(Clearwisdom.net) As a child, my health was bad. As I grew older, all kinds of diseases came up, such as an irregular heartbeat. Sometimes, it stopped four to five times per minute. Sometimes, there were only 40 beats per minute. Sometimes, it crazily beat 130 to 140 times per minute. My joints were swollen. During the night I did not know how to lie down to make my legs and lower back feel better. I lost sleep and had long-term headaches. Sometimes, I suddenly became faint. The tinnitus I experienced felt like a bomber aircraft on top of my head. The illnesses mentioned in all the drug advertisements I saw seemed to match the problems in my body. Hospitals could not cure them.

At that time I put all of my hope in qigong. I once learned six to seven types of qigong and did Taichi for several years. I spent a lot of energy, but it had little effect. When I was 50 years old, my health was very bad. Only after learning Falun Dafa did I realize that it was the result of not understanding the cultivation of the mind.

When I was looking for a good practice, someone told me: "Study Falun Gong! Learn the five exercises together. It is already the fourth day of the lecture series (Master was running the seventh series of classes in Beijing). Go to the next series of classes." I thought it after I went home: "No, I must go today!"

The moment I saw respected Teacher, His gentle facial features and merciful voice shocked my entire body and mind! Teacher often walked around before the class and during recess. There were always people asking for his autograph or explanations. Teacher always affably satisfied students' requests. I did not have the heart to disturb him, but my eyes always followed Teacher. When I attended the class at the beginning, because my head was sick, as soon as I listened to the class, I fell asleep. I felt it was not polite. However, I could not open my eyes because I was so sleepy. My heart understood because it knew the truth. I had obtained the Dafa that all beings longed for for a long time. I was lucky to see great Teacher.

I attended that series of classes three days late, so I missed the first three lectures. Later I attended the eighth series of classes Teacher held in Beijing, that is, the one held at the auditorium of the Yungang Aerospace Department (a seven-day class). I got a high fever after the first day's class. I continued to attend the lecture on the second day. When doing "holding the wheel in front of the head" of the second set of exercises, because the energy field was so strong and cleansed my body so thoroughly, I fainted suddenly. After someone patted my head, I awoke. Later on, someone told me that it was Master patting his disciple's head. At that moment, all of my diseases disappeared. That evening, I did not feel uncomfortable at all. On the third day, I, who did not ride a bicycle well, unexpectedly rode a bicycle almost one hour. I pedaled up three big slopes on the way. I felt light listening to the lecture. From then on, I felt that I was reborn. My entire body and mind greatly changed.

I attended seven series of classes, from the seventh to the thirteenth, in Beijing. I spent 40 yuan the first time and after that, it was 20 yuan each time, for a total of 160 yuan (about US$20 in total). So many media fabricated rumors saying Falun Gong amassed money. This was a false charge.

In the summer of 1993, it rained a lot in Beijing. We lived in the suburbs. No matter where the class was, all of us never used an umbrella. As long as we were on the way, the rain stopped. It rained when we were at home or in the class.

The 13th series of classes was in Changxindian 27 Locomotive Club. One day during the class, some water suddenly poured down on the first row. People in the front stood up to look around. It was not raining outside. There was no water pipe in the ceiling. Later on, I understood that it rained from another time-space. Perhaps Master was developing our minds, a perceptual knowledge of another space. Some people took pictures and made records during class recess. In order not to disturb others listening to the lecture, Master said many times not to take pictures or make recordings, otherwise the machine would stop working. Some people did not listen. As a result, some did not get pictures. Some tapes were ruined.

Teacher never drank water or wiped away sweat during the lecture. Every time, Teacher repeatedly adjusted the loudspeaker until the best effect was achieved. When Teacher performed big hand gestures or taught the movements, the staff always moved the table to a position making it easier for all of us to see clearly. Teacher often took the bus to and from the lecture hall. One day, a practitioner and his wife drove their minivan to pick up Teacher, but Teacher had already boarded a bus.

Teacher lived extremely thriftily, but He was extremely neat and elegant. During the entire summer in 1993, I saw Teacher wear only two white shirts, one long sleeve and another short sleeve. He wore an old pair of black leather shoes.

In order to let more people learn about Falun Gong, Teacher once took disciples to hold two consulting classes in a cafeteria at Changxindian Communication Factory and number 27 Factory and treated illness for people. The registration fee was ten yuan, and it would be refunded if there were no results. I watched the entire process of Teacher and His disciples treating illnesses at the Changxindian Communication Factory. Once they arrived in the cafeteria, practitioners put on the white coats they had brought for themselves and began to treat illness. People with serious illnesses wanted to see Teacher in person. The most impressionable one was a fat, tall and paralyzed old woman wearing a black, cotton-padded jacket. Teacher patted her whole body to enable her to move her arms and legs and then stood her up to walk. She said she cannot. Her children were all happy to say: "Mother, you can walk!" If her understanding was better, the effect would have been better.

I saw Teacher perspiring. Someone gave him a small towel, but Teacher didn't take the towel and instead wiped away the sweat with his white coat. They treated 50 to 60 people that day. They did not take time to drink water or take a rest.

They ate at the cafeteria. There were about 20 people sitting at two tables. The meal was only vegetables and the quantity was small. There was no soup or anything to drink, which was more thrifty than a common family's meal. The total bill was 112 yuan. After dinner, Teacher satisfied everybody's request and had pictures taken with all of them.

This is what I saw when our Teacher was promoting the Fa. Teacher's merciful voice and face were engraved in my mind forever, and they often reappear in my mind. I can never forget Teacher's infinite mercy, great tolerance, and consideration for others.