(Clearwisdom.net) In late May of 2006, Jinzhou City Forced Labor Camp, located in China's Liaoning Province, began a new round of intensified persecution in an attempt to "transform" Falun Gong practitioners, kindhearted people dedicated to the principles of Truth, Compassion, Forbearance. They are putting drugs in the food that cause abnormalities in the bodies of the practitioners. They continue brutal torture using torture instruments, handcuffs, various versions of hanging a person up, interrogation, threats, and various mental and physical abuses.

The following practitioners are known to be experiencing intensified severe torture: Mr. Zhan Zhigang; Mr. Song Dechun; Mr. Li Lianjun; Mr. Liu Wei (from Huludao City; Liaoning Province); Mr. Qi Mingli; Mr. Liu Quanwang (from Nanpiao City of Liaoning Province); Mr. Weng Hongjun; Mr. Zhang Pengyu (from Heishan City of Liaoning Province); Mr. Miao Jianguo; Mr. Gong Yanming (from Fuxin City of Liaoning Province); Mr. Li Yong (from Linghai City of Liaoning Province); Mr. Liu Cheng (from Yixian City of Liaoning Province); Mr. Jiao Lin (from Benxi City of Liaoning Province); Mr. Hu Shaowei (from Huludao City),and Mr. Shao Minggang.

Mr. Zhan Zhigang, Mr. Song Dechun and Mr. Li Lianjun have been singled out for ongoing torture continuously day and night, even now. Their lives are in great danger.

Mr. Li Lianjun, a Falun Gong practitioner from Linghai City, is severely tortured every day. Practitioner Mr. Qi Mingli had his leg broken during a beating two years ago. He is now handicapped and has almost completely lost his eyesight. Practitioners Mr. Zhang Pengyun, Mr. Weng Hongjun and Mr. Liu Quanwang are tortured from 4:30 am to 9:00 pm every day, causing deteriorating health conditions. The following practitioners also had permanent injury caused by torture: Mr. Li Yong, Mr. Shao Minggang, Mr. Hu Shaowei, Mr. Liu Wei, Mr. Jiao Lin, and Mr. Liu Cheng. Mr. Liu Cheng is being illegally imprisoned beyond his forced-labor term.

The principal tormentors are Director Mr. Zhang Haiping, Division head Mr. Bai Jinlong of the Second Group, Mr. Li Songqin, Mr. Zhang Chunfeng, Mr. Yang Tinglun, Mr. Mu Jinsheng, Mr. Zhang Jiabin, Mr. Du Yuanjiang and Political Instructor Mr. Li Songtao. Guards also instructed inmates Mr. Guo Shaobei, Mr. Sun Jigang, Mr. Wang Wuting, Mr. Wang Chuan, Mr. Li Dongdong and Mr. Guo Weibin to beat the Dafa practitioners mercilessly. These guards also tortured Dafa practitioners in the past: Mr. Zhang Haiping, Mr. Li Fenglin, Mr. Jin Fuli, Mr. Bai Jinlong, Mr. Yang Tinlun and Mr. Zhang Chunfeng.

These are the facts regarding Jinzhou City Forced Labor Camp, where Dafa practitioners have been brutally tortured since 1999. Please pay attention to these cases. Although overseas media have exposed the crimes of these above people several times, they continue to torture Dafa practitioners daily under orders of the Chinese Communist Party.

1. My Experience of Being Arrested and Persecuted

Police from the Jinzhou City State Security Bureau, the National Security Brigade (610 Office) and maybe the Police Department arrested me at home at around 6:30 am on May 1st, 2004. They beat me to the ground, violently cuffed my hands and tied my legs up with wire. Their beating caused injuries to my left knee and left many scars on my hands. They covered my head to keep my identity from public view on the way to the Jinzhou City State Security Bureau. The rooms there were decorated to look like hotel rooms. I was tied to a chair and interrogated by policeman Mr. Shi, but I refused to answer. He searched my clothes and pocketed the 450 Yuan he found. I began a hunger strike in protest of this violent treatment. People from the Police Department came to interrogate me, too. They beat me when I refused to cooperate with them.

