(Clearwisdom.net) I know two fellow practitioners with a similar problem. One has a husband who is against her doing cultivation practice and he even yells and beats her. Another practitioner's wife is against his doing cultivation practice and often starts a fight. These two practitioners both have very little communication with their family members. In fact, this has caused a kind of barrier. Such a barrier is artificially created due to their not treating themselves as practitioners in the process of improving their xinxing.

For example, the female practitioner talked about her husband's mental obstacles while the male practitioner complained about his wife having such a bad temper and such an introverted character. With such notions in their hearts, clarifying the truth to their spouses is like talking to people through a wall. How could there be any good effects? If we were truly compassionate towards others, we would not be complaining in our hearts. Really, why is it that your bad temper has still not changed?

We should look within ourselves unconditionally. When we cultivators have developed compassion that can melt steel, the barriers between our family members and us will disappear without a trace.

We cultivate within the complex environment of ordinary society, and at the same time, we save sentient beings. If we all go to a temple to cultivate, then we cannot broadly save sentient beings. When we cannot even put up with our family members for several days in a row, isn't it like we have put ourselves into a temple? When teacher lectures on the Fa, every practitioner always unconsciously melts into the compassionate energy field of Teacher and has not one bad thought. When we left the lecture hall, we felt as if our entire body had changed. We should also have such a compassionate interaction with our sentient beings. "Broadly shines a Buddha's light, Justly setting all things right" (Hong Yin).

This is my personal understanding. I ask fellow practitioners to write and share your understandings on this aspect so that we can all improve.