(Clearwisdom.net) I started to practice Falun Dafa in 1994. On that night I was reading China Falun Gong till 11 p.m. and was not willing to put it down until relatives urged me to go to sleep. That night, though I didn't finish the book, I realized that this is a book from heaven. It talked about the principles of the universe, and it shook my body and soul.

One morning several days later when I was still in bed, my mind was very clear, somebody said to me: "You came to this world to assimilate to Dafa." I turned my body. The voice repeated: "You came to assimilate to Dafa." After I got up, I realized that the voice must have been Master's.

Two months after I had started to practice Falun Gong, Master held classes in Guangzhou. I said to myself that I must go and see Master. I somehow got a free return ticket from Guangzhou. I knew that Master had arranged everything.

On the morning of December 21, 1994, when doing the standing stance in the hotel room, I felt the Falun turning for the first time. It was spinning on my chest like a wheel rolling on a bumpy mountain road with noisy sounds. It turned six times clockwise and six times counter-clockwise. I was not surprised but very excited nonetheless. About one minute later the Falun disappeared.

At 7 p.m. that night, Master came to the lecture hall. I was so excited and moved. Master said: "Some students didn't see me but they have gotten Faluns." I was one of them. Master said: "If you just get a Falun, it may not turn 9 times." Master also said: "Though there are four or five thousand people in the hall, I am not optimistic as to how many of you can really cultivate to completion." I thought to myself that I must become one of those who do cultivate to completion. Master then said: "I have explained the Fa principles to a very high level." I thought that however high Master explained the Fa principles, I would believe them.

Every word and every Fa principle Master said imprinted in my mind. I listened intently to Master without any distracting thoughts. The entire lecture hall was full of compassion and great harmony. Many people didn't have tickets but they still waited outside the hall and didn't want to leave, though the class had already started. So an additional hall was opened. Students came from all over the country, including Xinjiang and the North East. Some came to Guangzhou well ahead of time. They spent all their money, so other students helped them voluntarily. Misplaced valuables like gold chains and watches were handed to Master and students went to claim them without being checked. In such an environment where everyone's moral standard was high, nobody was surprised by the lost-and-found incidents, and every thing happened naturally.

Master began to lecture at 7:30 p.m. every evening, but he arrived at the hall at 7:00 p.m. to answer students' questions. We were longing to go to the hall and listen to Master's lectures at the moment we opened our eyes every morning.

I stayed in the same room with a practitioner whose husband was a retired cardre. She said to me: "My husband saw a lot of scenes in other dimensions. The entire hall was full of Faluns and Master's law bodies." On the bus to our hotel, I saw the old man, and he was so happy and used both hands to imitate the movements of the sitting meditation. I could see that he had become young again and was happy like a child.

In the hall Master asked students to stand up and think of one illness. Master said loudly "One, Two, Three" and all the students stomped their feet. Master raised one hand and grabbed something in the air and threw it on the ground. The noise of students' stomping shook the heaven and earth. With such a simple movement, Master cured an illness for each of the some five thousand students.

The next day when I was practicing the fifth exercise in the hotel, I felt a stream of cold qi coming out of an acupuncture point on my right foot. I knew Master was adjusting and purifying my body.

To save students money, Master condensed the originally ten-day lecture into eight days. When the last class ended, we gave Master a long, enthusiastic, standing ovation. With tears in our eyes, we reluctantly left the Guangzhou Sports Stadium.

On the flight back home I was still in a mood of great happiness. I felt like a new person. My body and mind had undergone a great change. My perspective on the world changed. I knew how to treasure my life, and why I came to this world. I knew that I had found the true Master and the thing that I had been searching for.

Looking from the plane window, I saw colorful clouds escorting me home. Master's voice in lectures resounded in my ears. Other practitioners shared their experiences. I felt I was the luckiest person in the world.

To save sentient beings in the cosmos, Master has borne much for and given much to his students. Master spent every cent he earned from the lectures on Dafa. Master said that the money shouldn't be embezzled. Wherever Master went, he always lodged in the cheapest hotel and ate only instant noodles. Whenever I recall this, I am moved to tears.

I have experienced in my cultivation many of the phenomena Master talked about in the Fa. Master's every sentence is a truth, and every sentence contains Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. His every sentence is for saving sentient beings and for helping his students cultivate to consummation.

I often feel that Master is right beside me. When I am puzzled, Master gives me hints. When I am attached to something, Master criticizes me through other students' mouths. When I go through tribulations, Master looks after me. When I have strong righteous thoughts, everything will change and the Falun in my lower abdomen turns faster. When I enlighten to a Fa principle, Master increases my gong, and my whole body gets a warm shiver.

Words in this world can never accurately describe our predestined relationship with Master. Only genuine students can experience it in diligent cultivation.