(Clearwisdom.net) I started making telephone calls to clarify the truth after reading Master's 2000 article "Suffocate the Evil." When I rang the Masanjia Forced Labour Camp then, I trembled with rage. I even forgot to say what I had prepared beforehand. I could only remember shouting at them," Good deeds will be rewarded, evil will be punished, and it is only a matter of time!" I was thinking, "Let those evil-doers be punished, and they had better die soon!" I did not have any righteous thoughts, or compassion.

Later on I joined a telephone-calling group at our practice site in Campsie. I slowly gained more confidence. Making phone calls can not only shock the evil, but can also clarify the truth and help rescue many people.

Once I rang a member of the Political and Legal committee from Northeast China. He was initially wicked but did not hang up on me. So, for about an hour I explained to him why Jiang was persecuting Falun Gong, and the worldwide dissemination of Dafa. After a while he listened quietly and stopped making wicked comments.

The staff in some of the labor camps were wicked and would hang up on me all the time because I had started my first sentence with, "Stop persecuting Falun Gong." I rang again and started my second sentence, "There is an overseas international committee for investigating the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Any person involved in such crimes will be investigated." They hung up again. I rang up again and started my third sentence, "There is a list of evil-doers overseas; anyone that has participated in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners will be named. This list will include your address, gender and workplace and police administration numbers." After hearing that they were afraid and would ask hastily," Is my name on the list?" I replied, "I have not seen any reports about you, but you absolutely should not be involved in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners! You should protect them instead. You know they are good people. You can read Zhuan Falun yourself to see what Falun Gong is all about." In the end he said, "I think I understand it now."

While talking, I was sending forth righteous thoughts to clear the evil forces behind them.

On another occasion the head of the Public Security Bureau answered. As soon as I started my first sentence," Stop persecuting Falun Gong" he started to curse me as if he were out of control and then hung up. I rang him back straight away, but he didn't answer the phone; so I rang his mobile phone. I addressed him using his real name while talking to him. When he realized it was me again he was too scared to talk. I said, "Your name has been exposed in the overseas media! People all over the world know who you are and what you have done. You will be held responsible for your behavior as soon as this persecution ends. You still have a chance to repent; that is - atone for your crime by stopping the persecution and protecting Falun Gong practitioners. Otherwise you will be brought to justice. Please think of yourself and your family." As soon as he heard that, he hung up the phone.

Another time I also rang a team leader from the National Security whose despicable acts had been reported on the Minghui website. I rang his mobile phone and told him that the whole world was aware of his crimes, including the people he had illegally detained. He swore at me and hung up the phone, but I kept ringing. The fifth time he finally answered. I told him, "People in more than 20 countries have brought lawsuits against Jiang and Luo Gan; why do you want to follow them? As soon as this persecution ends, not only Chinese people but also the whole world will bring them to justice. Jiang and Luo have committed crimes against humanity; anyone who has been involved in this genocide will be brought to trial. Give yourself a chance for redemption." I added, "Time is running out, and large-scale withdrawals from the CCP will make the Chinese Communist Party fall apart; by then it will be too late for you to repent. Please think about it, and if you want to, I can help you to withdraw from the CCP." After I finished talking, he said, "Ok, I will think about it."

When I was making phone calls to China, as soon as I dialed a good number, I would continue to dial adjacent numbers by adding or subtracting one from a known phone number.

At the moment our main task is to promote the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and encourage three withdrawals. As soon as I contact them I politely ask them, "How are you?" And then I say I would only use two minutes to tell them about the wave of three withdrawals in China. Some people ask, "What are 'three withdrawals?" I would explain that they include the withdrawal from the Communist Party and its affiliated associations, including the Communist Youth League, the Red Guards, and the Young Pioneers. I also tell them that we would ensure their safety if they decide to do so. I also suggest using an alias to quit. Some people say yes and ask me if I wanted to be paid. I say no and tell them that they had bought themselves "life insurance" without having spent a cent.

