My Experience Memorizing the Fa

By a Dafa practitioner from Hebei Province, China

During one month of memorizing the Fa, I enlightened to many things. The more Fa I memorized, the more Fa-principles manifested. It seemed as if I had returned to the days before July 20, 1999 (when the persecution started).

Since July 20, 1999, and especially in recent years, while studying the Fa, I have seldom had the same feelings as before. I often used to feel, "Wow, why didn't I see this sentence before?" Since I started memorizing the Fa, I have enlightened to many new Fa-principles which I hadn't enlightened to before, although I have read the books many times. It is like the days when I had just obtained the Fa. At that time I felt how wonderful this book was. I felt like reading it every day. How about now? Now I want to recite this book every day. In the process of memorizing the Fa, the tranquillity restrains all the unclean notions. My brain, my heart and every cell of mine are all reciting. When my heart is calm and still, it is very easy to memorize the Fa. As soon as I remember one sentence, I can soon remember the next. The speed is very fast.

I obtained Falun Dafa in 1996. Ten years have passed. During the recent several years I have been reading the Fa almost every day. I realized that actually the layers upon layers of my body have already memorized the Fa. Only this surface material body hasn't memorized it yet. Teacher is pushing the Fa-rectification from the microsomic level to the macrocosmic level. The Fa-rectification is at its last stage. I understand that it will soon arrive at the surface level. So the surface level of my body should also memorize and assimilate to Dafa.

Before I started memorizing the Fa, I could hardly find time during the day to study Fa. When I did study the Fa at night, I felt sleepy before I finished one lecture. Sometimes I fell asleep while studying and had to resume after I woke up. I would sleep and then awaken to continue reading. This process would repeat itself several times. Sometimes I couldn't even finish one lecture. I spent more time on doing the exercises. Every day I did the exercises for two hours, but I couldn't guarantee my Fa-study time.

Since I started memorizing the Fa, I can recite for at least two hours very night. My mind is very clear without unclean thoughts. I haven't felt sleepy at all.

All five members of our family practice Dafa. My husband and three children have also started memorizing the Fa. Some of the practitioners around me also started. In order to do well the three things as required by Teacher, we must study the Fa well. I hope those practitioners who haven't started memorizing the Fa yet begin to do so now. Let every cell of ours be immersed in the Fa; let every layer of our bodies be immersed in the Fa.

Finally, let's encourage each other with Teacher's words in "Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa,"

"Those of us who have the ability, who are in their prime, excepting people who are older or who have poor memory, should try to memorize the book. Perhaps what I'm suggesting is high--my requirement might be really high. But in many regions a lot of students have memorized it very well. When they study the Fa they don't even need the book--they recite it from memory."

Some of My Experiences Memorizing the Fa

By a Dafa practitioner from China

Teacher stated in "Melt Into the Fa" in Essentials for Further Advancement,

"As a student, if his mind is filled with nothing but Dafa, this person is definitely a genuine cultivator."

No matter what kind of tribulations we encounter during cultivation, as long as the Fa is in our mind, as long as we evaluate things based on the Fa, as long as we act according to Dafa's requirement, we can enlighten to the principles that we should enlighten to at our levels and feel the power of Dafa.

Since the evil persecution started on July 20, 1999, what has enabled me to walk through to today with righteous thoughts and righteous actions is the guidance of Dafa and Teacher's protection. Therefore, I realized that it is very important to study the Fa well. Now I am memorizing the Fa.

When I first started, the interference was huge. My mind thought about this in one moment and that in the next. I went to take care of other things while trying to memorize. It took me a long time to memorize one paragraph. It went very slowly and I felt very impatient. Gradually I was able to calm down. I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the interference. In the morning, after I sent forth righteous thoughts and did the exercises, I would start memorizing the Fa with a clear mind. The more I memorized, the more tranquil I became, and the emptier and clearer my mind became. When I sat there, I could feel that all the cells in my body were changing. This made me understand deeper about what Teacher said in Zhuan Falun,

"Therefore, this gong transforms people all automatically. Thus, it becomes that 'the gong cultivates practitioners,' which is also called 'the Fa cultivates practitioners.'"

Memorizing the Fa also changed many things around me wonderfully. Some changes happened within my heart and were hard to express with words. The more I memorized, the clearer my mind became, the faster I could memorize further and the lighter my body became. Just like Teacher said in "Enlightenment" in Essentials for Further Advancement:

"They will distinguish the righteous from the evil, obtain true teachings, lighten their bodies, enhance their wisdom, enrich their hearts, and board the boat of the Fa, sailing smoothly. How wonderful! Strive forward with every effort until Consummation."

"There are many different methods of cultivation. This Dafa that I have imparted to you is so enormous, yet there are very few people who can truly understand just how huge, how extraordinary, and how magnificent it really is. Only cultivators at different realms can experience how sacred it is in those realms, and only just that little bit." ("Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005")

We are so fortunate to be able to cultivate in the Great Law. If we don't cultivate well in the Fa and don't study the Fa well, we are letting down Teacher's merciful salvation; we are letting down the countless sentient beings who are waiting for us with infinite hope; and we are letting down our own thousands of years' waiting and seeking in our thousands of incarnations.

