(A note from the editor: This article was written by a kindhearted Chinese citizen, published without amendments.)

I do not practice Falun Gong, however, I know of its benefits to people. Falun Gong practitioners never compete with others and never harm others. I have never understood the reasons for the lies that were spread in 1999 about them. Now, I finally understand. After I read the Sujiatun case, I realized I could not passively endure anymore. Towards those filthy beasts, I don't need to use proper manners. Here I solemnly admonish those filths to save the future for their descendents!

Everyone under the sun knows of the tiger and wolf heart of the CCP. The CCP should put away its disguises and stop repeatedly behaving like a hooligan.

All these beasts you harbor, which the heavens are indignant of, what are you entitled to say on behalf of the country and its people, as to the extent of their actions lacking virtue? I swear in front of the whole world: "If only the CCP were to exist, I still would never work for it or follow it. I will never help a tyrant to do evil; violations of this sort will not be tolerated by heaven and earth. Even if I were to die of hunger, I would still never do evil deeds like the CCP."

Look, among today's officials, everyone is incapable, corrupt, putrid and treacherous, how can the people being led by these persons live a good life? The boasting about the great power of the state has brought about the emergence of these people (they cannot be counted as human). Among these are individuals who spent money to buy official rank and received salaries by making false reports. Officials and bandits have colluded with each other. Who is genuinely and sincerely doing things for people? To collect taxes, they dumped freshly steamed buns on the ground and did not allow people to pick them up. What kind of real official would do that? A nation is based on its people, and the CCP has already abandoned its people, why should we still be taken advantage of by it? A person without a graduate certificate from even elementary school actually served as a mayor, can he be called an official? He risked everyone's condemnation and did evil deeds for the CCP, what kind of official is he? I regard him as a good-for-nothing. A true man knows what he should and should not do. If you still have a bit of conscience left in your heart, please don't harm any more Falun Gong practitioners and other kind people. If you are able and willing, please don't associate yourself with the CCP. They are seriously harming people, and sooner or later they will fall from power and the world will be cleansed of them..

The CCP are harming and deceiving the public. Have you seen any officials who are poor? Did you ever hear of any officials have difficulty feeding their families? The models set up in the media are only to deceive people. For those happening around you, how many of them are what they claim to be? Can you call those who kill innocent people, good people? Can you call those who even kill the kindest people among everyday people good people? Isn't it miserable to be led by this government? I have met with many misfortunes; the most hapless is that I was born in China under the reign of the CCP. If it still is preserving the so-called "advanced nature", what is it really preserving? It is preserving itself! When one doesn't do anything to feel guilty for, one doesn't fear midnight knocks at the door. What are you afraid of?

In every dynasty people had their own beliefs, only we do not have them today. Who caused the spiritual depravation and lack of virtues among the Chinese people? When people in other countries were riding in cars, we were still pulling wheelbarrows. Why? The reason lies in the very nature of the CCP itself. They regard people as inferior slaves. Why should we coexist with them? I wonder if my friends will still be associated with them. One chooses one's own path.