(Clearwisdom.net) On August 28, 2007, officers from the Baoding City National Security Team in Hebei Province illegally arrested Falun Gong practitioner Liu Zhihui and searched the shop that he operated along with his business partners. They then sent him to a forced labor camp, in complete violation of the Chinese Constitution.

These officials, including Feng Yong, Li Chunjie, Liu Zhenchang, Wang Hongen, as well as those from Anguo City, including Xue Xian and Liu Jiantao, had kept Mr. Liu Zhihui under surveillance for a long time in order to extort money from him. On August 28, 2007, they took turns following him in six vehicles. To find out where they were from, Liu Zhihui's brother-in-law invited them to a dinner. When Liu Zhihui was paying the bill, the head of these policemen saw that Mr. Liu took out almost ten thousand yuan from his pocket. He attempted to extort the money and said, "Liu Zhihui is rich and we are poor. Liu will not be stingy." Liu Zhihui did not speak to him and put the rest of the money into his pocket. The plainclothes criminals got annoyed and began to search Liu Zhihui and his car, without showing any ID. The officers failed to find anything, so they took Liu Zhihui and his non-practitioner brother-in-law by force. They confiscated his car, the remaining cash of 8,960 yuan that Liu Zhihui was going to use to pay his client for business transactions, as well as his mobile phone and other items. These lawless officers also pried open the door of Liu Zhihui's van that was parked in a residential area and drove it away.

That evening, the policemen illegally searched Liu Zhihui's "Qinghua Arts and Sports Shop" that he operated with his business partners in Anguo City. They took away three computers, including one being repaired, 15 faulty printers including those being repaired and for resale, one new printer for sale and one study machine. They took 440 yuan from the cash register, and also five boxes of roller pens. An electric motor vehicle and a van were likewise confiscated. They did not provide a list of the confiscated items, and there was no witness to sign anything.

The following people have broken the law by their criminal behavior: Feng Yong, Li Chunjie, Liu Zhenchang and Wang Hongen from the Baoding City National Security Team, Xue Xian and Liu Jiantao from the Anguo City National Security Team. They have arrested people without showing a warrant or any other proof of identification. Furthermore, several of them held onto Liu Zhuihui's hand and made him provide his fingerprints under force, and they searched the premises without issuing a list of the confiscated items and getting a witness's signature; the confiscated items were for business use, including business money, pens and a charger for an electric motor vehicle. They forcibly opened the door of the van parked in front of the shop which belonged to clients and drove it away. They confiscated the money and vehicles without showing any legal permit, and even changed the date of their searching the shop from August 28 to August 3, as a person cannot be sent to forced labor without being detained for at least two weeks. On the forced labor notice they did not state the beginning date or ending date for the forced labor period; besides, the notice itself had been forged by the police. This is a case of police officers, who are trusted to protect the public from robbery, actually robbing law-abiding citizens.

The above-named policemen illegally followed and watched residents Liu Zhihui and Cui Hu, arrested, detained and sent them to forced labor without showing any identification or warrants. Such conduct has seriously violated Chinese citizens' personal freedom and has broken the law regarding illegal detention.

The police search of the "Qinghua Arts and Sports Shop," done in violation of the Chinese Constitution, and the confiscating of business items, constitutes illegal search and seizure and abuse of power.

The money that Feng Yong, Li Chunjie, Xue Xian, Liu Jiantao and others had stolen in all likelihood went into their own pockets. They also openly attempted to extort money, which also violates the law and constitutes robbery.

Phone numbers of relevant people in Anguo City:

Xue Xian, leader of the National Security Team: 86-13833003288, 86-13730171111, 86-312-3509878 (Home)

Liu Jiantao, chief of the 610 Office: 86-13903228536, 86-312-3552127
Liu Shengli, chief of the Anguo City Police Department: 86-312-3518989, 86-13673283188

Zang Guanjun, deputy chief of the Anguo City Police Department: 86-312-3566898, 86-13931366988

September 19, 2007