(Clearwisdom.net) The German News Agency "Media Factory Berlin" reported on the incident of the Chinese Communist regime's killing Falun Gong practitioners and harvesting their bodily organs for profit in the Sujiatun Concentration Camp in an article on a Chinese culture exhibition on March 17, 2006. The reporter suggested to readers in the article, "While viewing Chinese artists' works, should look at this thing (Sujiatun Concentration Camp) at the same time, and therefore understand their (Chinese artists) standpoints and situations."

The article cited The German Epoch Times, "Worse Than Any Nightmare--Falun Gong Practitioners' Organs Stolen at Secret Concentration Camp." A journalist disclosed that the Chinese Communist regime has built a concentration camp in Sujiatun, Shenyang City, where 6,000 Falun Gong practitioners have been detained. "The concentration camp contains a crematorium and a large number of doctors. Before cremation, bodily organs were removed and sold for profit. No one has been able to come out of this concentration camp alive."

The article pointed out that the German Epoch Times stated in its report that no law in China can be used to sentence Falun Gong practitioners, so (many) Falun Gong practitioners were detained at this secret concentration camp. The journalist also said, "The Falun Dafa practitioners are killed for their organs, which are sent to the various medical facilities. Currently, organ selling is a very profitable business in China. Many patients that died on the operating table have had their organs taken away. No one investigates it, and even doctors are involved in this trade. They cannot find enough bodies through executions, and no bodies are more readily available than those of practitioners to do this business."

The news agency reporter commented, "If all these shocking descriptions are true, we must realize that China's human rights violation has reached a new level. Even for a qualified reporter who often sees some crazy things, this is unimaginable and disgusting."