These are the easy incidents; however, there have been some difficult ones. As soon as I get through, I politely greet them with "How are you" first and then proceed by asking if they have heard of "The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party." I mention that these booklets have sent shock waves throughout the country and abroad. When Hu Jintao read this book he was speechless because it reflects the objective truth from the facts. I also tell them the exact number of Chinese who have withdrawn so far. I then list the evil deeds the CCP has committed, including the slaughter of 80 million Chinese since 1949 to the recent crimes of organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners. I add that Heaven will maintain its order, and that no one can stop the demise of the CCP. Some people ask, "Is this a political movement?" I reply, "Moving away from the evil cult is moving away from politics. The most popular phrase now is 'quit the Party, ensure your safety'." As soon as people hear this they often say, "Ok, let's quit"

Once a young man answered the phone. I talked to him about the three withdrawals, the Nine Commentaries, the crimes of the wicked Party and then about Falun Gong. He quietly listened and said, "I want to withdraw." Because I could hear noises in the background I asked him whether other people were present. I asked him, "How many people are in this room?" He replied, Six people." So I asked whether I could speak to each of them. By the end everyone in the room had withdrawn except for one who had never had any association with the CCP to begin with; still, he sincerely listened to me when I clarified the truth to them.

As I came out of China after the persecution began, I have experienced first hand the perils of the persecution. Here in Australia we have so much freedom, so I treasure every moment of this free environment when I make phone calls to clarify the truth.

Just as Master states,

"As Dafa disciples clarify the truth
Sharp swords shoot forth from their mouths
Tearing open the rotten demons' lies
Lose no time and save them,
hurry up and tell them"

("Hurry Up And Tell them" in Hong Yin II, translation version A)

As the pace of the Fa Rectification rapidly progresses, the content of our phone conversations grow. Even though not every phone call is followed by immediate success, each call lays a foundation for fellow practitioners' phone calls; eventually we will achieve our goal. I think the more phone calls you make, the easier they get. As a Dafa disciple of the Fa Rectification period, my destiny is to save all sentient beings.

I always carry a sense of urgency, as I do not want to leave anyone unsaved. So I always look for opportunities, whether I am catching the train, bumping into Chinese people on the street, or eating out, I will try to initiate a conversation. So far I've managed to help at least one person a week. Most of my relatives and friends have already withdrawn from the CCP.

Encouraging the Chinese People with the Three Withdrawals in Tourist Spots

There are many Chinese tourists these days. As soon as we see them getting off the bus, fellow practitioners and I will greet them whith a smile by saying "How are you," and then we hand them truth clarifying materials. Most Chinese are serious and show no interest in us, some tourist guides would tell the tourists, "They are Falun Gong." I say, "Yes, we are Falun Gong practitioners, who are very concerned about our fellow countrymen. The Chinese media blocks information so it is fortunate that you are able to come to Australia.

If there are people walking by themselves, I whisper: "The most rewarding part of your trip is to learn that the heavens want to eliminate the CCP, amd that quitting it will ensure your safety." I also mention the exact number of people that have withdrawn so far and give examples, including the 26 people from the Beijing Central CCP Academy that made a group announcement to withdraw from the CCP, the navy officer who insisted on using his real name, as well as the 85-year-old man who asked his grandson to help him quit the CCP. I added that everyone treasures life; so you cannot enjoy your holiday here without it, so why not take this opportunity to quit the CCP.

Sometimes when I see two people together I say to them, "Please let me help you quit the CCP with an alias, one can be called XX, and the other YY." In these circumstances due to limited time we often have to chase them and talk to them at the same time.

On another occasion, after some tourists finished taking photos and were returning to their bus, I was able to catch up with one person and asked him to quit the CCP. He readily agreed. I then came to the front of the bus and proceeded with the rest of the people. None of them made known their position, so I got onto the bus. The bus driver did not say anything, so I made a speech asking, "Please, let me help you all quit the CCP." Some of them wanted to think about it, but after speaking to each of them one by one, in the end five people agreed to quit the Party. After I finished, I thanked them and wished them a nice trip, which they were all very delighted to hear.

On reflection, the journey of encouraging the three withdrawals is also a journey of cultivation. The experience of making phone calls in the past few years, from trembling with rage when ringing Masanjia at the beginning to calmly handling any verbal abuse, now I see that no matter how the other party conducted themselves, every phone call we make, every person we speak with, lays a foundation for clarifying the truth for fellow practitioners. So I sincerely hope practitioners will not be discouraged by external appearances, nor be led by the other party's manner or by their decisions to quit the Party or not. We don't necessarily count it as a success if the other party has withdrawn. Master once said: don't think poorly of your every single phone call. I hope our practitioners can all pick up their phone, make a few phone calls a day if time permits; if you are busy, make sure to make at least one phone call a day.

Let us work as one body, spread the Nine Commentaries widely and encourage the three withdrawals.