(Clearwisdom.net) Last weekend, my husband and I made a last minute decision. We decided to pass out fliers for the NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular outside a theater.

Since it was not planned, I wore a black jacket instead of the beautiful Tang dress. I first wondered if my wearing everyday peoples clothes would have a negative effect on people. But, after some careful thought, I realized that although the appearance is important, it is only part of the entire process of distributing fliers successfully. I think that it is most important that my heart is attuned fully to this activity. Anyway, people really want the fliers and do not really care that much about the dress. But, I still decided to prepare a little better the next time. This time, even without being prepared that well, we had to do it well.

I calmed down, and recited "Falun Dafa is good" in my heart. I began to pass out fliers. People started to come from every direction and I just could not adjust to the speed of it. I panicked slightly. Also, it was very cold. Additionally, I had attended a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) withdrawal activity earlier, and it was raining. My hands were cold and I had difficulty handing out the fliers. People had already passed me before I could pull a flier from the stack and hand it to them. Some people who noticed my predicament stopped and waited until I could hand them the flier. I kept passing out fliers and suddenly I felt as if a big hand behind me gave me strength and energy, helping me speed up. I just followed a rhythm. As soon as I pulled out a flier, there was someone who took it. It was as if a mechanism set in ¡V pull it from the stack, hand it and the person took it. Among those who took my fliers were many Asian people too. All these people were walking around in that area. It was a precious opportunity. I felt deeply grateful to my fellow practitioners for preparing the fliers and especially grateful to Teacher for giving me such an opportunity.

At one time, I even felt I was distributing them in another dimension. I was speaking to these lives.

"The show is about to start. We can stop and leave now," said my husband. But I still saw people running toward me from different directions. I said to my husband: "We are not doing this just for the sake of doing it. There are still people coming towards us and waiting to received a flier. We can't leave yet. Let's distribute a little more." At this moment, one lady was running toward us. I handed her a flier, which she grabbed while running and then she had passed with the flier in her hand. Then, she rushed into the theater. More people were running, passing us, grabbing fliers and running into the theater. We left the theater after no more people were coming towards the entrance of the theater.

During this one hour, I understood better why we are doing this. I understood that no matter how many plays there are for ordinary people, they are all waiting to establish a karmic relationship, waiting to see the play produced by NTDTV. The Chinese New Year Spectacular that are shown in the human world, have deep meaning behind them. The function of the shows is not what an ordinary human can fully comprehend.

Teacher said:

"People with predestined relationships and those who can be saved can be made to--made to by Master's Law Bodies, righteous gods, or the immense field that Dafa has formed in the world--appear right before you in any of a range of settings, providing them with a chance to learn the truth. But you have to carry it out, and it doesn't work if you're not out there doing things." ("Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference at the U.S. Capital")

This time, I understood more deeply what Teacher was telling us with this sentence. In fact, Teacher has already arranged everything, and all I need to do is to be there and hand out the fliers. All worries are similar to ordinary people's attachments. This tells us that we did not make Dafa our first priority.

If all overseas practitioners would help in this and we all do our best for the NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular, imagine what changes we can make!

November 16, 2006