(Clearwisdom.net) For a long time, I had been governed by laziness and a desire for comfort, and I was not diligent in cultivation. As a result, the evil used my weakness and caused me to fall down. This was also Teacher's method of merciful enlightenment. It is exactly as Master said,

"At the mallet’s drumming one knows to be diligent

The Fa drum rouses those lost in confusion" ("Drum Tower", Hong Yin Vol. II)

Today, I will disclose my deeply hidden attachment, dissolve it, and get rid of it. It is not part of my original, true self. It is the demon characteristic that hinders me from moving forward. It should be eliminated in cultivation.

I used to do the Falun Dafa exercises at night and study the Fa in the morning. When I was doing the standing exercises, the desire for comfort arose—I had been busy for a whole day, so I decided I could stop exercising and just do a little bit of meditation. So I did not do the exercises. Then I thought about "studying the Fa for a while." Holding the book, I could not keep my eyes open after a couple pages. Then the attachment spoke again, "Go to bed earlier. Get up earlier to make up for it tomorrow." The next morning, I woke up and looked at the clock. It was really early. The attachment uttered, "Just lie there a little bit longer." I ended up lying there for a long time, but it felt like just a few minutes. Finally, I got up and regretted it deeply.

Just like that, I was governed by my attachment, taking one step forward, two steps backward, day after day. Just like that, it became an obstacle to my cultivation and hindered my doing the three things well.

Two days before starting this paper in the afternoon, I felt discomfort, like a severe cold. My arms and legs were weak. The cough was so bad that I felt like that my insides would jump out every time. I went home and found that my husband had a severe cold just like mine. He took some medicine and got an injection. I managed to cook for my husband and my child and then read them the Fa. After they went to sleep, I did the exercises and sent forth righteous thoughts. I thought that I would be all right the next day. The second day, I felt as sick as the day before, and I was not willing to get up. My sister and I had planned on visiting a relative, to clarify the truth and urge our relative to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. My sister came to pick me up. When she saw my condition, she said that it was interference. I realized that as well, but I was reluctant to get up even on the third day.

At noon, a practitioner brought me a copy of "Minghui Weekly." I felt ashamed at my below par actions when I read the experience sharing articles from fellow practitioners. For several years, while facing the disturbance from family or social pressure, I always thought that as a member of Dafa, I should shine a light even if it was dim or not as bright as others. Suddenly I realized that I should no longer be controlled by the old forces that made use of my laziness and desire for comfort. I wrote the attachment down immediately, exposed it, dissolved it, and got rid of it.

I knew that it was a merciful hint from Teacher. Thank you, Teacher. I will be of my true self, walk straight on the Fa-rectification path, and not disappoint Teacher's benevolent salvation. For the practitioners who have had similar experiences, please learn from my lesson.

I felt agile in mind and body after finishing this paper.

I look forward to comments. Heshi!