(Clearwisdom.net) I was fortunate to be able to attend Teacher's lectures in Jinan, Dalian, and Yanji in June and August of 1994. I would like to share a few personal experiences from those days, in the hope that those who read this will remember to treasure the miracles and splendor of Falun Dafa.

As soon as I attended the first lecture in Jinan, I had a strong feeling of familiarity with Teacher, which I could not explain. When some practitioners talked about deities and Buddhas with me on the way to the lecture hall, I remember having doubts about going because I was a member of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and an atheist who regarded these things as superstition. But I was also suffering tremendously from pancreatitis, chronic gastritis, cervical spine hyperplasia, a dislocated vertebrae, and had a motor disorder that caused me to tic uncontrollably at times. So I thought I would try my luck by attending the lectures.

On the second day of lectures in Jinan, Teacher said that although He did not cure diseases, He did cleanse the bodies of genuine practitioners. He then asked everyone to stand up, think of our illnesses, and stamp our feet. "Nobody should be in a hurry to be first," Teacher said. After I stomped my foot, all my physical pain disappeared in a flash! My body was so light that I felt as if I was floating in the air like a balloon. I was so moved that my eyes filled with tears. For the first time since I could remember, I experienced how wonderful it was to be illness-free. This experience validated the authenticity and supernormal power of Falun Dafa.

I later learned that the motor disorder I suffered from was caused by animal and spirit possession. It could not be cured after repeated doctor visits. When it was serious, I could not even walk and had to be carried upstairs on someone's back. It was an enormous burden on me and my family, and I almost lost the will to live. But during the lectures, Teacher removed it from me in an instant and I could even hear it screaming as it was destroyed. Everyone around me was astonished at the miraculous power of the Buddha Law.

After a few days of lectures in Jinan, my viewpoint on life drastically changed. Falun Dafa enabled me to understand why people are the way they are and the true meaning of life: to return to one's original, true self. All that had puzzled me for years had now become crystal clear. My happiness for attaining the Fa was indescribable.

During this time, there was an evaluation process at work to decide who would be promoted to chief investigator. In terms of my capability and effort, I thought I certainly deserved the promotion. When I wasn't chosen, I felt unfairly treated and could not understand. But after listening to Teacher's lectures I suddenly understood. Because the promotion was not part of my life and it did not belong to me, it would not come no matter how hard I pursued it. I had been so exhausted and ill as I pursued fame, gain, and emotional benefit before in my life, but now I had the fortune to attain Dafa and live in harmony!

There was another unforgettable experience at the lectures in Jinan. During the break, I was thinking about Teacher and wanted to get closer to Him but I could not find where He was. Then a person next to me told me that Teacher was right behind us. When I turned around I saw Teacher staring at me as if He knew exactly what I was thinking.

At the end of Teacher's lectures in Jinan, we were all reluctant to leave. Teacher agreed to have pictures taken with us when we asked. With thousands of people, Teacher proposed to have pictures taken by region. As Teacher raised his hand, thousands of people were spontaneously and quickly split into groups. Finally, we requested Teacher to take a separate picture with the practitioners who came from the remote countryside. Once again, He compassionately fulfilled our wishes. After the pictures were developed, we were astounded to find that in all the pictures, Teacher always appeared the tallest no matter who was present. At first I was puzzled, but later I realized that it was simply because Teacher was not an ordinary person.

As Teacher prepared to leave Jinan to give lectures in Dalian, He told everyone going to Dalian not to travel by airplane. Nobody understood it then, but the next day the weather unexpectedly turned foul and all flights were grounded. We realized that Teacher was helping us make it to Dalian on time.

In August 1994, I attended Teacher's lectures in Yanji where I once again I witnessed the miracles of Dafa. One day right before the lecture began, the sky suddenly turned black and ferocious wind, rain, hail and thunder came down. Trees where blown over and the streets were quickly flooded so no traffic could pass. Everyone was worried because it was about time for the lecture to begin and people had not yet arrived. But suddenly the weather returned to normal and everyone managed to arrive at the lecture hall on time. We knew it was Teacher that had stopped the evil interference.

At the end of the lectures in Yanji I had another divine experience that made me more firmly believe in Teacher and Dafa. Practitioners from my region made a silk banner to thank Teacher for His compassionate salvation. When we were presenting the banner to Teacher, He smiled, accepted it, and shook hands with each of us. There is a saying that "Buddha's hands are as soft as cotton." After shaking Teacher's hand I realized this was true. The warmth and compassion that I felt was indescribable. Ever since that moment, all remaining thoughts of atheism were gone completely.

After attending these lectures in 1994, I became determined to practice Falun Dafa. On the path to returning to my original, true self, I will continue to boldly and diligently forge ahead to follow Teacher towards consummation!