(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Wang Yuhong is a Falun Dafa practitioner from Jiamusi City in Heilongjiang Province. She has been illegally detained twice at Jiamusi City Forced Labor Camp over nearly six years. She only wants to be a good person and she believes in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance." She witnessed and experienced many criminal acts of tortures and lies at the Jiamusi City Forced Labor Camp.

She exercised her human rights in October 1999 by going to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. On her way to Beijing, she was arrested and returned to Jiamusi City for detention. A week later, 13 Falun Gong practitioners, including Ms. Wang, were tied up and put on "trial." Ms. Wang was sentenced to three years of forced labor camp. Some of the practitioners got only two-year sentences. She was taken to Jiamusi City Forced Labor Camp on November 13, 1999.

Falun Dafa practitioners are brutally persecuted and tortured at Jiamusi City Forced Labor Camp. They did forced labor for more than ten hours per day. They were only allowed to sleep three to four hours a night. Some practitioners saw what was printed on the bags of "food" they had to carry: it was chicken feed by 152,153 manufacturer. More than 30 people were given only a five-minute restroom break and many could not get their turns within the time limit.

Even under these conditions, the practitioners continued to study the Fa and do the Falun Gong exercises. Once the guards of the 7th unit snatched Teacher's lecture notes, so all the practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest. They retaliated by forcing the practitioners to stand still against the wall for a whole day without speaking. Then Zhao Tieshi, the female unit leader, and director Zheng Liyan organized doctors and guards to force feed the practitioners the next day. They were totally evil and inhumane. They mixed uncooked corn flour into strong salty water. The practitioners were dragged, one by one, to a special wooden frame and force-fed through a nose tube. One day the practitioners did group exercises together. That night Liu Hongguang gathered more than 10 guards to break into the 7th unit's female room at 11:30 p.m. like bandits. They beat all the practitioners with rubber sticks. Practitioner Ms. Song Xiuyun's arm was broken in the beating. Her arm and hand were so swollen that she could not move them for nearly two years. Ms. Fu Qiulian was first attacked in bed and then dragged to the floor. They continued to beat her until she could not move any more. Guard Zhang Xiaodan then put her back in bed.

We realized that the guards were criminals. We were beaten because we wanted to be good people. We could not stay there. On March 23, 2000, all the practitioners went on hunger strikes and demanded unconditional releases. Afterwards, all the practitioners were put into a "heavy discipline team."

Head director Guan Dejun and Xu Hengji, the director of the management department; all the guards; and all the prison doctors participated in the direct persecution of practitioners. Female guards and unit leaders watched the practitioners day and night. They force-fed practitioners through nasal tubes everyday. They used a mixture of a little bit of powdered milk, highly concentrated salt water, and some unknown drugs. If a practitioner refused to be force-fed, a guard would beat her with rubber clubs and then continue to force-feed her. If someone vomited, the guard would drag her back to be force-fed again. After being force-fed, they were forced to sit on the cold cement floor. No water or napkins were allowed. If someone could not sit up straight, the guards would beat her.

Every practitioners' stomach burned with unbearable pain and some vomited on their clothes. After their clothes dried, we could see the salt on them. Ms. Meng Qingmin was beaten unconscious during a force-feeding and sent to the hospital. Doctors said she would have died if she had arrived any later. Some practitioners were tortured so badly that they were almost unrecognizable. Their bodies were covered with bruises and their hair was pulled out. You could see it on the floor everywhere. Ms. Liu Guihua was beaten and electrically shocked. No untouched place could be found on her body.

