(Clearwisdom.net) Weapons warehouses need to be secret. The best type are ones that are underground with good ventilation. According to an article posted on August 18, 2005 on the ChinaTaiwan.org website, the largest warehouse for Japanese weapons seized in China in 1945 was the Sujiatun Weapons Warehouse. Below is a quote from that article:

"On the afternoon of August 19, 1945, the Soviet Union Army entered Shenyang City. Soon more than fifty thousand Japanese soldiers surrendered. On August 20, 1945, the fifth Corp Commander Kiyomizu led five Generals to arrive at the Headquarters of Soviet Red Flag First Corp located in Mudanjiang City to surrender. On August 22, 1045, 43,000 Japanese soldiers of the Fourth Corp in Harbin City surrendered to the Soviet Army. On the same day, the Soviet Army entered Dalian City. In September 1945, the CCP Eighth Corp entered the Northeast and received a large quantity of weapons from the Soviet Army. Before the Soviet Army withdrew, they passed out enough weapons and equipment to arm seven hundred thousand Japanese soldiers. The Soviet First and Second Corps received 3,700 cannons, 600 tanks, 861 airplanes, 1,200 machine guns, and the boats of the Songhuajiang River Troop.

"Former Sixteenth Corp of the Eighth Army Zeng Kelin recalls that the Soviet Army in Shenyang City passed out the biggest store of Japanese weapons from the Sujiatun Weapon Warehouse. They found that the weapons stored in Sujiatun Warehouse could equip several hundred thousand soldiers. They shipped items for three whole days, delivering twenty thousand rifles, one thousand machine guns, and 150 cannons. These are not only equipped their own corps, but some were also shipped to Shandong Province with more than five million bullets and cannon bombs."

An unknown person commented that the weapon warehouse normally needs to be secret, and it is best to be several dozen meters deep. Sixty years have passed, yet I believe these warehouses should be still in good condition with perfect ventilation. It is very possible the CCP uses the Sujiatun Weapon Warehouse to detain and murder Falun Gong practitioners, as well as keep a high degree of secrecy.