(Clearwisdom.net) I have read many amazing stories in "Minghui Weekly" (Clearwisdom Weekly) about resolving dangers encountered in Fa-validation with righteous thoughts and actions. I also recall quite a few such instances happening to the practitioners in my own workplace while they were doing the three things and following Master's Fa-rectification progress. Therefore, I wanted to compose an article concerning these stories. However, due to various mental obstacles I could not get started. I knew that if I did not write this article, I would be sorry to both our benevolent Master and fellow practitioners. Now I'm trying to break my mental obstacles and share the stories with others. My level is limited so please kindly correct me if there are inappropriate understandings.

Practitioners in our workplace have always worked well as one body. Doing the three things since the persecution began in 1999, we have shared experiences and studied the Fa together, distributed truth-clarification materials, clarified the truth, and helped people quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its associated organizations. We can work well as individuals or as an integrated body. We have cooperated with each other and done well. There are still some weaknesses in our cultivation, and we have found some loopholes in individual cultivation and encountered some dangerous situations. Fortunately, we have safely gotten through them by means of righteous thoughts from the entire body.

One morning in 2001, practitioner A gave some truth-clarification materials to a local vendor. When she left, the vendor reported her to the police. The police stopped practitioner A on her way back home. In 2002, practitioners B and C went to local villages to distribute materials. They were traced and arrested. Practitioners A and B were subjected to "transformation" effort by officials in their workplaces, but they used their righteous thoughts to protect themselves. When practitioners A and B were jailed, we always had practitioners visit them in an upright and aboveboard manner. We consoled them and encouraged them to walk out with righteous thoughts, and we also sent righteous thoughts for them. The guards on watch were confused. They couldn't understand why we weren't frightened. A man from the Public Security Bureau heard about this and commented, "In other work units, when one person was arrested, the others would be scared and wouldn't dare make themselves known to the policemen by visiting the arrested practitioners! I would like to check what kind of persons these people are." In the end, he did not get the chance to see any of us.

In autumn 2003, a practitioner was interfered with because she did not pay attention to sending righteous thoughts and having a clear mind. When she went out to distribute truth-clarification materials, she was arrested. Her work unit took her back and confined her in a small room. When the other practitioners heard about this, they immediately informed everyone to send righteous thoughts every hour. At that moment her mind cleared, so she did not cooperate with the authorities and refused to ask her family to pay a "fine" of ten thousand yuan, and did not sign the interrogation record. Instead, when she got the chance, she sent righteous thoughts and clarified the truth to the police. They decided to send her to a brainwashing center three days later. The night after she was arrested, a blast of pain awoke her and she asked the guard watching her to open the door and let her go to the restroom. From the moment she was arrested, she knew that she could never followed their arrangement and had to get out. On the way back from the restroom, she checked the surrounding environment. The wall was too high for her to climb. She had to return to the guard post, but then she found that the door was open and there was nobody in the courtyard outside. She suddenly realized that Master was helping her to leave, and she left without hesitation. Another practitioner said, "At that time, 12 o'clock, I was sending forth righteous thoughts when I saw through my celestial eye that the door was open, so I asked her to quickly leave." These miracles are from the benevolent protection and care of Master and the power of righteous thoughts from other practitioners.

This July, people from the Public Security Bureau and the 610 Office came to my workplace and deceived a practitioner into entering the security section in order to arrest him and take him away. They sent him to a brainwashing center. All the practitioners intensively sent righteous thoughts together. Practitioners who were from other workplaces and lived close to the brainwashing center sent righteous thoughts in close proximity. This practitioner firmly maintained his faith and never cooperated with the evil, even protesting with a hunger strike. Some practitioners saw the evil being eliminated and dissolve into a black liquid and fall to the ground like large rain drops. It is true that the powerful field of righteous thoughts will defeat the evil. The practitioner was released on the afternoon of the eighth day.

There are quite a few similar examples. For instance, practitioner A's younger sister was arrested and sentenced to three years in Wangcun Forced Labor Camp. Practitioner A and her husband sent righteous thoughts every hour each day. Her sister was jailed for twenty days and was eventually released from the labor camp.

The following are some other true stories I would like to share.

