(Clearwisdom.net) On February 21, Minghui/Clearwisdom reported that Ms. Wang Shupei from Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province was imprisoned in the Shandong Province Women's Prison because she firmly cultivated and practiced Falun Dafa. Recently, it has been learned that her life is in danger, but the prison continuously uses all kinds of excuses to refuse her release.

On February 25, Ms. Wang's family received an express letter from the prison. The letter said that Ms. Wang's condition was as follows: A hospital preliminarily diagnosis indicated Ms. Wang has a uterine tumor and anemia. On the evening of February 7, Ms. Wang had asphyxia symptoms because she bled too much. The hospital provided emergency treatment. On the second day, only after she was transferred into Xinkang Prison Hospital, was her bleeding able to be controlled. The prison talked about how "caring" they were to Ms. Wang, in order to shirk their responsibility for having persecuted her to the point of being critically ill. They tried to put the responsibility on Ms. Wang and her family. The prison did not accept the request of Ms. Wang's family members to release her. The family stated, "If you do not release her, the prison must take complete responsibility if any problems appear."

After seeing the letter, Ms. Wang's family was even more worried about Ms. Wang's situation. They immediately sent an express mail to the prison to explicitly point out that the prison's disregard of her health was extremely immoral and inhumane. Ms. Wang's family requested the prison to release her immediately. After that, they continuously made calls to inquire after Ms. Wang's condition. However, either the prison director was not there or they did not know about the situation. They avoided the family continuously, so her family was beset with frustration.

On March 8, Ms. Wang's family went to the prison again and saw that Ms. Wang was pale, thin and skinny, and she could not take care of herself. She told her family members that it was too painful to endure when she defecated and urinated. In order to reduce the pain, she had to reduce the number of times she defecated and urinated. Therefore, she dared not eat or drink. She was very weak. The conversation only lasted around 20 minutes. She could not persist, so she was helped by someone to return to the prison cell.

The next day, Ms. Wang's family member proposed to the person in charge in the prison politics section: "I will take Ms. Wang back home and take care of her." However, the prison authorities replied: "She must go through a medical examination. If it turns out she is in very serious condition, she may meet the condition of release on bail for medical treatment. Otherwise, she cannot leave." The family member proposed, "Release on bail for medical treatment is legitimate even for a genuine criminal. The constitution stipulates that Chinese citizens have freedom of belief, so people who practice Falun Gong are innocent." The talk was interrupted immediately by the authorities and they threatened, "If you mention this again, we will end the conversation. You can only talk about how to have her cooperate with the treatment." The family member mentioned again that after Ms. Wang was sent to prison, she was persecuted by being starved for seven days and was deprived of sleep for ten days. The prison personnel denied this flatly and claimed that they were a civilized work unit. They said they enforced the law and strictly followed the law. According to prison regulations, for the first three months, the newcomers are placed in the first level of strict management period (forceful persecution) and then the level is raised one level every several months afterwards. The prison is clearly trampling on human rights.

Ms. Wang, 46 years old, was illegally arrested at the end of February 2004 and was imprisoned in the Zhaoyuan City brainwashing class where she was persecuted. Later on, she was sent to Zhaoyuan Lockup to be persecuted further. She was illegally sentenced to 6 years in prison. In order to resist the persecution, Ms. Wang went on a hunger strike for more than 20 days. Even though she was extremely weak, the police from the local 610 Office sent her to prison twice, but the prison refused to take her because of her poor health. In mid-April 2004, the police from the local 610 Office sent Ms. Wang to the Shandong Province Women's Prison once more. Ms. Wang was illegally imprisoned there for nearly two years. She was always ranked in the first level for strict management. The serious spiritual and physical persecution has brought about her current dangerous condition. How could it not be the prison's responsibility?

We hope that people around the world will continuously pay attention to Ms. Wang's condition and render help.

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The Eighth Area in Shandong Province Women's Prison (where Ms. Wang is being held): 86-531-88928058, 86-531-88928078

Prison Politics Section: 86-531-88928029, 86-531-88928028

Address: 108 Sub-box, P.O. 822, 93 Jinan Industry South Ave, Zip code: 250001