(Clearwisdom.net) On August 5, 1994, I was fortunate to attend a Falun Gong lecture at the Hockey Stadium of Harbin City and personally listen to Master's lectures. Those are days I will never forget. I finally realized the meaning of life and learnt the true purpose of living. I knew this was the practice that I had been searching for. From that day, I began serious and diligent cultivation.

The lectures were held for eight days. There were four or five thousand people in attendance. Master usually taught from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The assistants brought along by Master would then teach us one of the exercises, under Master's guidance. Master was very patient and explained the exercise movements to us step by step. Master was very punctual, both at the start and end of the classes. He especially emphasized the importance of our xinxing levels.

In our first lesson, Master walked into the stadium at exactly 6:00 p.m. There was a huge round of applause. When I first met Master, I felt he was very amiable. I cried without knowing why. I enjoyed listening to Master's lecture the more I listened to it. I felt like a person that was dying of thirst, suddenly receiving fresh water. The joy and excitement was beyond description. After a while, I felt an enormous pressure to sleep. I hated myself for not making every effort to stay awake. I was afraid that if I slept, I would be unable to clearly listen to Master's lectures. But later on, Master said that (not original words) some people have illnesses in their brain and that they will not be able to stand it if their brain is treated when they are awake. So I allowed myself to sleep, but I could still hear Master's words. Master then started treating our bodies. Master first treated half of the practitioners in the stadium. Master asked everybody to stomp at the same time. At the beginning, practitioners did not stomp together. Master laughed and said to stomp neatly again. (Pa! There was only one sound.) After my side of the practitioners stomped, I felt a chill. I felt cold air bursting out from my body. A while later, I felt my whole body become itchy and hot. The lump that I had always felt suppressing my lungs for years was released. The relief was so comfortable. I felt like I had been released after a long suffocation. I was released from many years of illness. Unknowingly, I cried again. My human side at the time only knew that Master had purified my body for me. I was happy for that. But after continuously studying the Fa and cultivating, I understood that Master had eliminated a mountain-high amount of karma that I had accumulated in my current life and past lives.

Humans cannot comprehend the difficulty of Master's Fa-rectification and how much suffering Master has endured. It cannot be described in words.

On the last day of the lectures, Master walked around the stadium. He walked slowly. Sometimes, Master raised one hand. Some practitioners would then say, "Master gave us good things." Upon saying that, tears appeared in my colleague's eyes. I looked at her. She asked, "Did you see the Falun?" I said no. She said, "I saw Master waving his hands. A ray of light shot at me and I started crying. Under the light, snowflake-like Falun fell onto everybody. The Faluns were swirling. Some were big and some were small. The small ones were getting bigger and the big ones were getting smaller." I was genuinely happy for her. I said, "You saw the truth, isn't that worth shedding some tears?" I knew Master had given us Falun because I could feel the movement in my lower abdomen. The sensation of movement lasted for a few days.

The lectures ended. I felt unwilling to leave Master.

After writing this recollection, I appreciate even more Master's suffering, and appreciate Master's benevolence all the more. I feel more encouraged to do the three things and walk the final path of Fa-rectification well.