(Clearwisdom.net) I often travel to different places in Mainland China on business trips, making use of these opportunities to clarify the truth to the people I meet. As a result, I get to know many people in various districts, cities, and provinces that have received truth-clarifying phone calls or faxes from practitioners abroad. Many people understood the truth and have withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. Their lives have been saved.

There are some people, as a result of many years of brainwashing by the Chinese Communist Party, who have not dared to listen to the truth. They hang up as soon as they hear that a caller is exposing the Chinese Communist Party from abroad. If I send forth righteous thoughts at a short distance and clear up any interference before I clarify the truth to people who received truth-clarifying phone calls or faxes from abroad, the effect is very good..

Being of one body, practitioners abroad have effectively cooperated with practitioners in Mainland China to clarify the truth together, saving sentient beings via phone and fax. In order to save more sentient beings and have phones and faxes function better in clarifying the truth before the Fa rectifies the human world, I’d like to suggest:

1. Practitioners abroad continue to strengthen the truth clarification by phone and fax, clarifying the truth to all places in Mainland China (government organizations, prisons, forced labor camps, judicial and public security, media, businesses, and residences).

2. Practitioners abroad should take the Fa as the Teacher when clarifying the truth using phone and fax. Do not develop the mentality of zealotry and showing off when we meet people who are easy to talk to. Be patient when we meet people who can be difficult, and don't get discouraged. Use rationality, wisdom, and compassion, and clarify the truth as many times as necessary until it is understood, unless the people we meet are those who are "unsavable."

3. Practitioners in Mainland China should make use of all opportunities to collect detailed information, such as telephone and fax numbers, addresses, postal codes, websites, email and addresses, and send them to the Minghui website.