(Clearwisdom.net), Ms. Zhang Hua, 44, is an employee of the Tongnan County Farm Machinery Company in Chongqing. Since Ms. Zhang began practicing Falun Dafa in 1996, she has followed the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and put the interests of others first. She is a kind person in the eyes of the public. After the persecution began on July 20, 1999, Zhang Liang, a leader of the Tongnan Security Team, arrested her several times. Ms. Zhang's home was also searched. She was imprisoned and held in a forced labor camp. Her husband could not withstand the pressure and divorced her; a happy family was broken apart.

On July 21, 2005 at around 6:00 a.m., Ms. Zhang went to the Jufeng building in Tongnan to visit her parents but was reported. At 12:10 p.m, Tongnan Security Team leader Zhang Liang, manager Li, Zhang Shimao and more than 10 police officers broke into her parents' house. The officers handcuffed Ms. Zhang and pulled her outside. She shouted loudly, "Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!" A crowd formed, so Ms. Zhang told them, "Look, the police are arresting a good person!" Someone asked, "Zhang Hua did not do anything bad, why are you arresting her?" When Zhang Liang saw so many witnesses, he got a taxi, hurriedly pushed Ms. Zhang into the vehicle, and went to Zhengxing Police Station.

Zhang Liang asked two people to monitor Ms. Zhang Hua. That night, Zhang Liang and his partners secretly transferred her to the County Detention Center. Zhang Liang instigated Gao Xiang, Luo Yonghong, Zhang Shimao, Li Hengyi, policeman Li, Qiu Chongyang, and about a dozen other officers to form a "special case group" to mentally torture Ms. Zhang in the detention center. About four or five groups took turns. Each group deceived her, threatened her, or did not allow her to sleep. In addition, they tried to force her to admit that she had hung up posters and distributed fliers. She didn't cooperate with them. Police officer Qiu Chongyang carried a cup of cold water and threw it in Ms. Zhang's face, swearing at her.

On July 26, Ms. Zhang started a hunger strike to protest the mental persecution that Zhang Liang and others imposed on her. They had not allowed her to sleep for ten days. On July 30, Ms. Zhang's life was in danger. Gao Xiang, the deputy team leader of the National Security Team, took her to the Tongnan County Hospital Clinic and cuffed both of her hands to the bed. Her whole body was locked to the bed and she was given an infusion. After the infusion, she was sent back to the detention center. After several days, she was taken to the hospital clinic again for another infusion. This was repeated again and again. More than twenty days later, Ms. Zhang appeared to be seriously dehydrated. Gao Xiang and others transferred her to the third story of the County Hospital Internal Medicine Department. They strictly blocked all news. She was completely guarded by the police and the armed police squadron and she did not have any contact with the outside.

Ms. Zhang was handcuffed to both sides of the bed and given infusions. Gao Xiang urged the nurse to force-feed Ms. Zhang when she appeared absent-minded. To make the force-feeding easier each time, they also inserted a feeding tube into her nostril and stomach. This caused her extreme pain. She pulled out the tube when Gao Xiang wasn't paying attention. When Gao discovered this, he hit her on the ear, then hit the right side of her face with his fist. He swore at her while beating her, and told the nurse to reinsert the tube. He pushed her head down hard on the bed and made the nurse insert the tube into her nose. They failed with the left nostril and then tried the right one. They tried many times until they succeeded. Ms. Zhang's nostrils were bleeding. Then Gao and the nurse inserted the tube into her stomach and wouldn't let her pull it out. The tube caused extreme pain in her stomach and abdomen. When the doctor saw this, he said, "Because she hasn't eaten for many days, only a little food can be given." In contrast, Gao Xiang held the injector and injected a lot of mineral water, causing her severe pain in her stomach and abdomen. It was so painful that Ms. Zhang vomited up all the water onto the bed and her clothes. She continued to refuse to eat anything, so the police called her father to come. When her father saw her, after not seeing her for a month, or ever so thin, he was worried and tried to persuade her, "You must eat! Otherwise you will die." He burst into tears and left. Ms. Zhang worried that her father could not withstand this serious attack and started to eat again after being without food for one month. The police sent her back to the detention center for further persecution.

In the first half of November, the Tongnan County Court issued a subpoena. When Ms. Zhang heard this news, she started a hunger strike again on November 18 to protest her long-term imprisonment and the trial. On November 22 at 9:30 a.m., there was an open hearing in Ms. Zhang's case; the court sent three people to take her to the trial. Because of the imprisonment and hunger strike, her body was seriously dehydrated and so weak that she could not even get up. Two criminal inmates carried her out. The guards at the detention center told the police, "She cannot walk." Unexpectedly, three court-appointed people said, "If she cannot walk, carry her." One officer carried her while the other two walked on each side; three people carried her into the car outside the detention center. When they were about to leave, the head of the court called to check on their progress. A police officer took the call and said, "I have never seen someone like this—she collapsed as soon as she was put into the car." The head said, "Then don't be in a hurry, let's discuss this first." After half an hour, the medical examiner came. After he checked her pulse, he said, "This woman is too weak to go to the court. Send her back." The court had to cancel the trial against Ms. Zhang. However, the officials still did not release her but sent her back to the detention center for further persecution.