I hope practitioners can let go of their everyday people's notions, apprehension and fear of difficulties. Don't treat and evaluate the memorizing of the Fa with human thoughts. Don't feel discouraged because of age or time issues. Utilize all the time that can be utilized and try to memorize the Fa! Let's do well the three things according to Teacher's requirement under the guidance of the Fa.

I Also Start Memorizing the Fa

By Ma Zi

I am 67 years old. I started practicing Falun Gong in 1996. Before 1999, I heard about practitioners' memorizing the Fa. I thought how wonderful those practitioners were; yet I was too old to do so. Since my childhood I haven't liked memorizing things. Now being so old how could I? I kept on reading the Fa ever since I obtained Dafa. In the beginning, I improved very fast through reading the Fa and listening to Teacher's lectures. My ideology changed gradually.

However, because of the influence of the evil party's antitheism and materialism, I felt as if something was separating me from the Fa. I could sense that the Fa is good; but I just couldn't get myself into it. When reading the Fa, I only knew the surface meaning. After studying the Fa a lot, I could no longer feel myself improving. I always felt that I hadn't improved at all. Although I studied the Fa every day, I felt satisfied with myself as long as I had studied the Fa that day. I also admired those practitioners who studied the Fa well. There was a practitioner in Shandong Province whose eyesight was not good. It too great effort in order to read the Fa, as she had to stand on the bed and raise the book to the light so that she could memorize the Fa. My eyesight is better than hers; and I have a far better condition as I have a desk and a reading lamp. Yet why can't I memorize the Fa? Her diligence in studying the Fa moved me to tears. But after that I still studied the Fa at my slow pace. Clearwisdom often publishes practitioners' articles about memorizing the Fa. After reading them, I felt those practitioners were really extraordinary. But when I thought about myself, I still felt it was easy to read the Fa, while memorizing it was too difficult. So only one word: "difficulty" held me back. After the publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, I read them twice. The interference of the communist spectre was eliminated. I declared my withdrawal from the evil party first. Then I destroyed all the evil party's books, badges and other articles that carried the evil spectre's message. After that, when reading the Fa again, I felt that there were fewer things that were separating me from the Fa. The Fa was registered in my heart. While reading the Fa, tears came to my eyes again. Teacher is so merciful, while I am so fortunate.

Initially I was very afraid of doing the three things. I dared not clarify the truth to people whom I didn't know. I only clarified the truth to my friends and relatives at my home. After I studied the Fa more, my fear reduced and I started clarifying the truth to the people who came to my home to collect the trash, clean the kitchen exhaust fan of grease, repair the TV and water faucet, etc.

As I often read Clearwisdom and the stories about practitioners memorizing the Fa, I felt as if my heart was stirred up. I knew I was not diligent enough. I had already retired and had time and conditions to memorize the Fa, so why didn't I try to memorize the Fa? It was because I was afraid. I knew I must break through my human notion and take one more step forward. A human being wants to cultivate into godhood. How can it not be difficult? "When it's impossible to do, you can do it." Finally I decided to memorize the Fa. I started in January 2006, beginning with Lunyu and Lecture One of Zhuan Falun. Every day I tried to memorize one paragraph. It was very hard. I would forget the first sentence even before I memorized the second. The interference from other dimensions and my thought karma made me forget. There were also noises around me that interfered. I crossed my legs, read out loud and memorized again and again. An hour would pass very quickly. I didn't feel much pain in my legs and memorized one paragraph naturally. On the following day, I would go over the paragraph I memorized on the previous day and then start memorizing the next paragraph. By the end of February, I finished memorizing Lecture One. It cost me nearly two months. My speed was indeed a little bit too slow. I felt regret about having wasted so much time during all these years. Why hadn't I started earlier? Actually it is not that difficult to memorize the Fa. What's difficult is letting go of the human notions and attachment to fear. After you really let go of human notions and fear, you can memorize faster and faster. Sometimes it only takes two hours to memorize one page. Memorizing the Fa can help your mind calm down; and your thoughts won't be distracted.

I will surely be able to memorize Zhuan Falun. In the process of memorizing the Fa, my righteous thoughts became stronger and stronger. I also rectified my shortcomings of being able to realize things but not being able to take action. For example, I didn't send forth righteous thoughts at midnight, and I still had an attachment to comfort and other things. The closer to the end, the more diligent we should be. I'm thankful for the stories of fellow practitioners' memorizing the Fa. I thank Clearwisdom's help. With Clearwisdom, it feels as if the entire world's practitioners were right beside me, sharing with me how to do the three things well. Although I am no longer with the familiar practitioners, I don't feel lonely. Apart from clarifying the truth directly, I also make little cards with wrapping paper, use calendars, etc. I cut them into small pieces and write down some truth-clarifying or "quitting the CCP"-related sentences. As long as we set our hearts on saving sentient beings, there are many methods that we can adopt.

Teacher said, "Let each and every thing be measured against the Fa." (Hong Yin) Compared with fellow practitioners, I am still way behind. I only started memorizing the Fa after many practitioners had already done so. Under the influence of the magnificent actions of practitioners helping Teacher with the Fa-rectification, I am getting rid of my fear and trying do well the three things.