(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Gong in June 1996. Since the persecution began in 1999 I have been arrested over ten times by police from the 610 Office in Changchun City, Jilin Province, and tortured so severely that my life has been in danger several times. While blindfolded, I was twice transferred to the Jiaotong Hotel and another secret place near Jingyuetang even though I had been tortured so severely that I could not walk, and my life was in danger. I was monitored for a long period of time afterwards at home. Police at different levels and from different areas knocked on the door of my home and then ransacked my home and arrested me many times. I was watched over even outside my house, and as I left or returned home I was stopped many times and even arrested. Each time I was arrested it took several days for my family members to figure out when, where and by whom I was arrested and where I was detained. In late October 2000 I held a banner in Tiananmen Square to appeal for Falun Dafa, and I shouted "Falun Dafa is good." I was kicked and beaten by evil persons from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Tiananmen Square and detained at a new jail in Beijing. Since dozens of the arrested Falun Dafa practitioners did not reveal their names, several hours later we were moved out by bus. We were moved in a group of ten to another police department, and I took the opportunity to escape.

One day in late 2000, I was followed by local police officer Zhao Kai (from Xiwumalu Police Station of Nanguang District, Changchun City), Wang Liwen (from the first division of the police department in Changchun, who later died suddenly from illness) and Jiang (among others). They broke into my home and ransacked it. Because they found the book Zhuan Falun and Falun Gong truth-clarification materials, they cuffed my hands and took me away. After they brought me to the first division of the Changchun Police Department, they opened the door of a room and asked me if I knew any of the people inside. It was very cold in Changchun then and the heat was not turned on. I saw two fellow practitioners who were cuffed from behind and had been forced to sit on the floor overnight. Later a police officer named Zhang Sinan, from the first division of the Changchun Police Department cuffed my hands behind my back to a chair, and used a leather belt with a steel buckle to whip my head. They forced me to join my hands behind my back, with one going over my shoulder and the other coming up from the bottom. They kicked and punched me. They inserted beer bottles and Falun Dafa books between my hands and body to stretch my arms apart, making them feel as if they were broken, and causing unbearable pain. They tortured me from morning until evening. During that time I said to them that I needed to use the restroom, and a policeman about 20 years old and wearing glasses said maliciously, "Pee in your pants." I was detained for thirty seven days after being arrested that time. My workplace had me released on bail but I was no longer employed as assistant editor. Just before the 2000 Chinese New Year's Eve they attempted to detain me and force me to be brainwashed. My mother had passed away more than three months earlier and they took New Years as an excuse to detain me. There was another Falun Gong practitioner, who not long after his mother was detained, was arrested and sent to a brainwashing session. His paralyzed sister was left at home alone. After I ran away, I was forced to become homeless. Afterwards they fired me and I had to make a living with the help of friends and part time jobs.

In September 2001 police from the first division of Changchun Police Department rampantly arrested dozens of Falun Dafa practitioners, including me. I was tortured with electric batons and my arms were pulled behind my back for several consecutive nights. My skin was torn and bloody from head to foot. The police blindfolded us and took us to Jingyuetang in Changchun, where there was a dark den where evil persecutors abused Dafa practitioners. I heard miserable screaming from many rooms where Dafa practitioners were tortured. The police also often took Dafa practitioners outside and beat them late at night. They covered Dafa practitioners' eyes with a black cloth, lest they recognize the place where they had been persecuted. In March 2002 I paid a visit to Liu Haibo. After we chatted for ten minutes, the door was suddenly broken into (there was no knock and the door was locked). Approximately eight people rushed in and one person had a gun in his hand. He pointed his gun at us and said, "Don't move, what's your name?" Neither of us answered. They started beating us. One police officer found four hundred yuan in my pocket, and quickly put it in his pocket. Liu Haibo's wife had put her five-to-six year-old child to bed, and the child had awakened and was screaming. While beating us they dragged us to the living room, where they attempted to tied our hands, feet and mouths. We had not done anything wrong, so we refused to be tied. Three or four of them beat us and tried to tie us up, but after trying for ten minutes they failed. I found there was a puddle of blood near me. They had beaten my head and caused the bleeding.

