(Clearwisdom.net) More than 20 million people have withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and and its affiliated organizations; the evil CCP is on its last breath. Yet, there are people who are afraid of or are not willing to quit the CCP. I believe there are two main reasons for this. First, they mistakenly think the CCP is still strong and will survive for a long time. Second, they think the disintegration of the CCP will not affect them.

A Country's Survival Does not Depend on the Existence of One Specific Government

First, I believe that the demise of the CCP will not be determined by the apparent strength or power of the country, but whether people under its control know the truth.

Remember China's history, when Qin (one of the seven strong countries in the Warring States Period, 475-221 B.C.) defeated the six other countries. Although people were certain that it would survive "ten thousand generations," it survived only two generations. Qin was a very strong country. Its economy and military power were at its peak. But, when several hundred people revolted, the arrogant Qin was gone within two years. Why? The tyrannical government lost the heart of the people. The fate was determined on a divine level.

Also, what about Hitler's regime? Hitler's economic development was quite good and the country was not weak. The military power seemed to be without any challenge, but, within several short years the Nazis were gone. Thus, no matter what powerful position the country holds and how great its economy appears, this is not a yardstick of a government's survival. Following divine intervention and obtaining people's hearts is what counts.

"Those Who Submit to the Will of Heaven Prosper and Those who Resist Shall Perish." No One Can Escape Heaven's Decisions

Over the last century, there were more than ten communist countries worldwide. After the cold war between Russia and the United States was eliminated, only China, North Korea, Cuba, and Vietnam were left. The communist governments who no longer exist did not breathe their last breaths due to economic reasons or weak military forces. With no exception, all were eliminated because their people woke up. They no longer could be deceived, cheated and insulted. People's hearts are the one and only force that can overturn an evil power. It is just like the old Chinese proverb, "The water carries the boat, but it also can capsize the boat." No one can escape justice! "Those who submit to the will of heaven prosper, and those who resist shall perish." No exception will be made for the evil CCP.

The North Korean Communist Party can be used as an example to explain the situation in a negative way. Despite its terrible economic position or how the evil controls its people, it is still alive, although it should have been gone long ago. One of the reasons for its existence is that North Korean people can no longer recognize the evilness of the communist party - they have become numb. This is an example that shows why a country continues to exist although its government is evil beyond description. This also shows that how powerful a country is and its economic position are not the main reasons for a government's existence. The key is the people's hearts.

What the Evil is Most Afraid of - the Awakening of the People

It doesn't matter how rotten the CCP system is, how harsh the environment is, or how few natural resources the country has. None of this is a threat to the CCP's survival. CCP officials know clearly that after the long-term brainwashing of the Chinese people, they no longer can think for themselves. Their minds have a fixed concept, "All of the chaos is a part of economic development." The CCP officials believe that as long as the economy grows, people who seek only material comfort will ignore the lies and will be "satisfied." Thus, they can maintain control. The CCP officials also know very well that as soon as people begin to realize that the source of all disasters is actually the CCP regime, then the current economic problems will accelerate the CCP's collapse. As soon as the Chinese people treat the CCP as a poisonous tumor and tear it away from the body of the Chinese nation, the CCP will breathe its last breath. This is what gives the CCP nightmares. They are afraid of the Chinese people waking up.

The Weakness of "Strength"

Generally, a book is a teacher and does not frighten. But, the CCP regime, which has murdered 80 million Chinese people and turned children against parents and parents against children, is afraid of one book -- the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. They are petrified and thus forbid people to mention it or even criticize it. The CCP regime has never been challenged by something like this before. And no one could have foreseen it. But this is an indisputable fact!

So this forms a very "strange" situation. Those who do not really know the CCP think that the CCP is very strong. Those who understand the evilness of the CCP know that the CCP regime is very weak. It's so weak that it will collapse as soon as people know what it is.

Wealthy People's Worries

My second point is that people mistakenly think that the collapse of the CCP has nothing to do with them.

Germans joined the Nazi Party without many second thoughts. They probably wanted a job, and wanted to be rich or powerful. They did not think about killing. But after the Nazi Party was gone, people did not forgive its minions, although these individuals were most likely not directly responsible for the slaughter. Punishing these individual ex-Nazis was a way for people to vent their anger and express their will. They did not forgive those who took part in the inhuman slaughter - directly or indirectly!

When the CCP collapses, all Chinese people in the world will need to be certain that they are not connected to the CCP.

CCP Members Are Like Cancer Cells

The CCP machine has killed more than 80 million Chinese people. Its crimes are much larger than the crimes of the Nazis. The CCP opposes human nature. Once heaven punishes the criminal, people will understand that the CCP is the cause of China's disasters, and that it is a poisonous tumor. People will not allow it to exist. And every member will be treated as a cancer cell, and discarded by the human race.

What will each CCP member face at that time? Why not save yourself at this moment in time? Isn't quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations a way to do this?

Looking at it from another angle, if someone refuses to quit the CCP, doesn't it prove that this person is either a die-hard member of the CCP, or someone who hopes to benefit by affiliating himself with the CCP? They say they don't like the CCP and talk about how bad the CCP is, but they still choose to follow the CCP for fame and gain!

Don't Wait For The Sad Moment

I'm telling you, do not be tricked by how strong the CCP looks on the surface. It is now so weak that it could collapse on its own along with the awakening of the people and justice from heaven. Don't think that the collapse of the CCP will not affect you. If you do not cut your connection with it, what you will face is eternal regret, as you could be destroyed with it.

More than 20 million people have publicly announced that they quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Who knows when the final moment for the CCP will come? No one can ask heaven to wait forever.

Don't feel lucky that the CCP still exists despite more than 20 million having openly quit. Do not play with your own life! Think about it, as long as the CCP is still here, there is still an opportunity to escape. When its last day comes, it will be a day of celebration for those who escaped, and a day of regret for those who continued to follow it and who no longer have the opportunity to escape.

April 1, 2007