate the work of others. They wanted to make time for him to study the Fa and send forth more righteous thoughts. We three practitioners agreed. On the same evening, we transferred all the machines to another location. On the second day, we left.

But after one month, we heard that he was arrested. About 20 days after we left, he felt that everything seemed fine, and he moved the machines back. As a result, after he made truth-clarification materials for just one night, at 8:00 a.m. the next day, he was arrested. The computers, printers and truth-clarification materials were all taken away.

In reviewing the above events, it appears that these practitioners did many things for truth clarification, but studied the Fa very little and didn't take sending forth righteous thoughts seriously. They did not cultivate themselves well, so the evil took advantage of this situation to persecute them.

In every lecture, Teacher reminds us to take Fa study seriously and sending forth righteous thoughts as a priority. But when we are busy, we easily ignore the fundamental and most important things.

Only in studying the Fa well can we firmly believe Teacher and Dafa, so that as we cultivate, our every thought can be corrected based on the Fa. Thus, the evil cannot take advantage of us. But studying the Fa diligently is not for avoiding evil persecution and suffering fewer losses, because we can't cultivate by falling into the restrictions of the persecution. We firmly study the Fa well in order to clarify the truth well, persistently, and without interference. We completely deny the old forces' arrangements and accomplish our mission of saving sentient beings.