Ms. Song Yulian, 52 years old, was a retired employee of Xiangfan Cotton Mill (i.e. Xiangmian Corporation) in Hubei Province. She required herself to be a good person, and to adhere to "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance". She was a provincial labor model. When she clarified the truth in April 2002, she was reported to the authorities and detained at the No. 2 Detention Center of Xiangfang City. She was brutally tortured. Later, because of her high blood pressure, the detention center was afraid of take responsibility for her and released her.

During the Sixteenth Conference of the CCP in 2002, Yao Ren, the secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of Xiangfang City, ordered the 610 Office of Xiangfang City and all police stations to arrest more than ten Falun Dafa practitioners. In October 2002, Han Kejun, the head of the Renmin Road Police Station in Xiangfang City (the former security section of the Xiangmian Corporation) led policemen and the personnel from the 610 Office to deceive Song Yulian with the excuse of a "salary issue" and took her away. After that, Ms. Song was sentenced to a three-year imprisonment and detained in the Wuhan Women's Prison.

In January 10, 2004, Ms. Song Yulian was persecuted to the point of suffering from a brain hemorrhage. The policemen were afraid to take the responsibility for it and asked her family to take her back to home. In January 18, she passed away at home.

In October 2002, Ms. Liu Weishan, a young female teacher at the Hanjiang Machinery Factory of Xiangfan City was arrested with Ms. Song Yulian by the policemen of Xiangfan City and detained in Wuhan Women's Prison. According to what a witness said, Ms. Liu was confined, which caused her to mentally collapse. She had dementia and sometimes she could not sit stably. She cannot even take care of herself.

The relevant authorities:

Renmin Road Police Station, Fancheng District, Xiangfan City (the former Xiangmian Police Station, Zip Code: 441002
Administration Office: 86-710-3259629
Han Kejun, head of the police station: 86-13972216966 (cell)
Guo Jijian, deputy head of the police station; her wife, Lu Bin: 86-710-3220200 (Home)

Office on Duty: 86-710-3258174

Personnel attending the persecution: Chang Yongjun (deputy head), Zhu Jinzhi, Guo Yongqin, Guo Degui, Huang Shuangjin, Mao Peili
Zhang Hua, Board Chairman of the Xiangmian Corporation

Zeng Qingjian, deputy secretary of the Party Committee

Meng Dongbo, Supervision Section of Xiangmian Corporation