Liu Haibo shouted, "Don't scare the child!" They finally managed to tie our hands and feet and dragged us outside the house. Because I was injured from the beating, it was hard for me to open my eyes and I closed my eyes. I had removed my jacket and shoes when entering the house, and they did not allow me to wear the jacket or shoes. They dragged me from the fifth floor to the first floor.

These evil persons took us to the Kuancheng District Police Department and put us in different rooms. They shocked us with electric batons and beat us with police clubs without any justification. To prevent me from struggling they put a bench on me and a person sat on it. Because the physical pain was unbearable, I instinctively struggled. "What's your name?" a voice asked. I did not answer. At that time they had already removed my pants and used a two foot electric baton to shock my private area, and then hit my lower legs, ankles and toes with wooden clubs. The strong electric current was very painful and intolerable. They tortured me with the electric baton and police clubs. I struggled from the pain and the officers sitting on me could not hold me down, so several more police officers came over. While they tortured me, every now and then there was someone who mopped the floor around me, as I was injured and bleeding.

Gradually I lost the strength to struggle. Then I heard a policeman in another room saying, "We are done," and "I am good at dealing with females." Obviously they arrested and tortured not only me but also Liu Haibo. Afterwards some police officers came from the other room said, "Liu Haibo's heart beat has stopped." I could only hear and understand, however I had lost my ability to struggle. They checked my pulse and my nose to see if I was alive, and after a while they used a small stick to touch my feet. I heard a voice, "Is this the municipal hospital? Send an ambulance to Kuancheng Police Department as soon as possible. We have a person named Liu Haibo whose heart has stopped beating." Later it was confirmed by police that Falun Gong practitioner Liu Haibo died that evening.

During the process of being tortured, I suddenly noticed my pupils enlarging. A policeman nearby me shouted to me: "Hey-hey!" as he pulled or pushed me. Then I found my pupils would come back to normal, like I was taking a nap and waking suddenly.

A police officer from Kuancheng Police Department told the police at the first division of Changchun Police Department about how I had been tortured, "His hipbones were twisted." I heard only this one sentence.

I was tortured this severely, but officers from the first division of Changchun Police Department once again covered my eyes and took me to a hotel on the mountain near Jingyuetang. In the first two days I was forced to sit on an iron chair, on the third day they began torturing me again.

That evening a policeman named Zhang Hang conducted an extremely inhumane torture on me. He shocked me simultaneously with two electric batons, focusing on my private area, while officer Wang lay on the bed and made no attempt to stop him. The electric batons ran out of power and he recharged them. I saw three long electric batons being recharged.

This policeman, Zhang Hang, shocked me whenever I moved a bit or slept. Even if I had sputum I was not allowed to spit it out, and I was forced to sing the national anthem, and to recite poems and idioms. When I was reciting idioms I said, "Good is rewarded with good and evil is met with evil." After he heard it, he shocked me with the electric batons. I do not remember how many times I was shocked. Each time he held two electric batons, one in each hand, and shocked me with both batons. He used one baton to shock me on my upper body, and the other to shock me from underneath the iron chair on my private parts. When I was in severe pain and lowered my head, he kicked my head.

I eventually lost consciousness, but before this occurred, when I was clear-minded I noticed that the iron chair I was sitting on was large enough me to change positions, while the chair I later sat on was smaller and there was no space for me to move. I do not know when or how the chair was changed. Additionally some flesh was cut on my lower legs, and red wounds were visible. When I washed my head later, blood immediately flowed out, and there were bruises on my face and mouth.

