(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of February 8, 2006 , four police officers including Liu Yuanyong from the Qianjin Township Police Station in Jiaohe City broke into Dafa practitioner Liu Huihai's house in Minzhu Village. They arrested and took him to the station. Mr. Liu was subjected to tortures so severe that he went into shock and was later sent to a hospital for emergency care. The chief of police, surnamed Zheng, denied any wrongdoing and declared that they did not hurt Mr. Liu in the least.

Liu Huihai's father went to city officials and related departments to get a visitation permit, but was refused. At the time of Mr. Liu's arrest he had 1400 yuan in his pocket. When Liu's father requested that police officer Liu Yuanyong return the money, he refused to do so. Liu's father was additionally compelled to sign a document. The police officer stated he would release Liu Huihai "soon after he was educated." As the result, Mr. Liu is being illegally held at the city detention center.

Liu's father went to city's Public Security Bureau and asked these people to release Liu Huihai, mentioning that his son has a heart problem, however Wang Yuzhu, a law enforcement official in charge of this case persisted in his decision to sentence Liu Huihai to forced labor and did not release him.

Businessman Liu Huihai, who did nothing against the law, has experienced the persecution and suffered from a great deal of financial loss.

Liu Huihai improved himself through the practice of Falun Gong. He did everything according to Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance, yet he was illegally arrested several times. Mr. Liu is now on a protest hunger strike at the detention center. The police subjected him to force-feeding to torture him.

In 2005, in a previous incident, Liu Huihai sent righteous thoughts and was able to escape from an arrest attempt. Since then, the city's National Security Bureau had the local police frequently visit Liu's home and harass the family. This went on until Liu Huihai was again arrested a month ago.

Liu's father went to the city's National Security Bureau agents and asked them to return the cell phone they had confiscated during the 2005 arrest. An official named Bai told Mr. Liu's father that the cell phone was delivered to Jilin City for examination and had most likely been disposed of by now, given the length of time.

Police also took away medicine worth several thousand yuan and did not return it until after the expiration date had passed. In 2005, police "borrowed" several thousand yuan, but did not return the money. They also attempted to withhold several tens of thousand yuan worth of Fenghuangjiang (syrup of queen been honey), but failed to do so with the protection from righteous people.

People who were involved in the persecution and torture:
Wang Yuzhu: 86-13944669363
Qianjin Township Police Station: 86-432-7031303