I was sent to the Jinzhou City First Detention Center on the evening of May 2, 2006. I shouted, "Falun Dafa is Good" when leaving the State Security Bureau. Several policemen and Mr. Shi hit my head viciously. They ransacked my home and took a laptop, a desktop computer, three laser printers, three inkjet printers, Dafa books and a large amount of paper and materials. They also arrested my fiancee and her mother. We planned to marry in May 2006.

At the First Detention Center, I refused to wear prison clothing, but the inmates dressed me by force. The guards instructed the inmates to force feed me with salty water that had sugar and powdered milk added to it. The guard Xing ordered the inmates to beat me because I would not talk. By May 5th, police officer Mr. Shi and people from the State Security Bueau sent me and some other inmates to the City Central Hospital for forced feeding, as we were close to death. I shouted, "Falun Dafa is good" at the hospital and was beaten. Policemen Mr. Li Xiejiang and Mr. Sun Zhi’an from the National Security Brigade interrogated me. I refused to cooperate with them, so they beat me and used torture instruments on me. One brutal torture method that is extremely painful is called "Carrying a Sword on the Back." At that time I shouted, "Master please save me." Then they stopped that torture. I reported their crimes to the Director of the First Detention Center, but was ignored.

At 8 a.m. on May 9, 2006, Mr. Shi from the State Security Bureau and others cuffed my hands behind my back, put shackles on my feet and sent me to Fushun City in Luotai Village, Liaoning Province for brainwashing. I shouted, "Falun Dafa is good" at the toll booth at the highway entrance. They beat me again and threatened me, "We will beat big holes in your ear, if you ever shout again."

I was extremely weak and was breathing with great difficulty when I arrived in Fushun City at around noon. I saw Fushun City State Security Bureau people, Wujiabao Forced Labor Camp guard Mr. Wu Wei and several former practitioners that have since turned against Dafa. I was sent to the Fushun City Third Hospital the evening of May 9, 2006, because I was in a critical condition. The hospital force-fed me and did a blood test. The result indicated that I was in great danger. So, the doctors recommended a hospital stay for me, but Mr. Li Guiwen from the State Security Bureau and policeman Mr. Hong took me back to Luotai Village.

After I agreed to medical treatment and resumed eating on May 12, 2006, they took me back to the Jinzhou City Affiliated Hospital early on the morning of May 13, 2006. The State Security Bureau had two people monitor me around the clock.

Mr. Li Hongwen, Mr. Hong and Mr. Song from the State Security Bureau sent me to Linghai City Detention Center the evening of May 19, 2006, because I refused to talk and answer roll call. I was scolded and beaten by the guard in charge of newly arrived detainees. Mr. Li Hongwen and Mr. Hong interrogated me twice. I was taken to Linghai City Hospital to check my leg wounds on May 31st. Linghai City Hospital took an X-ray and CT scan on bad equipment, which did not show any problem. They recommended taking me to Jinzhou City Hospital for a thorough check, but Mr. Hong from the State Security Bureau did not listen to them. Instead, he asked the doctors to issue a statement claiming that I was in good condition. The doctor refused.

So, Linghai Detention Center and the National Security Bureau transferred me to the Jinzhou City Taihe Police Station. On June 10, 2006, the police from Taihe Police Station lied, saying they took me to the hospital, but actually sent me to the Jinzhou City Forced Labor Camp for three years of forced labor education instead.

2. I Was Tortured at the Jinzhou City Forced Labor Camp

At the New Arrival Division, I refused to have a haircut, so the guards ordered inmates to cut my hair. I refused to wear their vest, so they cuffed me to an iron chair for 24 hours. My legs swelled up so much that I could not stand or feel my hands and feet. Next, they cuffed my hands at the back and forced me to sit on a large bed, while two inmates monitored me.

I refused to wear their vest again on July 2nd. They then cuffed me to the iron chair and beat me. I shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" The inmates who beat me were Mr. Chen Changbin, Mr. An Desheng and Mr. Zu Jibing. They used a very dirty rope to gag my mouth. They did not allow me to sleep for 4 days. I was cuffed to the iron chair or the leg of the bed frame with a picture of Teacher under me for added insult.

