(Clearwisdom.net) The hardships Master faced during his travels to various places to conduct classes was not only reflected physically. It was truly,

"Handling human affairs of every sort,
Burdened with all of heaven's troubles."

("Cold and Alone Up High" from Hong Yin)

Although there were more than a thousand participants in the fourth class held in Changchun City in September 1992, not many practice sites remained by the winter. Some people even mixed other practice methods into Fa cultivation and thus distorted their Falun endowed by Master. When Master returned to Changchun City at the end of the year and realized what had happened, he was saddened but did not say anything. He still helped those people who begged him to correct and restore the Falun to its original state. He told them the reasons for the distortion of the Falun and reminded them to be careful next time. I could tell that Master's greatest heartache was that practitioners did not treasure Dafa.

As for the practitioners who persisted in cultivating Falun Dafa, Master gave them encouragement. The person in charge of a practice site told me such a story. One day in late March 1993, a young man riding a bicycle came to their practice site to hand out flyers. He said that a certain qigong master had come to conduct classes and encouraged them to join. The eight Falun Dafa practitioners who were in the middle of doing the exercises vowed to only practice Falun Gong and not join any other qigong classes. The young man walked away with resentment. The moment he had pushed his bicycle out of the practice site, seven of the eight Falun Dafa practitioners saw Master's Fashen (law body) standing beside them and were very touched. They realized that this was Master encouraging them and affirming that what they had done was right. News of this incident spread quickly among the practitioners. More and more practitioners came to this practice site, soon amounting to more than 100 people. That practice site became one of the bigger ones in Changchun City at the time.

At this practice site was an older lady in her 70s, named Liu. She had suffered a stroke and had partial paralysis for over 10 years. She attended Master's classes with someone's help. On the third day of doing the second exercise, Holding the Law Wheel, she felt a warm flush of energy flowing through her whole body, from head to toe. Thereafter she could walk on her own, without assistance. When she later experienced elimination of sickness karma, the reactions were severe, but she persistently refused to go to the hospital. She said that Master kept encouraging her. When she was undergoing these tribulations, Master's Fashen kept watch over her. She saw these golden shining words, "If you are a genuine practitioner, I will truly look after you."

In 1994, a man named Song accused Master of having no extraordinary powers. This man was a driver. When he was taking Master somewhere, they got into a car accident, and Song therefore claimed that Master did not protect him. Actually the car accident was not very serious. Only the car was damaged, while the driver and passengers were not hurt at all. If it were not for Master's protection, people could possibly have died and the car might have been destroyed.

Master has all kinds of supernormal powers, but he is here to bring people salvation. If he uses his supernormal powers in a casual way, wouldn't the mists of delusion be cleared? But when there is a need, and it does not compromise people's need to have faith, Master occasionally manifests supernormal powers at this level. For example, a deputy assistant at the Changchun practice site received a phone call from Beijing with the message that Master would return to Changchun on a certain day, on a certain train, and riding in a certain compartment. This deputy assistant went with a practitioner to the train station to welcome Master back. They manned the two exits of the particular train compartment but did not see Master. When they called Master's wife, she confirmed that Master did come back on that train and was in that compartment. They understood that Master's intention was not to trouble practitioners to welcome him. Thus, when he does not want you to see him, he will walk past you, right in front of your eyes, but you will not see him.

December 14, 1994 was a special day for me, because my relatives told me that Master came to my house that day. At 5:00 a.m. I was on my way to the practice site to do the exercises. Going down the stairs, I fell. When my head hit the wall, it sounded as if a chunk of wood had banged against the wall. I twisted my ankle quite seriously. The pain was unbearable, but I reminded myself that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner and that I would be all right. I got up and limped to the practice site. The pain in my head disappeared quickly. My ankle did not hurt until I started to walk. Once I started walking, the pain was still there. I still went to work and that day I had many things to do. I endured the pain and finished my tasks. Then I quickly went home to study the Fa.

When I came home my family members came over and pointed to Master's photo in Zhuan Falun and said, "This morning at around 8.30 a.m. someone that looked like Master Li (my family members don't practice Falun Gong and have never seen Master) came to our house." My family member said, "He was a tall man wearing a black leather jacket. His demeanor was gentle. He asked very politely if this was the residence of a chemistry professor of Jilin University, and I said no!" Master told my family member that he had come to cure illnesses for that professor before and he could remember the building but not the apartment number. He said someone had asked him, as a favor, to cure the professor's illness. He only knew that the professor studied chemistry and could not remember the professor's name. My family member wanted to help Master and asked if he remembered the professor's surname. Master said he could not remember. My family member thus said, "There are many professors who study chemistry. If you do not know the name, there is no way I can help you." Master apologized for disturbing the family and then left. When I heard this, I was very touched. I specially jotted this day down in my diary because that was the day I had a fall and Master helped me eliminate my karma. I did not cause delays in my job because I had hurt my ankle and thus I passed this tribulation. My family member even had a chance to meet Master.

January 23, 2006