In early 2004 I was forcibly brainwashed at the notorious 610 brainwashing session (so-called the "Changchun City Legal Education Program") after which I was detained and bedridden for six months. I was detained in a room where there was dew on the wall and the bed covers were so damp that water could be squeezed out. They also took my family members to brainwashing sessions using the excuse that it would help me. Wang Ping from the 610 Office of the Changchun Police Department (first division, National Security Team) attempted to find something from me to win an honor. Wang Ping had previously poured cold water over my body and head, and burned my neck with a lighter (creating scars).

Recently, as the 2008 Olympics is approaching, the 610 Office instigated police and undercover officers to intensify their harassment and surveillance efforts towards my family and me. I have been arbitrarily stopped, searched and questioned. Police cars and undercover police have circled around my home. The CCP understands that I am a typical victim of Falun Dafa persecution, the CCP also realizes that I have the courage and ability to expose their crimes, plus I am also a direct witness to many of their atrocities. They tortured many Dafa practitioners to death, including Liu Haibo from Changchun. I was ambushed by a number of policemen on June 21, 2007. They knew that I received my passport and they wanted to force me to give it to them. They handcuffed me. The cuffs cut deep into my wrists and later became swollen. I was locked in a small room with the doors and windows closed shut, and I was searched. The room temperature reached 40° C (104° F) as they attempted to force me to hand over my passport, telling me that there were documents from above that forbid Falun Dafa practitioners from going abroad. They claimed that if I handed over the passport I could go home, and if I hid it somewhere they would escort me to find it. They later threatened me by saying, "Even if you go abroad, we can still get you back."

The CCP is extremely fearful of its crimes being exposed by Falun Gong practitioners going abroad. Thus, the police intensified their surveillance and I was in danger of being arrested at any time. In order to silence my voice they could harvest my organs and cremate my body to eliminate the evidence. Under such circumstances, without notifying any of my family members or relatives, I passed through a number of places and finally escaped from China with the help of heaven, and arrived in Bangkok, Thailand to apply for asylum.

I had many chronic illnesses in the past, and hospital treatment gave me little relief. After I read "Zhuan Falun" in 1996, I became illness free. The main elevation I experienced was in my mind. Also, I no longer competed for personal gain. I learned to forgive and forbear, to think of others first and often helped people quietly.

Jiang's regime began persecuting Falun Gong in July 1999. I have been arrested at my home many times. It often happened this way. I was arrested and in the meantime the police raided my home and found Zhuan Falun and other Falun Gong materials and used them as "evidence" of my "crimes." My workplace also pressured me to give up my belief, and attempted to brainwash me with thier so-called "Central Government Documentation" and the news media's confusion of right and wrong propaganda. Because I did not give up my beliefs and told them the facts of my improved health status after I practiced Dafa, the police and my workplace wanted me arrested.

From July 1999 until June 2007, I was arrested more than ten times, and my home has been raided countless times. In order to capture me, the police broke into my sister's and brother's homes at night. My mother, wife, daughter and my sisters and brother were terrorized by the nighttime break-ins and the brutal torture I suffered, and they developed different degrees of heart disease. When there is a loud knock at the door, their hearts race.

My mother previously had a healthy body, but after she witnessed her son being arrested, she could not tolerate the mental stress, and she was severely upset by her son's innocent name being misunderstood by neighbors. In October 2000, my mother had a sudden stroke and she passed away. Before she died, she was unable to speak but just held on tightly to my hands. In September 2001, I escaped to my elder sister's home after many days of brutal torture. She was dumbfounded to see me covered from head to toe with wounds and layers upon layers of scars. The police used electric batons to shock me all over my body, from the face to my extremities, to my private parts. They tightened the handcuffs which cut into my wrists, locked me onto an iron chair, smeared pepper on my wounds, and tortured me with "pulling arms" (hands are handcuffed behind the back and then raised and pulled with force until the hands are in the front still handcuffed. Many Dafa practitioners including Wang Liansu and Liu Yaqian passed out quickly due to the extreme pain of this torture, and they were drenched in sweat. This torture is extremely inhuman and terrifying. Many practitioners were pulled back and forth many times). I also suffered brutal beatings, and had cold water poured over my body. My head was covered with a steel bucket and then my head was beat, my head was covered the with a plastic bag, I was deprived of sleep for many days, burned with a cigarette lighter, chocked with smoke, force-fed alcohol, slapped on the face, etc. In March 2002, when my elder sister heard that I was arrested again, she was so shocked that she could not talk. She died suddenly the next day due to a heart attack. I was almost tortured to death that time.

