(Clearwisdom.net) Since October of this year, the Jiaozhou City 610 Office in Shandong Province has actively collaborated with the Chinese Communist Party. On October 1st National Day, one of the so-called "sensitive days" and the CCP's 17th Party Congress, they arrested Falun Gong practitioners Wei Cuixia, Liu Hong, Du Shanying, Hei Jianfeng, Li Shiying, Zhai Yingqiang and spouse, husband and wife in the He family, Li Xinfeng, Shen Yan, Liu Jinmei and others. The took the practitioners to police stations, detention centers, and forced labor camps to be brutally persecuted.

At around 3 p.m. on October 4, commanded by personnel with the Jiaozhou City 610 Office, more than 10 police officers surrounded Mr. Huang Yuqiang's home. Several officers broke down the door using hammers and rods and broke into his home. They had intended to arrest him, but he was not at home. The police brutally beat his wife, Du Shanying, and his son, Huang Bo, to try to force them to reveal Mr. Huang's whereabouts. Du Shanying was holding her one-year-old niece, when the police snatched the child and forced her into the arms of one of Huang Yuqiang's neighbors. Then they arrested Ms. Du Shanying and Huang Bo and took them to the Fu'an Police Station.

That same afternoon, the police interrogated Ms. Du and Huang Bo for information. They beat Ms. Du black and blue. The wound on her arm was as big as a softball. Her leg and hip had many swollen purple scars. Two policemen used a hard stick to push on her anklebone and rolled the stick back and forth.

As the police were resting, Ms. Du, who is nearly 60 years old, amazingly climbed over the tall wall and escaped from the police station at 3 o'clock in the morning. After she escaped, the police tortured her son to vent their anger. They locked him in a hard basket and tried to make them tell him where Ms. Du had gone. They locked him up for a month and only provided one steamed bun for each meal.

On October 1, Ms. Liu Hong was reported to the police when she distributed truth-clarifying materials at the Shuizhai New Village. Personnel from the 610 Office arrested her. On October 4, the 610 Office also commanded police to arrest practitioners Hei Jianfeng, Li Shiying, the Zhai Yingqiang couple, the He couple, Li Xinfeng, Shen Yan, Liu Jinmei, and others.

Police officers Wang Wenlong, Wan Xiaoning, and Zhang, used the soles of their shoes to hit the back of Ms. Li Shiying's head, causing many swollen bumps. They also handcuffed her. They pulled the handcuffs and dragged her around the room. The handcuffs dug deeply into her wrists, which bled non-stop. They also grabbed her by the hair and banged her head against the wall. Her hair was pulled out handful by handful. Her head was covered with blood and the white skin of her scalp was exposed. They also used a hard stick to press her anklebone and rolled it back and forth, just like they did to Ms. Du Shanying.

Ms. Li Shiying was beaten so badly that she was covered with blood. Her flesh stuck to her clothes, and they couldn't be removed. When her older sister went to the detention center to visit her, Ms. Li was already near death and her mind was unclear. When the police took Ms. Li to the Dashan Forced Labor Camp, all the guards were stunned. They said, "Even if she were a death row prisoner, you should not beat her like this!" The police from Jiaozhou City could not say a word. The forced labor camp did not accept her. The second time, policeman Wang Wenlong personally went to the forced labor camp to get Ms. Du Shanqing admitted. The forced labor camp still did not accept her. The labor camp said that they did not want to take the responsibility since Ms. Li Shiying was beaten so badly that she might die. Policeman Wang Wenlong claimed that he would accept responsibility if she should die at the labor camp. He also signed the transfer papers.

The police in Jiaozhou City found a telephone number after the word "Shen" when searching a practitioner's body. Then they arrested practitioner Shen Yan.

In the beginning of June 2007, the police arrested Mr. Liu Liang and threw him into a well, causing his death. Liu Jinmei, Mr. Liu Liang's aunt, questioned the authorities about his death. The director of the 610 Office, Wang Ronghai, heard about this and ordered the police to arrest Ms. Liu Jinmei, too.

Li Xinfeng, Shen Yan and Zhou Hui have been released. Wei Cuixia and Liu Hong were sentenced to forced labor. Liu Jinmei, Hei Jianfeng, and the He couple are still detained at the Dashan Forced Labor Camp. The whereabouts of Li Shiying and the Zhai Yingqiang couple are unknown.

Jiaozhou City 610 Office director Wang Ronghai, policemen Wang Wenlong and Wan Xiaoning, Police Department deputy director Wang Yong, and other police officers participated in the arrests and persecution of these and other Falun Gong practitioners.

Telephone numbers:

Wang Ronghai, the director of the Jiaozhou City 610 Office: 86-532-82288570 (Office), 86-532-87216717 (Home), 86-13361250666 (Cell phone)
Sun Dianhai, the deputy director of the Jiaozhou City 610 Office: 86-532-82280075 (Office), 86-532-87222077 (Home), 86-13954203978 (Cell phone)
Xue Yubin, the deputy director of the Jiaozhou City 610 Office: 86-532-82280075 (Office), 86-532-87220886 (Home), 86-13863965570 (Cell phone)