(Clearwisdom.net) I work in a university, and the people I come in contact with most often are college students and instructors.

In 2005, the 16th issue of Computer Users had an article on the Tor network (tor.eff.org) entitled "Lone Ninja." I made copies of the article and recommended it to the students, telling them that this software lets them visit blocked websites safely. Together with the "Three Musketeers"--Freegate software, Wujie (wujie.net,) and Garden Network (gardennetworks.com)--they can go online safely. Through Tor, users in China can visit any blocked websites. If they run TorNet and enter the url www.dongtaiwang.com, they can download the three software programs I mentioned. I told them that many instructors in the school visit Dongtaiwang.com by using Freegate and read news and search for information they need, and they improve their computer skills quickly. Then I tell them about Epochtimes.com, Secretchina.com, Renminbao.com, minghui.ca, and Qingxin BBS (qxbbs.org). I also explained to them that the CCP's "preserving the progressiveness" was a reaction to The Epochtimes' "Nine Commentaries on Communist Party" published in late 2004 that started the floodgate of renouncing the communist party and its affiliated organizations. I continue by telling them that the number of people who have quit the Communist Party and its affiliated organizations is over 8.7 million. People are always interested in improving their computer skills and breaking the Internet blockade. Then I give them copies of Tor, Freegate, Wujie, and Garden Network. It works great.

Since one of the students started using Dongtaiwang.com, he has taught other people in his dorm to use it. When he saw me later, the first thing he said was, "That was great information." I clarified the truth using one article from a magazine. It helps us better validate Dafa, spread the Nine Commentaries, and bring salvation to more sentient beings.