During the many arrests, I was twice held over seven months, and I became a mere skeleton. My leg muscles were atrophied and did not have any sensation. I crawled out the first time, and my family members carried me out the second time. Because I kept practicing Falun Gong, I was able to rise from near death each time and I recovered quickly.

The perpetrators who tortured me mentally and physically include:
Changchun Public Security Bureau First Division (later changed to Nation Security Team):
Wang Liwen, Zhang Sinan, Li Shichang, Gao Peng, Wang Lidong, Zhang Hang, surnamed Jiang, surnamed Li and surnamed Wang.
Changchun No. 1 Detention Center: guard Guo Yi and prison doctor Guo. These two instigated the inmates to force-feed me, and I was nearly suffocated twice.

The perpetrators who persecuted me mentally and economically include:

Those who were directly responsible for having me fired from my job: Jilin Province Archives Bureau (now changed to Secret Bureau), former Director Liu Fenglou, former Deputy-Director Li Guizhong, former Secretary of the Party Committee Li Zhaohui, former office director Wang Zhixiao, former editor of "Lantai Neiwai" magazine Su Zhicheng. The current director of the Secret Bureau Xue Yun refused to reinstate me to my former position.

I witnessed Dafa practitioner Liu Haibo's death: In March 2002, Liu and I were arrested at the same time, and he was tortured to death within two hours. They stopped torturing me after his death. I was near death at the time.

I indirectly witnessed many Dafa practitioners who were persecuted to death, including Wang Kefei, Jiang Yong, Xu Shuxiang, Liu Chengjun, Yu Lixin, Li Qiu, Zou Benhui, Wang Shouhui,Liu Boyang, Zhang Guibiao, Ji Jingchang and many others.

I indirectly witnessed many Dafa practitioners who passed away under long-term high pressure terror tactics, including Wu Shulan, Zhang Lixin, Xin Changnian, Chen Jing couple, and an aunt who lived on Yataidajie.

A detailed account of my over ten arrests:

On July 21, 22, 1999, when I was appealing for Falun Dafa in Jilin Province Government, I was arrested three times, beaten and held. I escaped.

In September 1999, because I would not give up my beliefs, policemen Zhao Kai and Wang Gang from Xiwumalu Police Station arrested me and held me in Balibao Detention Center. My family bailed me out the next day.

In October 2000, I went to Beijing's Tiananmen Square to appeal for Falun Dafa. I was arrested, beaten and held. I later escaped.

In November 2000, my home was raided. I was arrested at home, held for thirty-seven days and later released.

In January 2001, I was arrested from my workplace. I escaped and became destitute and homeless for three and a half years.

In September 2001, I was arrested from a truth-clarifying materials production center. After many days and nights of torture I managed to escape.

In March 2002, I was arrested along with Liu Haibo, whom I was visiting. Liu was tortured to death within two hours, I was beaten to near-death. After seven months of detention, I escaped by crawling out.

In September 2003, I was arrested on the street while giving out truth-clarifying materials, and held in a detention center for over seven months. I became a mere skeleton; my leg muscles were atrophied and did not have any sensation. A family member carried me back home after I was released.

In January 2004, I was held in a brainwashing center. I developed scabies all over my body and was extremely miserable.

From April 2004 to June 2007, I was harassed over ten times at home.

On June 21, 2007, I was arrested at home because of the passport issue. I was released two hours later.

I will try my best to expose the CCP to the world, along with its detestable acts perpetrated behind people's backs. In the meantime I appeal to the international society to stop the atrocities committed by the CCP in persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners who believe in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," and to return the peaceful and quiet cultivation environment back to China.