On December 23, Ms. Zhang started another hunger strike to protest her imprisonment. After several days, the detention center asked Liu Tianfu, the clinic director of the County Hospital, and the nurse to insert a feeding tube in her nostril. Three male and three female criminals pushed Ms. Zhang to the ground. They pushed her head, hands and feet down so hard that she could not move at all. The nurse tried to insert a tube into her nostril again and again but failed. Both nostrils were bleeding. Ms. Zhang was transferred back to the County Hospital clinic office and her hands were cuffed to the sides of the bed. The head nurse Yang Juqing force-fed her. After receiving an injection, Ms. Zhang was sent back to the detention center.

After several days, the detention center called doctors and nurses to force-feed Ms. Zhang in room 101. They called two male and three female criminals to hold her down on the bed. The nurse asked a male criminal to cover her mouth to keep the tube from sliding out. Because he held her mouth too tight, she almost suffocated. They failed again and Ms. Zhang's nostrils started to bleed again.

In February 2006, the police station exerted pressure on the detention center to force-feed Ms. Zhang using whatever methods necessary. The officials wanted to detain her for a long time. Therefore, the detention center called the doctors and nurses from the County Hospital for a third time to force-feed her. Still, they failed and caused her nostrils to bleed. When Dr. Liu Tianfu left the detention center, he pointed his finger at Ms. Zhang and threatened, "I don't care if you do not eat. I will find a big tube to insert into your mouth tomorrow." Later they assigned a room specifically for force-feeding Ms. Zhang. They cuffed her hands and feet, securing her to the bed. Nurse Zhou Ying, who had worked at the blood station, injected Ms. Zhang for four or five days, and then stopped for a three- or four-day break. Because they continuously injected all kinds of unidentified substances (Note: all injections were assigned and blended by Liu Guanghai, who is the deputy director of the clinic office of Tongnan County Hospital), her eyes would always tear and were painful, her eyeballs were swollen, and she could not stand the light. Her legs were numb and sore. She also vomited, and had diarrhea, etc. Her body weight dropped to 55 lbs. from 143-154 lbs. She was nothing but skin and bones. When the police saw her, she hadn't had a single drop of water for 69 days and her life was in danger. In order to shirk responsibility, the police called Ms. Zhang's father and son to bail her out and await the trial.

On March 3, 2006, Ms. Zhang's father and son took her home from the detention center. Several days later, in order to avoid continuous persecution, Ms. Zhang, who was still very weak, felt compelled to leave home. After she left, the police frequently harassed her parents and son. On September 18, three people came from the National Security Team to her mother-in-law's family home in an attempt to arrest her.

On the morning of September 22, 2006, Ms. Zhang, Ding Hongmei and Fu Rufen went to Tongnan County Banzhu Township to clarify the truth. They were arrested as soon as they arrived at Zhang Jifang's home by officers from Xiaodu Township Police Station. Currently, Ms. Zhang Hua is being persecuted at Chongqing City Yongchuan Women's Prison.

Those who directly participated in the persecution:

Yin Jianzhong (male), Tongnan County Deputy Head and Police Department Chief: 86-23-44582001 (Office), 86-23-44556679 (Home), 86-13908348968 (Cell)

Li Mingxing (male), Police Department Political Head (in charge of persecuting Falun Gong): 86-23-44582003 (Office), 86-23-44552669 (Home), 86-13908354919 (Cell)

Zhang Liang (male), National Security Team Head: 86-23-44582011 (Office), 86-23-44552429 (Home), 86-13709428300 (Cell)

Gao Xiang (male), National Security Team Deputy Head: 86-23-44582048 (Office), 86-23-44567929 (Home), 86-13883778667 (Cell)

Zhang Shimao (male), National Security Team Political Head: 86-23-44582048 (Office), 86-23-44556219 (Home), 86-13072396999 (Cell), 86-23-44907079 (Cell)

Luo Yonghong (male), National Security Team Deputy Head: 86-23-44582048 (Office), 86-13983268567 (Cell), 86-23-44907513 (Cell)

Qiu Chongyang (male): Officer from Taian Police Station; he beat practitioners many times.

Taian Police Station: 86-23-44310333, 86-23-44310368

Zhou Qing, Head of Taian Police Station: 86-23-44906960 (Office), 86-23-44552678 (Home), 86-13883878999 (Cell)

Zhengxing Street Police Station: 86-23-44551745

Zheng Gang (male), Head of Zhengxing Street Police Station: 86-23-44563666 (Office), 86-23-44553999 (Home), 86-23-44901999 (Cell)

Xiaodu Township Police Station: 86-23-44270031

Zhang Zhou, Xiaodu Township Police Station Head, 86-23-44270031 (Office), 86-23-44270502 (Home), 86-13609428530 (Cell)

Tongnan County Hospital: 86-23-44551535

Liu Guanghai, vice-president of Tongnan County Hospital clinic office (note: Whenever practitioners went on hunger strike, this person provided drugs for force-feeding or injection. In 2003, he force-fed and injected Wu Yongmei with unidentified drugs. After this was exposed abroad and he received overseas phone calls, he said that he didn't persecute Wu Yongmei and that these phone calls harassed and framed him. However, at that time, he cooperated with the police in the detention center to slander Master and Dafa, and wanted to coordinate the police to find so-called "evidence" at Wu Yongmei's home.)

Liu Guanghai: 86-23-44563155 (Office), 86-23-44554793 (Home), 86-13500318508 (Cell)

Jing Jin (male), 610 Office Director: 86-23-44568610 (Office), 86-23-44566268 (Home), 86-13996083698 (Cell)