In the spring of 2003, practitioner D and others went to a village to distribute truth-clarification materials. It was safe most of time. There was no barking of dogs as they distributed materials throughout more than half of the village, and D walked to a family's housing compound and put materials into the courtyard. At this moment, a big dog rushed out and bit her leg. She was not scared and immediately sent righteous thoughts. The dog barked weakly and opened its mouth, and then lowered its head and walked back into the courtyard. She touched her leg and found her leg was not wounded. There was not even a tooth print on it even though the bite had left a wet stain on her pants leg. She left safely and continued to distribute the truth-clarification materials.

Another time D went to distribute truth-clarification materials, she found a high-profile location to put up a truth-clarification poster. As she carefully attached the poster, a man came up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder. Her reaction was fast. She immediately turned around with her right hand up, sending forth righteous thoughts. The man was surprised and ran away.

There were two fights between righteousness and evil in the autumn of 2005. The authorities brought a lot of evil poems and paintings that attacked Master and Dafa, and then attached them to the wall of a building which was two meters high and thirteen meters long. The practitioners anxiously discussed how to eliminate this onslaught and stop these materials from poisoning people. At 11 o'clock at night, a practitioner went to the wall. There was still some traffic at that time as he began to remove the offensive materials. The paper was thick and hard to remove. At the beginning, he used his nails to peel it off. But with more and more paper off, he could remove them faster and faster. He knew that Master was strengthening and helping him. He felt so happy that he forgot the fact that he was tired. After cleaning off the evil poems and paintings, he checked the time and found that it only took half an hour.

The authorities did not acknowledge their defeat. Less than two weeks later, they placed the evil paintings into more than eighty large frames and laid them along the sidewalk. Many pedestrians stopped to look at them. Practitioners went and clarified the truth to the onlookers face to face. Some practitioners clarified the truth to the people who managed the exhibit and others distributed truth-clarification materials. It became a good place to clarify the truth. After learning the truth, many quickly left to avoid being poisoned. The authorities saw that they could not achieve their goal, and had to quickly wrap up. It was thus proven that evil cannot defeat righteousness.

There are two more recent stories. A male practitioner was heavily attached to fear after the persecution began, and even gave up cultivation. But he knew that Dafa is good and returned to the path of cultivation and Fa-rectification. To compensate the loss, he diligently studied the Fa, practiced the exercises, clarified the truth, and distributed the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. One summer day, he was pouring boiling water into a jar, but the pot was so hot that he could not hold it. The boiling water poured onto his feet but he did not feel pain, and he suddenly realized that Master was protecting him. He excitedly told his wife that Master took a tribulation for me. He checked his feet and found no discolorations or wounds.

There is another story about a female practitioner. While cleaning the streets, she felt dizzy twice but paid it no attention. After she finished and returned home, she painfully laid on the couch, feeling dizzy and nauseous. She could hear the noises in her skull, but she still wondered, "What did I not do well? What is the evil using to persecute me? I could loudly ask for help from Master and say that you are not worth persecuting me. I will not follow your arrangement. I only follow our Master's arrangement'." She remained for 10 minutes this way, until she gradually recovered. Then she sat up and sent righteous thoughts. When her son returned home from work, he could see from her face that she was unwell, so he checked her pulse and said, "How come I cannot find your pulse? Let us go see the doctor now." She answered, "Practitioners are different from ordinary people. How can you touch my pulse? Take it easy. I will be OK in a while." She fully recovered by the next morning.

We have enlightened from these occurrences that on the path of cultivation and Fa-rectification, if we trust and follow the Fa, bear the responsibility of saving sentient beings, and maintain righteous thoughts when facing troubles, Master will protect, take care of, and guide us at all times. Master said that practitioners' righteous thoughts have great power. Righteous thoughts sent either by a group or by individuals or even spontaneously will manifest divine power and effectively press and dissolve the evil, minimizing the persecution. Righteous thoughts are a powerful weapon and a divine treasure that Master gave us to help fellow practitioners, save sentient beings and save ourselves. Let us diligently study the Fa, send righteous thoughts and take every step well during this final stage of Fa-rectification, so that Master does not have to worry too much for us.