The labor camp transferred all female practitioners, 20 days later, to south side rooms that used to hold the male prisoners. The north side was under construction to expand the prison. Practitioners were persecuted even more. Everyone on a hunger strike was placed in an isolated room. Their hands were fastened to either side of the bed and their feet were tied to the end of the bed. They were given no blanket or cover. April is a very cold month in northern China. The rooms in the forced labor camp were cold and moist. Mildew grew on the walls, as high as half a meter. It was so cold that it was hard for practitioners to sleep at night. The guards intentionally played broadcasts during the day very loudly. The police kept the force-feeding tubes in the noses of prisoners on hunger strike for three days, and while they used the bathroom. Ms. Liu Guihua was one of the most severely persecuted. Later the labor camp announced that the nose feeding tubes would not be removed until the hunger strike ended. Practitioners were forced to give up their hunger strikes over the next 23 days. They were forced to do military-style exercises from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., rain or shine, even the elderly.

A week later, they were doing work in workshops. The female unit leader, Liu Hongguang, would beat anyone that complained. Ms. Zhang Liyan was one of the ones beaten. They were forced to sit or squat on cold cement floors. Some practitioners were doing the exercises in the evening. They were beaten with rubber sticks and shocked by electric batons. The guard incited ordinary prisoners to beat and scold practitioners. A prisoner broke a broom as she was beating Ms. Sun Fengjie with it. Ms. Gao Qinghua was caught doing the exercises, so guard Jiang Jianan dragged her from the room into the hallway and used an electric baton on Ms. Gao's chest. One evening while practitioners were doing group exercises, Xu Hengji brought a group of guards with electric batons into the room. Xu asked Ms. Suo Lanying whether she was the leader of the group exercises. A practitioner from Harbin Wanjia Forced Labor Camp stood up and said, "It's not her." Immediately, Xu struck her head with the electric baton. Xu hit so hard that the head of the baton broke. Xu said, "The order from the higher officials say it's no problem to kill a few practitioners." Practitioner Ms. Ye Xiuhua was slugged in the face more than 10 times by unit leader Liu Hongguang for doing the exercises. She was also beaten by the guards from Unit 8, put in an isolation room, and was beaten almost everyday. Eventually, she became mentally disordered.

The forced labor camps use many persecution methods. The rooms are shared by four or five people and are very unpleasant. Only half of a wooden scoop of water is provided every morning. The toilet is inside the room and has no cover. The windows are kept shut even in the warm weather. The smell inside the rooms is terrible, and there is not enough oxygen. Everyday, some practitioner got fastened to the bedside, window, or metal chairs because she was caught doing the Falun Gong exercises. At the beginning, violence was used to make practitioners give up their beliefs. Later, they attempted to trick and deceive practitioners to achieve their purpose.

In May 2001, practitioner Ms. Fu Meilin completed her one-year sentence, plus an additional eight-month extension, but the labor camp did not release her. Instead, they subjected her to more tortures, because she was not yet "transformed." They let regular prisoners (non-practitioners) break window glass and then blamed the practitioners for it. Unit leader Liu Chunlan and a guard from the management department used this as an excuse to get Ms. Wang Yuhong and four other practitioners to the office. As soon as they entered the office, guard Li Xin slugged Ms. Wang Yuhong across the face and then separated the practitioners. Guard Yu Longjiang beat Ms. Wang with a rubber stick while the deputy director Chen Chunmei watched. Ms. Wang asked Chen Chunmei, "This guard is beating people in front of you. How come you don't do anything to stop him?" Chen said, "The management department has a higher rank than us. I can't control them." Liu Guifen, the director of the education department, came in and told the police to handcuff Ms. Wang. She kindly explained to them that the glass was not broken by practitioners. Anyone who persecutes good people will pay for what they have done. Xu Hengji, the director of management department, hit Ms. Wang on her head with his fist. They also used an electric baton to shock Ms. Wang's face repeatedly. Ms. Zhang Lianying, a practitioner and roommate of Ms. Wang's, said, "Guards can't beat people." The guards beat her, too. Guard Li Xin did these terrible beatings while directors Zhu Tiehong and Gong Dianpo and five or six other guards stood around and watched. None of them tried to stop Li Xin. Eventually, they restrained Ms. Wang on a bed, her head was numb from repeated electric shocks. She had almost no blood-pressure and lost consciousness. Even in this condition, guard Li Yongpo was at Ms. Wang's bedside lecturing her from transforming materials. Ms. Wang was sent back after 20 days.

