(Clearwisdom.net) At ten minutes before 8:00 a.m. on September 14, 1996, I was getting ready for work. Suddenly the phone rang. I answered the phone and then ran out. Another practitioner and I ran to the elevator entrance of Yunshan Hotel. The practitioner who had come with Master fetched us there.

The practitioner took us to Room 1103 to meet our great Master. Master smiled and shook hands with us. We were delighted. It was a most unforgettable event and one of the happiest moments of our lives. Following that, Master lectured to us on the Fa for one hour. Upon request by practitioners, he wrote a few words of encouragement for practitioners in Chengde: "Truly cultivate in Dafa, Reach Consummation some day."

Master inquired about the situation of the practice site in Chengde and after finishing the lecture he left. We did not even have the chance to offer drinking water to Master. The practitioners tried to ask Master to stay longer but Master said he was very busy and had no time.

Master talked about the general situation of Dafa at that time. He also talked about interference from the evil and how practitioners were to use righteous thoughts to handle the interferences. He talked about the deeper meaning behind the article,"Huge Exposure" in the book Essentials for Further Advancement. He also talked about how to study the Fa and spread the Fa. He mentioned that many practitioners in Chengde would reach Consummation in the future. Master even jokingly told an elderly practitioner who was there, "Why are you wearing a hat? Aren't you bald? Do you think nobody will know that you are bald if you wear a hat?" This practitioner smiled and immediately took off his hat. Another practitioner had injured his leg before and had difficulty sitting in the lotus position. He would endure the pain of sitting in the lotus position until the exercise ended. But when he was listening to Master's lecture at that time, he heard a crackling sound coming from his leg. He knew that it was Master adjusting and realigning his body for him. When he was in the same elevator as Master, this practitioner told Master about some problem in his back. When he was halfway through his explanation, he felt that it was not appropriate and was very embarrassed. At this time Master did not speak but just gave him a glance. The practitioner felt a strong, warm flow through his body. From then on, whenever this practitioner sits in the lotus position, he is able to sit comfortably. He no longer has to endure the pain when practicing the sitting meditation.

Besides this, everyone deeply felt that Master had helped us clean up other dimensions. We felt that the energy field at our practice site was very strong. The number of people who came to the Bishushanzhuang practice site increased. New practice sites were set up in the eight counties and three districts in Chengde City. We cultivate and spread the Fa using the methods taught by Master. In less than three years, the number of practitioners increased to between thirty and forty thousand people and laid the foundation for the Fa-rectification period.

January 21, 2007