Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Wang Xiadong was carrying water for his mother on the morning of March 11, 2006, when agents from the Huadian City National Security Division, in conjunction with three other policemen, arrested him. The persecutors arrived in a white car. They beat Wang Xiadong, and then pulled him into the vehicle and took him away.

Mr. Wang was detained first in a closed metal room at Huadian City Police Department's National Security Division (since 2001, this metal room has been used especially for persecuting Dafa practitioners). Almost all Dafa practitioners previously arrested in Huadian had suffered there.

The police also went to Wang Xiaodong's home and ransacked it. They threw Wang Xiaodong's things everywhere and asked Wang Xiaodong's mother, "Where did you hide the stuff?" Wang Xiaodong's mother replied, "What are you talking about?" The police found nothing, so they took her with them. The police asked Wang Xiaodong's neighbor to sign a witness paper.

Though they took Wang Xiaodong's mother, she did not provide them with any useful information, so they had to release her.

The next day, four policemen went to Wang Xiaodong's home once again. Because his mother was not at home, they kicked in a window and broke into the house. Again, they found nothing. Muddy footprints were left on the bed and in the room.

Later that evening, the police once again knocked on the door of Wang Xiaodong's home. After they got in, they shouted at his mother, "Where is that old tape recorder?" The mother questioned them, "Every family has old tape recorders. Do you want to use it to harm my son?" The wicked police threatened, "In spite of you being in your 60s, we can still make you disappear!"

While all of this was happening to his mother at home, back at the police station the persecutors were torturing Wang Xiaodong in hopes of extracting a confession.

The police tied up Wang Xiaodong upside down onto a metal chair for 24 hours. His arms were handcuffed behind his back. He was forced to wear a rubber-lined metal helmet that was buckled onto his head. The helmet was a torture device. The torturers hit the helmet with a stick. According to the police, "This kind of excruciating treatment can shake the eyeballs out." Wang Xiaodong, in spite of this excruciating pain, asked the police officer, "Who are you?" The police officer surnamed Guan answered, "I am a hatchet man." Wang Xiaodong remained unmoved and kept on telling them the facts about Falun Gong. Seeing that they could not achieve their goal, the torturers forced some oil down his throat and hung him up. To avoid leaving scars, one torturer wrapped his hand with flax. Later, Wang Xiaodong was transferred to the Huadian City Detention Center. After the excruciating torture, Wang Xiaodong was unable to freely move his shoulder and elbow.

Wang Xiaodong kept conducting a hunger strike at the detention center to protest the persecution. The police brutally force-fed him. Now, Wang Xiaodong's life is in danger.

Huadian City Detention Center agents continuously persecuted Dafa practitioners who went on hunger strikes. The persecution team was led primarily by prison doctor Li (male, over 50 years old), deputy head Liu, and nurses in the Huadian City Steel and Iron Hospital.

After Wang Xiaodong's arrest, his mother appealed many times to the Huadian City Police Department. At first, Yu Jinji refused to see Wang Xiaodong's mother. They told her to go away. One day Wang Xiaodong's mother finally saw Yu Jinji and had the chance to ask him to release her son.

Yu Jinji said, "What I say does not count." Wang's mother replied, "You arrested my son; how come what you say does not count?"

Yu Jinji tried to have her thrown out. She said, "I will not go until you release my son. Xiaodong and I depend on each other for a living. You have already tortured my other son and sentenced him to prison for 12 years. Now you came to torture this son!"

When someone was around, Yu Jinji pretended to be concerned and said, "Then I will give you the basic insurance." Wang Xiaodong's mother said, "Don't talk about insurance. No matter how much money you give, it cannot be exchanged for my son."

When nobody was around, Yu Jinji became vicious. He said, "Go away immediately! Don't you know what's good for you? Were it not for you being a senior citizen, you would not be permitted go back either." Wang Xiaodong's mother said, "Then you can sentence me, too. I don't have anyone to take care of me anyway."

Later on, Wang Xiaodong's mother went to Huadian City Police Department to ask for her son back again. Yu Jinji scoffed at her, "Bring me 10 million yuan and I will release your son!" He added by saying, "The only solution is to make your son criticize Falun Gong." Wang Xiaodong's mother asked Yu Jinji, "How could you use excruciating methods to torture my son?" Yu Jinji said, "What excruciating methods?"

610 Office head Zhou Jian and others insulted Wang Xiaodong's mother. Wang Xiaodong's mother filed a lawsuit against the police department with the procurator, who dodged it among themselves and then handed the lawsuit to the 610 Office. 610 Office agents then started tailing Wang Xiaodong's mother. To avoid further persecution, she decided to leave her home. Every bureau that executed the law in Huadian colluded with each other. They did not try to solve the problem, but used surveillance to monitor her. They threatened her and traced information and people to find out who helped her write the lawsuit, who went online for her, who she contacted, etc.

Wang Xiaodong's mother now has no way to appeal. The police would arrive within five minutes if she consulted an attorney.

Yu Jinji is the former Huadian Police Station local officer. When the CCP escalated the persecution of Falun Gong in 2001, Yu Jinji was transferred to the police station's National Security Division as its leader. Almost all of the Dafa practitioners in Huadian have suffered miserable persecution under his orders.

Huadian City 610 Office: 86-432-6225505

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