(Clearwisdom.net) The pure compassion and beauty of the righteous culture demonstrated by the Divine Performing Arts deeply touched people's souls. In the theater, the audience didn't try to cover their emotion and tears burst out.

The overseas Chinese man is touched by the Chinese culture on the stage in Korea. He said, "I asked for tissue from a lady sitting next to me."

Gentlemen often don't have tissues with them, so this one is using his jacket to wipe his tears

Watching carefully

Trying to hold back his tears

Due to pressure from the CCP, the theater in Korea had canceled the contract with the Divine Performing Arts. On April 24 and 25, the arts group finally landed in Korea. Its performances went beyond the politics and attracted many Koreans.

The photos show how much people were touched by the performances. Maybe only the song sung by Mr. Guan Guimin, "Finding Myself" can describe their feeling,

"So vast loomed this world, I knew not who I was
Oh how many lifetimes?--the number was a blur
Lost, no help in sight, only distress and pain
How weary, how weary, was this longing heart
In the dark of night I shed tears for all that has happened."

The gentlemen cried. The Korean ladies, who are famous for bravely facing the difficulties in the life, also could not hold back their tears in front of the pure beauty.

The older lady, who doesn't cry in difficult situations, sheds tears for the pure art

This lady cries from the beginning to the end of the show