(Clearwisdom.net) When some Falun Gong practitioners clarify the truth, validate the Fa and save sentient beings, they are abducted and persecuted by the police. When reporting such persecution cases on the internet, the local practitioners should pay attention not to disclose the personal information of the practitioners who were persecuted.

For example, there was an article published on the Minghui website that reported about how a fellow practitioner was abducted and persecuted. The local practitioner who wrote the article disclosed that this practitioner used to be one of the main coordinators for the local area, and also disclosed when this practitioner became homeless to avoid persecution, when he started to clarify the truth, when he and some fellow practitioners were surrounded and arrested, where and how he escaped with righteous thoughts etc. Actually, all these details should be known to only a few practitioners for reference purposes and should only be shared internally among practitioners so they can better cooperate in the tasks of exposing the persecution. Such details should not be disclosed publicly. The police initially did not know of these facts. But as a result of practitioners' disclosing too much unnecessary information while reporting on persecution cases, the police learned of these details and escalated their persecution of our fellow practitioners.

This is a lesson that we should learn from. When we are reporting persecution cases, we need to pay attention to how to state the facts clearly, while also protecting our fellow practitioners.

Furthermore, I would like to remind everyone to pay attention to another matter: On the Minghui website there are a series of specialized articles. These articles talk about how the practitioners in China can do the work of reporting well. Perhaps there are still a lot of practitioners who have not elevated their understanding; they have not put proper emphasis on their reporting such cases. They think that even learning about those cases is a waste of time. They feel that such information is not useful and thus in the end the reports and articles that they write in a hurry are not up to par. Sometimes you cannot even call what they wrote proper articles or news reports. This has in fact created a lot of difficulties for the task of reporting and when the readers read such reports they will naturally discount their credibility.

On the other hand some practitioners pay attention to the effects of good articles. With practice they have accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience on how to write an article or how to report a piece of news to achieve the effect of credibility and accuracy. They provide sufficient details without being excessive. At the same time they know how to make their articles move the hearts of the readers, how to rationally expound with sufficient depth and information, without being too superficial or profound or being too detailed or lacking in details. In all of these things, the experienced writers are very clear and thus for the same piece of news about a case of persecution, through their writing they can attract more readers. If more practitioners in China could learn the basic skills of reporting for the sake of exposing the persecution and clarifying the truth well, then the news that we send to the Minghui website from all over China will achieve a more powerful effect. In other words, the effect of eliminating the evil will be stronger.