(Clearwisdom.net) Whenever I experience interference or harmful notions, I realize I must eliminate them. They are not part of my true self, but ideas I have acquired from everyday life. I know I must clarify the truth and do my best to persuade sentient beings to withdraw from the CCP, the CCP Youth League, and the CCP Young Pioneers. Every time I go out, I think to myself, "Teacher, please give me strength. As your disciple, I have been using my abilities to do the three things well, to clarify the truth, and to persuade sentient beings to withdraw from the evil CCP, CCP Youth League, and CCP Young Pioneers. Predestined sentient beings, please come out quickly and listen to my words. Let the evil beings be unable to hear my voice." I also ask Teacher to put a protective shield around me to keep evil elements away from me.

I have asked all my neighbors, as well as their relatives and friends, to write ¡V or to let me write on their behalf ¡V declarations of withdrawal from the CCP, the CCP Youth League and the CCP Young Pioneers. I have also asked God and Buddha to protect them. At my son's school, several teachers have withdrawn from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Almost all of my son's classmates have withdrawn as well. When my daughter's classmates came to my home to play, I clarified the truth to them, and many of them have also withdrawn as a result.

Although my daughter is not a practitioner, her heart holds deep respect for Dafa. When she was in her science class, her teacher said something bad about Dafa. My daughter stood up and said that Falun Dafa was a righteous Fa. She also explained that Ms. Liu Siying had been murdered and had not committed suicide. My daughter had learned of the suicide allegation when she watched a DVD that someone had given her on the street.

Since my daughter's teacher had spoken disrespectfully about Dafa, her throat ached terribly. As my daughter clarified the truth, the entire class was silent, with no one making a sound. After she finished clarifying the truth, the pain in her teacher's throat was gone.

No matter where I am, I always clarify the truth. I tell others that I am a Falun Dafa practitioner and that I have been practicing Dafa for eight years. I tell them that my mind and body have regained health and that my family has become harmonious as a result of my practice. I also tell them that I was once on the verge of death from severe illnesses, and that it was Teacher who saved me and gave me a new life.

When I clarify the truth, I maintain a righteous mind. I also clarify the truth to people on the basis of their interests, their levels of understanding, and their ages. Sometimes I take a newspaper with me and use articles about natural or man-made disasters to tell people that now is the time to wake up, since Heaven itself is speaking. Only by accepting Dafa can one have a secure future.

"The CCP has perpetrated evil for so many years. It has murdered countless numbers of people. Jiang Zemin even persecuted Falun Dafa and the CCP sells practitioners' organs for profit. I call upon everyone to withdraw from the CCP, the CCP Youth League, and the CCP Young Pioneers, and to stop following the evil CCP to destruction. Please stand on the side of righteousness! Only by doing so can you have peace and happiness." I have used these sentences to clarify the truth to different people. During the past several years, I have never encountered any problems while doing so. Someone once said to me, "Aren't you afraid that someone will report you?" I replied, "Thank you for your kind concern, but I am not afraid since I have the protection of my Teacher. You are all kind-hearted people and have a predestined relationship with me. Evil people cannot hear me."

Our family of four has used different methods to validate Dafa. Although my husband is not a practitioner, he is very clear about the evilness of the CCP and the truth of Falun Dafa. At dinner parties, he always says that Falun Dafa is good. He also tells his friends about Dafa and even writes "Heaven is about to eliminate the CCP" on paper currency, to spread the message further.

This is the responsibility that our entire family of four shall fulfill during the Fa-rectification period. We will forever follow Teacher. We will not wait for or be dependent on others. We will faithfully do the three things well.