I shouted "Falun Dafa is good" to cuffed practitioner Mr. Jia Jingwen when they released me from confinement the afternoon of July 5, 2006. Mr. Chen beat me until my nose bled. Then, inmates Mr. Chen Qiang and Mr. Liu Qiang from the Second Division took me to the third floor to beat me for refusing to answer their questions. I was taken to the Second Building for "strict management" the evening of July 5, 2006. They forced me to wear the vest, cuffed my hands to the headboard of the bed and forced me to sit on a small stool wearing a so called safety hat. I was forced to get up at 5 am and could not sleep until 9 pm everyday. About two weeks later, they took the handcuffs and safety hat off me.

In late August, I started to develop scabies due to the bad conditions and was unable to sleep during the night. Around September 15, 2006, the guards started a program called, "attack the fort." The Management Section and New Arrival Division tried to transform me through brainwashing. My hands were cuffed to the sides of my body, a "safety hat" was put on my head, earphones playing Dafa-slandering material were put on my ears and I was not allowed to sleep. Those evildoers also pinched my ribs and struck me with sticks and fists. I started to hunger strike to protest this persecution. Mr. Shi Zhenshan force fed me the first time, Mr. Sun Li the second time. Mr. Chen Changbin purposely put a lot of salt into the water when he force fed me. My cries of pain from this torture could be heard from quite a distance away in the building.

Most viciously, they put Teacher’s picture in my crotch and then on my face. They used a fake "Death Certificate for Mr. Wang Lin (a practitioner)" to threaten me and induce me to give up Falun Gong. Mr. Liu Xingjiang from the Management Section told me fiercely, "You must transform whether you want to or not." The main tormentors in this forced transformation process were Mr. Chen Changbin (from Yixian City), Mr. Yin Mingde (from Taihe District of Liaoning Province), Mr. Wang Tao (from Liupanshui City of Guizhou Province) and Mr. Sun Guoze (from Taihe District).

On September 24, 2006, attempts to transform me stopped due to the severity of my scabies infestation. They were very itchy, but I could do nothing with my hands cuffed. I was kept at the New Arrival Division strict management area, cuffed to the bed all the time and forced to wear the safety hat. I cooperated with them to treat my scabies during this time. I was taken to the Number 205 Hospital and Affiliated Hospital three times. Every time I was diagnosed with a different illness. The forced labor camp was supposed to cover the medical expense, but the Second Division asked me to sign an I.O.U telling outsiders that the Division collected money from its members to treat my illness. I was forced to sign three I.O.U.s for a total of 900 Yuan. Now I declare that all those I.O.U.s are void. Hospitals were not able to heal my scabies and I am still tortured by it now. I requested to sit under the sun, but Mr. Li Fenglin said, "If you don’t transform, you won’t be allowed to sit under the sun."

Three Dafa practitioners were transferred here from Huludao City Forced Labor Camp on February 4, 2005. I was taken to the Third Division for strict management. I was forced to sit on a small stool. I was not allowed to close my eyes, which caused damage to my eyesight. My feet became very cold from lying on the floor for so long. The Division Head had inmates scold and beat me during this time.

My family filed for medical leave when they heard of my illness in October 2005. The Jinzhou City Judicial Bureau inquired about my situation. Not only did the forced labor camp not reply to their inquiry, but in collusion with the police station – they arrested my mother-in-law. I heard about this on November 18, 2005, and started a hunger strike to protest the persecution of my family members. On November 21, 2005, they started to force feed me. Myself and several other practitioners continued to resist and the force feeding was stopped. They sent me to the Central Hospital on November 25, 2006. The doctor recommended a hospital stay, but they did not listen. Instead, they brought in some doctors from the Police Hospital of the Petroleum and Chemical Department to give me some shots and force feed me twice a day. Mr. Shi Zhenshan was directly involved in this and kept putting more pressure on me. When I wasn’t cuffed to the bed, I was forced to sit on a small stool. Inmates beat me and guard Mr. Yang Tinglun would slap my face arbitrarily. Office Manager Mr. Tian of the Director’s Office and inmates Mr. Sun Jigang were present. Mr. Bai Jinlong scolded me during my hunger strike, trying to weaken my determination.

