(Clearwisdom.net) Some Falun Dafa practitioners and many well-known people of conscience who condemn the cruelty of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), often refer to the "CCP's persecution of the Chinese people" as "the CCP persecuting its own people." Actually, this type of thinking has been produced by the party culture and has polluted Chinese culture.

Within the human world, the CCP is a vile group. It was created out in the cosmos to play its role in the great drama unfolding in the world today. In the lower-level dimensions it appears as an evil, red dragon which corresponds to all layers of the old forces. It does their bidding, trying to destroy sentient beings throughout the cosmos.

The majority of the Chinese people represent sentient beings from all layers of cosmos. They have come to assimilate to Dafa, "Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance," and have the great mission of saving the various layers of the cosmos.

So, the Chinese people who outwardly display righteousness are completely different from the evil force that the CCP represents. The Chinese people are not the CCP's "own people". They never will be!

For the fifty years of the CCP's totalitarian rule, it has had control over the Chinese people and has forced them to call it their father. It shamelessly considers the Chinese people its own people. Through constant indoctrination, the Chinese people's minds have become infused with the poisonous factors of the party culture. However, due to the sweeping impact of the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" and the tide of withdrawing from the CCP and its affiliated organizations, the Chinese people are continuously being cleansed of the party culture's poisonous factors. The CCP culture is disintegrating soon. However, even those who quit the CCP and expose its evil nature are still accustomed to thinking of "the CCP" and "the Chinese people" as synonymous. When they expose the criminal activities of the CCP, they still have some clouded thoughts, such as: "the CCP even holds its own people hostage" and "the CCP shows no mercy in persecuting its own people." They do not realize that this state of mind is a demonstration of classic CCP poisonous factors which have become so deeply embedded in people's minds. It has occurred because of the thought processes created by the party culture.

During the wave of dissolving party culture, if we still consider "Chinese people" as synonymous with "the CCP's own people", it is a certainty that the CCP will be re-energized; and, the time until the CCP exhales its last breath will be extended.

We should completely separate the concepts of "Chinese people" from "the CCP", and remove it from the core of our being. Thus, we will completely remove the poisonous factors of the evil CCP party culture.