The food in the labor camp was very bad. After they were exposed for using chicken-feed, they changed to flour, but it was moldy. Sometimes the whole bag of the floor was as hard as a rock. Practitioners coughed and their throats burned after eating steamed buns made from this flour. After practitioners complained and told director Liu Hongguang that moldy flour can cause cancer, Liu agreed to change it. The new flour was still moldy, but not as bad. After awhile it got worse again.

Ms. Wang Yuhong held a hunger strike for a year to protest such cruel persecution. Everyday prison doctors tube-fed her, once with unknown drugs. Soon Ms. Wang developed pustules on her body. Her body was so stiff and numb that she could not walk. She only weighed 34 kg. The labor camp refused to release her, even when she was in critical condition. Once they sent her to a hospital for a check-up. The doctor said Ms. Wang was critically ill and must remain in the hospital. The prison doctor talked to the doctor in the hospital., but they still took Ms. Wang back to the labor camp. Another time at a hospital, the prison doctor, Song Yan, first talked to the hospital doctors for a long time before checking on Ms. Wang. They said Ms. Wang was normal, although they couldn't even get a blood sample. Ms Wang was in a coma and still they wouldn't let her go.

Ms. Wang Yuhong was illegally detained in the Forced Labor Camp for three years. She was released and returned her mother's home. Five days later, Wang Huamin, a police officer from Jiamusi Qianjin Police Station, brought a group of police to arrest Ms. Wang. They searched the homes of Ms. Wang's mother and brothers. They failed to find her, as Ms. Wang became destitute and homeless.

Three months later Wang Huamin and a few other policemen arrested Ms. Wang Yuhong from a rented house. Two other practitioners were arrested at the same time. Ms. Wang was detained at the detention center for two months. Then she was sentenced to another three years at Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp. Ms. Wang was placed in the strict-law team. Practitioners were forced to sit on tiny stools from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and not allowed to stretch their legs. They were required to put their hands on their knees, keep their eyes open and mouths shut, like a piece of wood. Later, those practitioners, very weak from the tortures, were forced to do labor work.

In April 2003, guard Li Xiujin tortured Ms. Wang Yuhong by handcuffing her very tightly behind her back, because Ms. Wang refused to write what they wanted.

In March 2004, practitioners refused to line up and shout slogans as they were told. They were taken to Unit 8 for "strict-law." From 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. they sat on "small-stools." The team director wrote a banner that slandered Falun Gong and hung it on the wall. Guard Sun Limin said, "If you refuse to line up in the morning, I will write your Teacher's name on the ground and make you step on it." The next morning, February 29, the practitioners tore down the banner. Team leader Hong Wei led all the guards from the management department in an attack on everyone with electric batons. This included Ms. Wang Yuhong, who lost consciousness from electric shocks, and Zhang Lingde, a 68-year-old practitioner. They then hung practitioners by handcuffs.

In May 2004, the guards lost a CD that slandered Falun Dafa. They insisted Ms. Wang Yuhong took it. Team leader Wang Xiurong slammed his fist into Ms. Wang's face more than 10 times. At that time Ms. Wang was very weak and already could not take care of herself.

The end of March 2005, the forced labor camp orchestrated one more large-scale persecution of all Falun Gong practitioners. All practitioners refusing to sign the letters of "transformation," were beaten. The guards used rubber sticks and electric cattle prods and tortured them by using handcuffs to hang them up. Practitioners Ms. Li Shumei, Ms. Wang Qi, and Ms. Ma Xiaohua were tortured to the point that they could not take care of themselves. They were confined to their beds for three to four months afterward. Practitioner Ms. Yu Chunmei was hung from handcuffs and the guards shocked her face with cattle prods. Her face was swollen and damaged. Guards with boots kicked Ms. Bao Lixia while she was hanging by handcuffs. They used all kinds of methods to persecute practitioners.

January 18, 2007