Several practitioners stopped their hunger strikes on December 11, 2005, but I still continued. They took me back to the old building to force-feed me. Mr. Yang Tinglun insulted me and slapped my face. Inmates Mr. Liu Yanjun (from Jinzhou City) and Mr. Tian Chengbin (from Linghai City) were present. I was forced to stop my hunger strike to avoid more severe torture. They took me back to the Second Division. On December 12, 2005, they secretly took me to the old building to try to force transform me, again. I started a new hunger strike. I was taken back to the Second Division because I had a high temperature that night. The tormentors were Mr. Li Songtao, Mr. Mu Jinsheng, inmate Mr. Guoqing (from Linghai City, Liaoning Province) and a guy called Lao Hei. They used the same torture methods and made me watch a video tape that slandered Dafa. They stopped torturing me, because my high temperature continued and I was very weak. Dafa practitioner Mr. Liu Quanwang (from Nanpiao City) was also taken there to be "transformed" at the same time. On December 13, 2005, I started eating. Around the 2006 New Year, they took me to the Hospital of the Petroleum and Chemical Department to check my eyesight. I am still being strictly managed.

We Falun Gong practitioners, who believe in "Truthfulness, Benevolence and, Forbearance," are treated savagely by the Jinzhou City Forced Labor Camp personnel. Our basic human rights and life values are stripped. We face the danger of being tortured to death – a Dafa practitioner Mr. Shi Zhongyan was beaten to death earlier.

Here, I appeal to international society to pay attention to the Jinzhou City Forced Labor Camp and thoroughly investigate its crimes, condemn the CCP dictator’s brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners and demand their quick release. .

Jinzhou City Forced Labor Camp:

Political Instructor 86-416-4575190
Division Head of the First Division 86-416-4575001
Division Head of the Second Division 86-416-4575193
Division Head of the Third Division 86-416-4575003
Division Head of the Fifth Division 86-416-4575010, 86-416-4575189
Division Head of the Sixth Division 86-416-4575015
Division Head of the Seventh Division 86-416-4575026

Director of the Jinzhou City Forced Labor Camp: Mr. Zhang Haiping
Political Commissar: Mr. Jin Fuli
Deputy Directors: Mr. Feng Zhenwu, Mr. Yu Haibin, Mr. Zhou Changjiang (in charge of persecuting Falun Gong)
Secretary of the Party Discipline Inspection Section: Mr. Guan Erjia
Section Chief of the Management Section: Mr. Liu Guangjiang, Deputy Chief: Mr. Niu Jirao
Section Chief of the Education Section: Mr. Chen Ligang, Deputy Chief: Mr. Li Houyu
Section Chief of Production Section: Mr. Tian Qingshan, Deputy Chief: Mr. Deng Jie
Section Chief of the Entrance and Exit Education Section: Mr. Ma Yong (he was once the Division Head of the Second Division)
The Division Head of the Second Division (Primarily responsible for persecuting Falun Gong): Mr. Bai Jinlong
Deputy Division Heads: Mr. Yang Tinglun, Mr. Zhang Chunfeng
Political Instructor: Mr. Li Songtao
Guards: Mr. Zhang Jiabin, Mr. Han Jianjun, Mr. Du Yuanjiang, Mr. Zhao Yongsheng, Mr. He Yinglin, Mr. Mu Jinsheng, Mr. Xu Shuo

The First Division: Mr. Li Bing, Mr. Shang Yuhai
The Third Division: Mr. Song Zhigang
New Arrival Division: Mr. Li Tao, Mr. Zhu Jun, Mr. Quan Feng
The Fifth Division: Mr. Zhao Gang, Mr. Zhou Ye, Mr. Guo Mancang
The Seventh Division: Mr. Li Jun, Mr. Li Ping
Inmates of the Second Division: Mr. Chen Liang, Mr. Li Gang, Mr. Wang Wuting, Mr. Yu Chaoguo, Mr. Liu Quan, Mr. Guo Weibin, Mr. Fan Yuancai, Mr. Luo Wenhong, Mr. Bai Yu, Mr. Guo Shaobei, Mr. Zhang Peng, Mr. Wang Chuan